Sonic Dash
Sonic Dash
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Version: 7.11.0
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Download Sonic Dash APK Game. How fast and far can you go? This action 3D runner game tests your reaction speed, observation, and decision-making prowess.

Name Sonic Dash
Version 7.11.0
Updated Jul 11, 2024
Category Arcade
Developer SEGA
Google Play Link com.sega.sonicdash

Sonic Dash

Sonic Dash Endless runner, as the name implies, is the ultimate athlete game, just like the Temple Run, Danger Dash, and The Wizard of Oz. It is set in an interesting narrative; the player must take control of the movement of the current avatar. The avatar is either Sonic or another character that comes as a reward through the game's levels as it progresses, receiving shiny items and avoiding difficulties and foes.

Sonic Dash Infinite Athlete is a unique recreation activity because, contrary to the other episodes in the Sonic Dash series, which operate without any command and is always unidirectional, Sonic Dash has a dynamic system of enemies to face even while at sea. Play the Sonic Dash game and be challenged to move at supersonic speeds!

Sonic Dash game has 3D graphic designs and a realistic arena based on an actual scene from the novel film. The in-game currency uses jewelry picked up as your avatar moves through the tiers. A special kind of ring that is scarce and valuable is the brightly colored star ring. When you have successfully gathered sufficient rings, these shiny trinkets will be exhausted to acquire more energy levels, boosts, or open personas. This athlete play also comes with an adventure mission section, where players are given goals and objectives to accomplish.

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Sonic Dash's infinite race has a considerable number of villains, both good and bad, in the narrative. This development of numerous villains is to successfully keep gamers engaged in the gameplay by introducing individuals they are familiar with on screen. To open a high-tier character that was previously locked, offer a portion of the uncommon red star rings or hard currencies.

Since the debut of Sonic Dash, regularly improved applications have had premium characteristics and new items. On October 31, 2013, the internet circulated an update regarding a bout against Zazz of the Deadly Six from Sonic Lost World.

Similar to the plot of the movies, you will once again go head-on against some of the star's greatest contenders. A repeat of Sonic's tussle against two prominent adversaries: the always devious Dr. Eggman and the destructive hedgehog from Sonic's previous world! Employ every skill and resource at your disposal, along with Sonic's briskness and velocity, to destroy these personalities before they wreak havoc!


Sonic Dash is a second-person viewer, 3D stylized, infinite athlete game filled with deadly traps, missions, and increased combat scenes. The game was created by Hardlight studios in the house of SEGA and debuted on November 26, 2013.

Sonic Dash-Endless Run did not disappoint its enthusiasts, who were impressed with its gameplay. It has a relatively high popularity of 100M+ with a 4.5-star rating by over 600k+ people.

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To enjoy a fully relaxing and enviable gaming experience, the game is designed to be best suited for people of various ages.

The app's licensed operating software is in Apple and other accepted software to make the approach easier and accessible to users.


Explore ring roads and tracks that intertwine with each other in this 3D single-player action sprinting game.

The game's tutorial presents the play in simple steps and familiarizes the player with the mechanics and physics of the environment.

Since missions are dispensed at each level, players can swiftly earn much-needed keys for character boost and unlocking pristine and remarkable personas.

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Based in a 3D environment, players can move, leap and slide through barriers and hurdles more easily than in another setting. The gameplay is straightforward as gamers learn the basics in short minutes at almost no risk.

Game Features

Sonic Dash has some very unique features which have the potential to get enhanced to favorable settings.

 It boasts an incredible 3D graphics design for players

  • Collect coins,
  • Conducts boosts and improvements
  • Fight different Ring leaders
  • Experience a 3D endless track covered with hurdles and barriers
  • Difficult tasks and goals
  • In-App procurement: It has a functioning in-app procurement system ranging from $0.63 to $63.


Sonic Dash Game is available for all mobile devices and platforms. It is completely accessible. However, if you desire additional resources, you will offer the world-recognized currency to obtain them. The in-app procurements could be as little as $0.63 but might also reach $63.

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Since several gamers prefer to skip the official application, it is common for searches like the ones listed below to be the order of the day.

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Sonic Dash is improved regularly; therefore, to get the acceptable version, input the keyword "Sonic Dash Update."

Sonic Dash, all characters, reveal all the accessible and locked personas.

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Sonic Dash has basic controls; due to its fame, it quickly took over the cartoon gaming athlete's section. Sonic Dash comes with settings. These settings can alter the audio distinction, performance, and essentially whatever you wish to substitute for an easier gaming experience.

Immersive gameplay

Lose track of time as you enjoy this action-packed runner game where you weave through blockades and waiting enemies eager to stop you in your tracks and prevent you from defeating the champion.

Benefits of a natural game

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What better way to pass the time than controlling an animated hedgehog down a straight road of loops and turns with no end, laid with traps and adversaries waiting to humor you, dodge them all, and face the gang leader.


As a childhood favorite of many people, the sonic series was a hit, and this particular episode received the praise of many individuals and platforms. Sonic dash is an entertaining, fun, and challenging recreational exercise with striking graphics, a highly addictive gaming experience, and interesting personas. Featuring a continuous track with barriers, foes, and many Sonic personas from the novel Sonic series. Join Sonic on another adventure as he does what he loves best: outrunning everyone and challenging evil!

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Download Sonic Dash APK Game. How fast and far can you go? This action 3D runner game tests your reaction speed, observation, and decision-making prowess.


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