Alien Shooter
Alien Shooter
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Version: 57.7
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Download Alien Shooter APK to get the challenge of eliminating aliens. Become a hero and get rid of infinite alien hordes invading your territory.

Name Alien Shooter
Version 57.7
Updated Jul 19, 2024
Category Arcade
Developer ONESOFT

About Alien Shooter

Alien Shooter, as the name implies, is an alien invasion game that puts you at the forefront of danger to help save humans from the deadline creatures roaming the galaxy. The game challenges players to eliminate infinite enemies in droves and mobs. You also must avoid obstacles and blockades so that the aliens don't get cornered and pin you to one position in space.

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Of course, it's an old-school game, but it's still one of the most incredible early shooting games that provide impressive display, gameplay, characters, and weapons to wage war against the deadly creatures. The game was initially available on PC, but mobile device users can now play using the game's touchscreen, which is relatively easy to use since no sophisticated movement is necessary.

Most of the missions are not too elaborate, though you might have to encounter quite a several enemies on every assignment. The game takes you into space to forge your path through fields of asteroids or fight against the big bad bosses who take way more effort to eliminate. During gameplay, players get many aids such as health boosts, armor protection, and weapon upgrades that allow them to prepare for more challenging levels.

How To Play

The game is pretty easy to play, unlike many complicated online games. Your sole objective is to survive and eliminate all the enemies. It's the only thing that doesn't change for every mission. So even if you have to battle against forces or fly across rugged terrains, you must make sure you remain alive.

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Players will get a primary gun for a start and fight against the simplest alien warcraft, which only attacks in a few numbers. Then, using the touch control, you can run around by tracing your finger across the screen and, simultaneously, shooting in the direction of aliens attacking you.

There are lightly colored objects across the game which you can collect to replenish your health and boost your armor. Once you accomplish your current missions, you'll be moved to the next level and get upgrades for your weapon and spaceship health bar to withstand tougher times for the more difficult levels you'll later have to play.

Why Play Alien Shooter?

  • The game has simple and logical gameplay.
  • Game control is responsive and easy to use.
  • There is an impressive graphics and animations with a 3D view for players.
  • There are hundreds of levels to play, so it doesn't get boring quickly.
  • Players can get upgrades and power-ups to spice up their arsenal and make it easier to eliminate the enemies.
  • You can play coop multiplayer with your friends rather than go on single-player missions.
  • Other game modes, such as Endless Mode, allow you to change and challenge yourself.
  • It's a free game, so you don't have to pay for in-app purchases.
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Game Features

Alien Shooter is such an exciting game, owing to its incredible and unique game features. Some are available on similar games, while others are peculiar to this one. You can check them out below:

Multiplayer Mode

Rather than play single-player modes, which can get boring at some point, the game allows you to go into battle with your friends and eliminate all the aliens in the galaxy. The multiplayer mode is cooperative, so you will have to go as a team with your colleagues.

You will be given a collective mission to accomplish, with each player getting their rewards at the end of the game when the task is completed. Although the game doesn't have all the real-time features of modern multiplayer games, it's still a relatively cool feature to opt between 1vs1 and 1v3.

Various Game Levels

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As a new player, you'll be given the most basic equipment available and have to fight through various game levels. So, players will start from the level 1 game with a simple mission to learn how to control the game and adapt to the environment. The higher they proceed, the more difficult it becomes to survive.

There are over 160 levels to complete, and you must complete one level before moving to one. Although it's reasonably easy moving between levels when you start playing, it becomes more difficult the higher you go up the ladder because more Badass characters are added to the game to make it worthwhile.

Guns and Laser Upgrades

There aren't many sophisticated guns and warfare equipment in the game, probably due to its nature. But you'll still access special weapons to fight the aliens. In addition, you will be able to upgrade your weapon so that it can penetrate the more resistant skins of the aliens you'll face in higher levels.

There are also laser-shooting guns, which have more damage to the aliens than regular guns. Weapons are the critical factor in these Alien Shooter games, and luckily, the developers understand the task and provide you with a rich arsenal of unique ammo.

Multiple Boss Battles

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The more you play, the more types of warcraft you meet, and the game continues to test your skills and resilience. However, when you get to higher levels, it becomes even more difficult to move any higher because you'll get to face multiple alien battleships. They take a higher level of skills, tactics, and better weapons to eliminate, so you have to be wise to get past these multiple Boss Battles.

Quality Graphics for Small and Large Screens

The game's graphics were impressive on the PC, and with the release of the mobile version, the graphics got even better. So you can play the game on multiple devices without affecting the quality of game features. The touchscreen control is also adapted for various devices so that you can play on mobile phones and tablets.


Alien Shooter is a simple game with exciting gameplay and excellent features. There is a mix of short round missions, weapon upgrades, varying difficulty levels, and various game bonuses to make it more fun. Players can also play multiplayer in multiple scenarios or try the Endless Mode, which tests their survival skills.

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Download Alien Shooter APK to get the challenge of eliminating aliens. Become a hero and get rid of infinite alien hordes invading your territory.


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