Hungry Shark Evolution
Hungry Shark Evolution
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Version: 11.6.0
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Download Hungry Shark Evolution APK! Dominate the ocean floor and surface world by preying on everything in this modern day prehistoric shark simulation game.

Name Hungry Shark Evolution
Version 11.6.0
Updated Jul 15, 2024
Category Arcade

Hungry Shark Evolution

Have you ever wondered what life could be as one of the ocean's infamous predators with the ability to outlive generations of men by centuries?

Well, that is what awaits you in Hungry Shark evolution. Play as multiple species of sharks, modern and prehistoric dinosaur-like monsters that stalk the sea. Robot and bio-enhanced sharks are also available for you, all in the pursuit of becoming the master of the ocean and land above.

It's not all fun, and games, even predators, apex ones at that, have creatures that hunt them too- if provoked. Be it the puny humans or some other enormous beast prowling the ocean floor with immense pressure, the terrifying lack of air leads to suffocation from being stuck on land or starvation from food scarcity for prolonged periods.

hungry shark evolution apk 2022

Hungry shark is more than just another eat-all predator simulator game. It encompasses a profound knowledge of the sea and marine life. With each species of shark having its unique properties in size, strength, endurance, attack power, depth, and pressure tolerance level, the game makes realistic limitations based on real life analysis of each species.

Also, the environment is unique and behaves the way you would expect the deep sea to act, with sharks taking pressure damage if they dive below their tolerance level, a predator suddenly becoming prey to a more dangerous predator that lives in the deeper levels of the ocean, and deep-sea currents that prevent certain species from going into certain areas.

About the Game

Hungry shark is an amazing offline, action, single-player game, highly stylized, free arcade game. It is just another of the many mobile games developed by Ubisoft Entertainment studios and was released on the 22nd of February 2013 across multiple platforms.

how to level up fast in hungry shark evolution

Hungry shark evolution 2022, Hungry shark evolution latest version, Hungry shark evolution new version, and Hungry shark latest version are all keyword synonyms that lead to the most recent version of the hungry shark game launched on the 19th of July 2022. Since its launch, the game has acquired an impressive 100M+ downloads and a mind-blowing rating of 4.5 stars by a whooping 7M+ reviews left by gamers and other users who enjoyed their time with the game.

The game is free to download in multiple languages from English, French, German and Spanish, it is also suitable to run on the Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac operating systems.


The sole aim of the game is to become the apex predator while also exploring the vast ocean and its many hidden mysteries that are present for you to discover or use, as the case may be.

A simple request for Hungry Shark evolution download has thrust a lot of gamers into a world of predator and prey, a world ever teeming with excitement.

hungry shark evolution apk

Take control of one of many shark species driven by insatiable hunger and armed with mighty jaws with which you must survive and become the apex predator who dominates the ocean floor. You are not only limited to the ocean floor but also terrorize the land and air and travel to the past to strike terror in the heart of early man.

How To Get Gems in Hungry Shark Evolution

Players can get gems and other resources from the game while playing or, from rewards, achievements, and daily bonuses. Gamers can also obtain a purchase made in real-world currency from the game's store.

Hungry shark: how to get coins fast

To get coins in the game, players can anticipate the gold rush period, where all creatures except the player become laden with gold for a short time. Players should take advantage by eating them. They can also seek to earn coins with the in-game achievement or bonus systems as they are generously given.


Hungry shark evolution has a lot of features to offer, and they range from the standard game features to unique ones:

hungry shark evolution apk download
  • Accessibility: Download the game across multiple devices regardless of operating system or version. The game has an adjustable graphics system where users can adjust the graphics to levels suitable for their devices.
  • Shop: Anything and everything you could ever want can be found in the game's shop. Aid your shark in its search and devour mission with more gold rush sessions and more powerful shark species that you can purchase to increase your reign of terror on land and at sea. Many items need large amounts of coins and gems, so large that the most efficient way of acquiring them is through purchasing in-game currency of diamonds (treasures) and coins with real world money.
  • Eat as you can, buffet on land and air (depending on your precision and jump speed)
  • An assistant sidekick who is a baby shark that swims ahead of you and signals the direction of prey while helping you consume more to ensure none survives meeting you.
  • Prehistoric and Bio-Enhanced sharks: Play as the prehistoric monster of the sea; The Megalodon. This fearsome predator was the master of the ocean during the mesosaurus era of the dinosaurs.

There are also bio-enhanced sharks, like the terrifying lightning shark, which ripples with electricity, killing small prey before contact and large target with a single bite.

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  • 3D ocean graphics and Open world.
  • Completely offline game

How to level up fast in hungry shark evolution

The simplest way to level up is by completing missions and targeting bigger games than the normal fish, humans, and birds. Target bigger games that fight back like other sharks, dolphins, crayfish, and more. It increases your skill points, boosting your shark to new levels and much higher specs.


The world of predator and prey is a very delicate one as you fluctuate between predator and prey with the arrival of another deadly predator in the area. Sometimes you are hunted and devoured by these predators. Other times, they attack due to provocation from your attempt to eat them or getting too close. All in all, the cycle of life is kept as nothing exerts true dominance overall.

how to get gems in hungry shark evolution

Still, with strategic planning, upgrades, and the assistance of a younger shark of the same species, you can acquire seemingly invincible status as lord of the sea and beach where unsuspecting men fall to your jaws.

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Download Hungry Shark Evolution APK! Dominate the ocean floor and surface world by preying on everything in this modern day prehistoric shark simulation game.


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