Planet Bomber
Planet Bomber
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Version: 7.4.2
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Download Planet Bomber APK! The game with a solar system concept, which you can install for free on Android. You'll get to travel the galaxy and annihilate evil worlds.

Name Planet Bomber
Version 7.4.2
Updated May 9, 2023
Category Arcade
Developer VOODOO
Google Play Link com.paulaugustel.bomber

Planet bomber!

This is an action game with a solar system theme. Destroying worlds that are viewed negatively has demanded guts and tenacity. You'll work to protect the living situations of human beings, whose basic survival is endangered by the presence of evil worlds.

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The game's user experience is welcoming, and the mechanics are rather basic. In this manner, be sure you will focus primarily on the game for maximum enjoyment. Even better, you can get the Planet Bomber game for Android and play the complete game on your phone or tablet.

Description of Planet Bomber!

The Planet Bomber! game is a really intriguing action game for Mobile that takes gamers on a galactic voyage. While doing this, the gamer will look for worlds to annihilate with several different aerial firearms. Various kinds of explosives, missiles, wingsuit gear, and laser-armed orbit satellites will be used to destroy a target in space. Any space body should be struck where it is more susceptible because those areas will be demolished the fastest.

In the entertaining leisure adventure, Planet Bomber, get set to touch your device incessantly and fire many bombs. Your objective is to launch bombs and explosives against the planet to destroy it from the inside out. To quickly advance to another stage, and eliminate every world.

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Every projectile or missiles you release into the world in Planet Bomber! earns you cash, which you can then spend on improvements that will boost your missiles' force or the accuracy, the natural gravitational pull, or their explosion rate, enabling you to release them more quickly.

Planet Bomber!, however, has a lot of advertising, just like all VOODOO video games. Any time a world is eliminated, which is meant to be the game's objective, an advertisement starts playing. Planet Bomber! is still a relaxed game.


The existence of humans is endangered by the appearance of unknown worlds. Humans must act before it is too late because studies indicate they are ready to smash into the Earth. Feeding focus. Concentrate on your military strength and eliminate them. In the Planet Bomber! game, your task is to fine-tune the explosives before bombing the worlds until they are completely ruined. Focus on a particular spot and focus killing power on it to quickly eliminate the world. You must tweak the explosives you want to fire by touching the display.

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The worlds revolve around the Sun, thus you must precisely calculate the spacecraft's directions before adjusting the explosive to puncture a big enough gash in the world and then adjust the explosive by contacting the planet's top portion. The explosives will sporadically discharge on the world's external layer if you strike the core, decreasing their efficacy. To improve your explosives in this game, you must make a lot of cash. There is no alternative to fighting hard and demolishing as many worlds if you wish to earn a lot of money.

Features of Planet Bomber!

Invest in better explosives

If you intend to eliminate the planets more quickly, you should activate the explosives. You can then increase the explosives' strength, precision, and rate. The first step to take is to enhance the effectiveness, which will boost the missiles' eruption radii. As a result, every time your bomb strikes the world, a bigger region will be destroyed. Since this is a fundamental development and a key component of the game, you should maximize it. These two elements, together with improving the explosives' weight and efficiency, are crucial for enhancing the precision with which your explosives land.

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The pace at which the explosives explode can also be increased. When you improve this component, more explosives are pushed out each moment you destroy a world. But, improving this component will be rather expensive, so you have to think it through thoroughly.

Graphics and audio

Because of the game's primary focus on providing gamers with entertainment and downtime, Planet Bomber! was developed using a two-dimensional framework that was comparatively simple. With missiles crashing onto the planet, the soundtracks are thrilling.

The game's fantastic sound effects are amazing. In this manner, you will appreciate the thundering vibrations caused by planet annihilation operations.

Select Your Armor and weapons

You choose your weapon and offensive strategies when you first start the game. Furthermore, you will be able to keep your weapon's effectiveness upgraded. Therefore make sure to obtain the greatest weapons possible to obliterate most worlds.

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Investigate the galaxy

You have a fantastic opportunity to travel the cosmos and carry out catastrophic attacks on evil worlds in this video game.

Take the Rulers out.

You have the option to improve your skills in this game, increasing your likelihood of taking down the villains and wiping out more worlds.

Several planets

There are numerous worlds in this adventure, each with unique properties. Each planet will be different in terms of toughness and density. As a result, you need to be aware of your objective before firing a bomb. You will have to attempt again and lose valuable scores if you don't succeed in destroying the world's core.

Simple interface

This video game includes an amazing UI to guarantee that you have the greatest gameplay environment possible. You'll have an overview bar that can assist you to increase your strength at the bottom of the screen. There are also labels for improvements, weapons, and power-ups.

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You'll also be able to clearly display your points. You will score credits for each world you demolish. The credits can then be used to enhance your weapons. There will be about 14 firearms shown on the panel. To activate it, simply tap on your top pick.


The Planet Bomber! game is a good option to attempt if you're searching for a straightforward game to play for entertainment. As customary, the Android edition of the app is released after the iOS edition.

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Download Planet Bomber APK! The game with a solar system concept, which you can install for free on Android. You'll get to travel the galaxy and annihilate evil worlds.


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