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Download Hide.io APK, a great hide and seek game. You can be anything you want and hide as part of the map or be the finder to discover the hidden items on the map.

Name Hole.io
Version 2.13.0
Updated Jul 7, 2024
Category Arcade
Developer VOODOO
Google Play Link io.voodoo.holeio


Hide.io is a mobile game developed by iGene and launched in November 2016 for players who love to have fun hiding and seeking. The game allows players to become any props by hiding and be the finder to ensure fun and laughter from playing. Expect suspense and fun from the beautiful gameplay. Download Hide.io as it is available for Android and Apple users.

Game Description

Everyone has experienced the childhood game of hide-and-seek, which is the basis for the mobile game Hide.io. The game is enjoyable in that; occasionally, your dreams contain elements of its pleasure. You'll experience joy once more when in Hide.io. In every game stage, when the surrounding things serve as the main protagonist, your heart would be basically in danger. This game is quite enjoyable. It has consistently ranked top of the list of the greatest arcade gaming platform ever since its release.

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Android players would discover that they are presented with a variety of settings with varying setups and sizes. You have the option of becoming any number of different objects or things that will blend in with your environment. Become a vibrant item that moves freely and hide while becoming the target and hiding in a variety of intriguing disguise.

Conversely, allow yourself to assume the role of the seeker to find and reveal hidden things or individuals with the aid of friends. For you to succeed in the game, find every concealed object within a set period. However, take caution as you lose some game health every time you tap on an incorrect item, making the game more challenging.

Hide.io Gameplay

You get to decide whether you want to be on the seeking or concealing side at the start of the game. Both sides play entirely different games. The gamer can wear whatever they choose to wear while hiding. The goal is to basically disappear, merge with the environment for things to appear normal and rational, and hope that the opposing side has the toughest difficulty locating you. Those on the seeking side have 60 seconds to recall details of the location in space. Discover the disparities based on your recollection and find your enemy's secret lairs. 

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Before diving into the exciting sphere of Hide.io, bear in mind that winning requires the correct location. For instance, if you decide to transform into a bundle of A4 size paper, hiding yourself on the table is the ideal thing to do. You could also hide by the desktop or inside the trash beside a table. You lose if you decide to lay on the toilet or bed. What kind of paper is on the mattress? The quicker the hide is discovered, the more ludicrous it is.

Authentic battles occur between the opposing sides of seeking and hiding. You can play hide and seek in groups or by yourself with an AI. Having a team makes things more enjoyable for me. Having that kind of team allows you to debate in private with your fraction the best course of action for seeking or hiding. This kind of human-to-human and human-to-game connection makes everything really exciting, isn't it?

Features of Hide.io

Check out the features in Hide.io:

Different Maps and Items to Enjoy

Hide.io players will also discover that they have access to a wide selection of various maps with various settings. You have the option of becoming several elements of this environment. Select the ideal hiding places to avoid detection. Alternately, utilize the flexible and constantly shifting object setups to sneak in.

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Having said that, it will be easy for players to identify their hiding places given the abundance of objects and maps available as well as the constantly shifting environment. To make sure Hide.io remains entertaining and challenging just as you advance in difficulty and the taggers become more accustomed to the maps.

Great Movements and Controls

Hide.io players will also have accessibility to the intricate movement and control system for the tagger and the alive items, which will further increase the game's intrigue. As a result, you can navigate the globe easily and flexibly to access a wide range of platforms as a tagger. To find concealed players, you also could attack other unusual things.

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Before the game starts, members of the hiding team can wander about with their lively items to select a decent hiding place. Players can position themselves in many locations and from a variety of perspectives, allowing them to employ their imagination. Utilize the detailed controls to assist you in selecting the optimal locations.

Change Tagger’s Skin

You can also choose between different character sets to add variety and personalization to the game for the tagger players. Having said that, you have the option to play a variety of intriguing personalities as you take on your hide-and-seek tasks, thanks to the different skins that are accessible. You are welcome to role-play as your typical police officer, as well as a medieval warrior, an Amazonian warrior, and more. It will greatly increase the game's enjoyment and intrigue.

Enjoy Challenges

The ranking structure would always provide you with more difficult play every time you're within Hide.io for players trying to improve their game, whether you're on the hidden team or a tagger. Having said that, whether you succeed or fail in the tasks, you will gain new experiences that will help your personality upgrade. This makes it possible to play on new terrain with more difficult tasks and adversaries.

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Graphics and Sounds

While not overly detailed and gorgeous, Hide.io's design combines a box with a small amount of 3D, giving you just enough room to enjoy yourself. You can simply explore the map when you have a steady top view. The game's complexity will be markedly raised if you employ extra common goods. Following every timeframe, the map changes continuously and is incredibly diversified. Every time the game is updated, iGene also adds numerous new maps that are eagerly awaiting your exploration. Players’ gaming experience will be enhanced with the amazing sound experience. The soundtracks are minimal for more focus.


Hide.io offers lots of fun to players through the amazing hide and seek game. Join tons of players online in the arcade gameplay. Enjoy your favorite hide and seek game, Hide.io download.

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Download Hide.io APK, a great hide and seek game. You can be anything you want and hide as part of the map or be the finder to discover the hidden items on the map.


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