Death Worm
Death Worm
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Version: 2.0.075
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Download Death Worm APK and take control of the strange, underground monster! Earn points and level up while consuming everything in your way –terror never ends.

Name Death Worm
Version 2.0.075
Updated Jun 6, 2024
Category Arcade
Developer PlayCreek LLC
Google Play Link com.playcreek.DeathWorm_Free

About the Death Worm Game

Death Worm – Alien Monster is an exciting game that puts you in control of a ferocious monster that eats everything in its way. Everyone is scared of this monster, but you must feed to survive! Regardless of the location, the alien monster will feed!

The Death Worm game is an award-winning Indie game and has become very popular among players. So popular that the developers made a version for Android; you can enjoy the exciting gameplay on your mobile device. The game is offered by PlayCreek LLC and was first released on the 14th of July, 2011. It is rated for teenagers, with the content of violence and blood.

Unlike most games where you might be playing as someone fighting against the worm, you are the worm instead. It’s up to you to eat other animals to survive and scare humans as you go.

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In this game, you can play in the Blitz mode and do your best to eat all the animals. Or, challenge yourself in the Survival round and try to feed the hungry worm for as long as possible until the time is up. You can also earn coins and XP points as you play to unlock new locations and beat different levels in the campaign mode.

There are also a lot of mini-games that you can play, so you never get tired of the original game. As you play, you can upgrade your worm to become bigger. There are different types of worms that you can become as the game goes on and become even stronger the more you upgrade.

You can blow up cars and tanks, bring down the alien UFOs that might be trying to get you, and even bring down planes. You have to face many enemies as you play, and you need to destroy them before they destroy you.

Death Worm is an exciting game that you can have fun playing or relieve stress in your free time.

Exciting Plot and Gameplay

The Death Worm game features exciting and soothing gameplay that anyone will enjoy playing in their free time. The gameplay is engaging and entertaining; it reminds you of an arcade game when you play. There are also many opportunities to customize the gameplay, whether you want to design your worm or your setting.

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The game also has easy controls that you can use when playing. You can easily control the movement of the worm and can get the hang of the game in a few tries. Death Worm also has cool game scenes that will pull you into the gameplay.

Death Worm already stands out for the theme of controlling a giant worm. You can enjoy impressive scenes of fighting against spaceships and planes trying to hurt you. There can even be enemies underwater, with large sharks and soldiers constantly shooting you.

Go Through Challenges in Death Worm

Death Worm also brings you many challenges, and you have to face them before you can win. The game has entertaining possibilities as you control the worm, and you can upgrade it further to make it more powerful.

As you upgrade your worm, you’ll also have harder challenges to face. The game has many weapons and enemies that you have to fight against. You never know when soldiers are waiting to attack you as you play or when a warship or UFO will appear and start shooting you.

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There are many levels that you can pass through. The higher the level, the more difficult it is to defeat the monsters and enemies. But, this also means that you will have better control over your worm at this time, increasing your chances of winning.

On the different levels, there are separate settings. For instance, if you play in the ice age, you will have to deal with sharks underwater. But in the city, helicopters and army tanks are going towards you.

Lifelike Graphics and Sound

One of the highlights of Death Worm is the impressive game graphics. The game will drag you in with lifelike graphics, and you might even think you’re a worm going through different cities and areas, trying to survive.

The game possesses good graphics that is combined with seamless gameplay. The sound effects are also high quality, with the sound of shooting or the alien monster screeching and trying to survive.

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Death Worm also had different game maps that you could play. These include the jungle, the city, the hot desserts, or icy Antarctica. All of these are combined to give you a unique design that will keep you engaged.

The Death Worm game has 2D graphics and a simple design that makes the gameplay pretty enjoyable.

Features of Death Worm: Alien Monster

There are different features to enjoy while playing the Death Worm: Alien Monster. These enhance your gameplay and keep you hooked. Some of the features include:

  • The game has a fun arcade theme with 2D graphics that help you control your characters easily and get through the levels.
  • Simple game operations with buttons on the screen. You can easily get the hang of the game in a few tries.
  • Get ready to eat all the food in front of you, including animals, birds, lizards, tigers, whales, and even people.
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  • Multiple game modes with different settings that you can explore.
  • Challenges in the form of enemies, like war tanks, soldiers, helicopters, planes, predators, and even UFOs, and you have to defeat them to get to the next level.


Death Worm is an engaging action game with a unique perspective and fun plot. As you play as a worm, you can defeat the enemies that come against you while eating the different animals and human beings in your way. Do your best to survive in all the game modes.

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Download Death Worm APK and take control of the strange, underground monster! Earn points and level up while consuming everything in your way –terror never ends.


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