Sonic Dash 2
Sonic Dash 2
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Version: 3.12.0
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Download Sonic Dash 2 APK for another epic journey with Sonic. Control the characters by avoiding obstacles, collecting rings and setting high scores.

Name Sonic Dash 2
Version 3.12.0
Updated Apr 9, 2024
Category Arcade
Developer SEGA
Google Play Link com.sega.sonicboomandroid

About Sonic Dash 2

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom is a runner game with endless fun and great content. The game is another version of Sonic Dash. The game is similar to its previous version regarding settings, features, and adventures. So, like before, the game requires players to have good reflexes to avoid obstacles and instructions as fast as possible.

There are several features players will get to enjoy in the game. The game backgrounds and setting will look familiar to anyone who's seen the movie or played the first Sonic Dash. The power-ups are ideal for superb gameplay since they give players an extra boost and increased abilities. You'll also come across popular characters such as Tails and Knuckles.

sonic dash 2 sonic boom

The game also allows players to socialise and play with or against their friends and colleagues. The game can connect online and pair players together using their points if there is a stable internet connection. So, you'll be able to see your friends on the online ranking tables. So, players can share their score with friends and ask if they can beat it; if they can't, they lose.

An Endless Dash

The game is a runner game, just as any other game you've probably played before in this genre. Players will have to control the main character through different zones while moving forward throughout the whole time. The goal is to run as far and fast as possible, and this is only possible when you avoid objects on the path.

The obstacles are designed to put you down, so you can jump, roll, or use the Quick Step to avoid them. There are also bottomless pits and Badnilks, which are some of the most challenging obstacles. The more games players can win, the higher their rewards and they can buy new characters or upgrades.

Why Play Sonic Dash?

Of course, Sonic Dash 2 is not the only runner game out there, but it has special features that draw millions of players to download and play the game. Here are some of the reasons why Sonic Dash 2 is a superb game:

sonic dash 2 apk
  • The game has exceptional graphics and animations.
  • There are many game levels and power-ups available for players.
  • It offers a unique and exciting game concept and rewards Sonic fans with a familiar environment and background.
  • Compete against friends and colleagues on the online ranking table.
  • Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boomis free to play.
  • Players can access the game with various devices, ranging from mid-range to others with powerful processors.
  • There are game zones that players have to build as they play, which is similar to a side mission for players to make as they play.

Game Features

Impressive Graphics

There is a colourful and bright graphics design on Sonic Dash, which is due to the bright colours of Sonic himself. The graphics are also realistic and better than the previous version, with many details in the characters and objects such as Sonic, Rings, Paths, etc.

Simple Gameplay

Sonic Dash 2 has simple gameplay similar to those of Temple Run. It directs you through a series of paths where you have to collect coins and evade obstacles. The objective is to run as far as you can. You can jump, too and use Quick Step to avoid these obstacles depending on which one you come across.

sonic dash 2 all characters

There are also bottomless pits of varying sizes, and it takes strategy to escape. The game also has rings that play a critical role in serving as the in-game currency to purchase upgrades. The more rings you collect, the more money to have.

Game Controls

It's pretty easy to control Sonic during the dash because you can do this with basic screen gestures. For example, you can use your device's accelerometer to control its movement while you tap on the screen to jump obstacles. Clicking on the onscreen gauge when full will also activate the super-sonic dash.

Unique Characters

There are many characters in Sonic Dash 2, though the game draws inspiration from characters in the first version. In addition, other members from Sonic's world are added to spice up the fun and add some variety. So, depending on your favourite or how powerful you want them to be, you can choose between Sonic, Knuckle's, Amy, Shadow, Charmy, Vector, Tails and others.

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Each of the characters listed above has a unique upgrade profile. So, you don't get the same upgrades for all the characters you adopt since they all have different powers. However, the upgrades are also essential parts of the game because they determine the performance during a run. So players with high upgrades stand a better chance of breaking records than those without. There is s total of five upgrades for each character, and each upgrade will reward you with XP for your score multiplier.

Game Zones

There are various game zones on Sonic Dash, and you unlock the next one when you complete the missions in the previous one. Unfortunately, each of the seven zones appears ruined when you first open them, so you have to restore it by collecting animals and having gems. Rebuilding a zone will reward you with various items and characters.

High Scores

There is a high score table which features players across the world. The more you play, the higher your score; therefore, you'll continue to rise on the scores list. Players in the top tier scores are considered professional players, so this feature adds a sense of purpose and mission to the game since every player would want to make the top list.

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Also, rather than compete for high scores, you can compare your gameplay with your friends by sending them your score record for them to try and break.


Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom is an exciting game with many features to offer players, like in Sonic Dash. Although it's a typical running game, the concept is always unique, and the game features are exceptional. It has beautiful graphics and unique levels that allow players to go on nerve-racking challenges. The game is perfect for anyone with a mid-range phone and promises lots of fun for players.

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Download Sonic Dash 2 APK for another epic journey with Sonic. Control the characters by avoiding obstacles, collecting rings and setting high scores.


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