Stack Ball
Stack Ball
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Version: 1.1.78
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Download and install Stack Ball APK to participate in an engaging and addictive game of stacking towers of different plank colours and then breaking them down.

Name Stack Ball
Version 1.1.78
Updated Jun 15, 2024
Category Arcade
Google Play Link com.azurgames.stackball

Description of Smash Ball

Stack Ball is, at the moment, one of the most incredible video games on the Google Play platform. On Google Play alone, this app has been downloaded more than a hundred million times, which explains how incredible awesome players find this game. This app can help you play at leisure or kill time, which is pretty addictive. You may find yourself playing longer than the time you dedicated to playing it.

About Stack Ball

This is a 3D arcade sport where gamers can leap, bump, and smash through revolving helix structures to get to the end. This may sound easy, but it can be challenging. Your ball smashes through colourful structures like a brick; these structures attempt to block the ball’s descent. But always ensure you do not hit the black structure because that may spell the end of the game. When you hit the black structure, your ball breaks, and you must restart the game.

Stack Ball is an exciting game you can always play on your mobile device. Your goal in this game is to gather balls of the same colours together, ensuring they are stacked as high as you can. The higher it goes, the more points that you earn. Ensure that you do not fall off it because the game will end if you do.

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You can play this game in various ways to remain entertained. In addition, the game’s graphics are top-notch, with awesome sound effects. All in all, Stack Ball is a cool game that promises to give you a nice time.

If you have to take a long trip on a taxi or a bus, then Stack Ball will keep you entertained for the entire journey. AI GAMES FZ developed Stack Ball, and its gameplay is addictive and simple, like games developed by Voodoo. After it is initially launched, Stack Ball immediately hit the 10 million download milestone on Google Play. Now at over a hundred million, the number is still growing very fast. In this era, players often choose easy-to-play, highly entertaining, and addictive games.

What is Stack Ball?

Stack Ball has become a success and has established itself as one of the top Android games in the world. Its gameplay is both addictive and simple, and there are several levels that you will always want to overcome. Besides the normal game mode, you will reach a bonus level mode that allows you to stack balls of similar colours together to get to the top. Ensure you complete a certain bonus mode level before your opponent, so you will be given an extra life. The game also featured some characters and added levels where you will continue to play for many hours.

Addictive and Simple Gameplay

Stack Ball is popular for its addictive and simple gameplay. It is a great reminder of Helix Jump, so if you have played Helix Jump before, you will be familiar with Stack Ball. Your mission in this game is to use the ball as a bullet to break the stack from the top of a spiral tower. You are free to break all the planks except for the black ones. When your ball comes in contact with a black plank, it can shatter into pieces. This means that a single mistake can be the end of the game.

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Touch the screen to allow the ball to penetrate the plants below. You only let go of the screen if you want to stop. There are different challenges to different levels, but in general, the game does not have a lot of changes. You will experience more difficulty when the tower rotates faster and the blank plants appear more often. After successfully breaking some unique planks, your ball will temporarily become a fireball that can safely destroy any plank, including the black ones.

The Revolving Helix Platform

Stack Ball is an exciting puzzle game take has taken the internet by storm. You can choose to revolve the helix platforms to help complete your tasks faster and more effectively. This game constantly evolves and provides players with new challenges and levels, which the developers release regularly. The Stack Ball should be seriously considered if you are searching for an entertaining and challenging game.

It’s not as Easy as You Think

There is nothing complicated about how to play this game. But if you think this game won’t be challenging enough, you are not far from the truth. Like the endless run game, you can be excited about winning ten levels at once, but a moment of distraction will help you end your journey whenever you want.

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No formula will assist you in winning. Always ensure that you are focused and skilful enough to prevent hitting the black planks because those are what can cause you to lose the game.

Unlock New Balls

Currently, there is no store or currency system associated with Stack Ball. Therefore, there is nothing for you to upgrade or unlock. However, perhaps the publishers will include new features about the app in coming updates.


Just as is common with other free games, Stack Ball may present you with some ads during the game. Some players have complained about the frequency of ads and are annoyed with the app. However, you can overcome this challenging situation in several ways, such as purchasing the ad-blocking package from the publisher or disconnecting WiFi and 3G.

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The Design

The 3D graphics of Stack Ball is pretty impressive. The sharp images and the incredible effects will give you an impressive-feeling, especially when you are breaking the planks. To increase attractiveness and curiosity, the tower colour will change according to each level you attain.


Stack Ball is both easy to play and full of fun, but the challenge it poses to players is not a walk in the park, which is one of the reasons it is pretty addictive. Although this game does not possess many features besides the single mode of play, Stack Ball is still a wonderful choice if you are searching for a game with which you can kill time.

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Download and install Stack Ball APK to participate in an engaging and addictive game of stacking towers of different plank colours and then breaking them down.


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