Pizza Boy GBA Pro
Pizza Boy GBA Pro
Size: 21,9 MB
Version: 2.11.2
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Download Pizza Boy GBA Pro APK. Get the best console game on your Android phone and enjoy various games. The game is flexible and compatible with all devices.

Name Pizza Boy GBA Pro
Version 2.11.2
Updated Jul 4, 2024
Category Arcade
Developer Pizza Emulators
Google Play Link it.dbtecno.pizzaboygbapro

What Is Pizza Boy GBA Pro About

Pizza Boy GBA Pro is a great app that simulates multiple groups of games, and it is suitable for nearly all kinds of devices. In addition, the app provides various types of awesome features, like shaders, joypads support, a better control system, enhanced settings, and much more.

This is virtually an emulator game for Android, so you can transform your phone into a real-life game console. Playing this game isn't just about entertainment; it keeps your childhood memories alive.

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One awesome thing about Pizza Boy GBA Pro that makes everyone love it is that the game has a good FPS for players regardless of the level of your device configuration. It now supports touch controls, including all-around personalization for a better gaming experience from your mobile screen.


Pizza Boy GBA Pro is set to give you the perfect controls and incredible performance for each game with minimal battery consumption.

OpenGL function is another way to upgrade your video performance. You can take advantage of this option to boost your video quality.

Highly Customizable

Pizza Boy GBA Pro contains numerous customization options for easy usage of consoles. Everything you will need is loaded in the game, so you can get the best of its features, including custom triggers and buttons, which are simple to attain when the battle becomes intense.

pizza boy gba pro apk

Though it is very customizable, players may create presets for various games. This provides even more comfort and flexibility, irrespective of whether you are using the touchscreen. Plus its smooth design and user-friendly interface, you can't resist getting this game on your device.

Every aspect of the app can be customized, which also involves button mapping. Thus, the essence is to get the exact feeling of playing with a console device. More so, The Pizza Boy GBA Pro has hundreds of unique combinations so that every individual player can get their unique controller.

Stunning Graphics

Pizza Boy GBA Pro always ensures the best in everything, including the graphics; not only can users customize consoles, but they can also optimize graphics. All this can be done with little or no effort. There are no boring moments in playing this game, and the game will make you feel as though the entire gameplay was designed to suit you particularly.

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As mentioned earlier, the app is built to suit any device, so rest assured that regardless of your screen size, you will still enjoy the game. This will improve the game's graphics to give users a new high-resolution adventure and as anti-aliasing that provides ease and smooth experience.

Improved Settings Menu

Each player has specific requirements and needs an excellent layout to improve their emulators. Luckily, you can get an improved settings menu via the pro version; it allows you to modify different emulator settings.

Don't forget to upgrade the game's performance with this feature; consequently, your gaming techniques will improve. However, you can always return to the initial settings by pressing the default controller from the menu.

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Go Back To Your Childhood Through Your Device

Childhood experiences will always register in your heart when you play certain games, such as Pizza Boy GBA Pro. For example, If you played games with consoles during your childhood, or you probably saw folks who did you, those experiences must have left a lot of good memories. Pizza Boy will also take you through memory lane right from your mobile phone.

Sync With Different Devices

Pizza Boy GBA Pro enables players to synchronize their game accounts with Google Drive, your games will auto-save, and you will get more quicksave mode. Additionally, you will get even more options in the advanced settings and with the emulator hardware, such as the tilt sensor and light sensor. Not just that, the emulator, however, supports GBA ROM. This is your surest way to eliminate boredom.

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Convenient Process And Control

In Pizza Boy GBA Pro, the entire gameplay is easy to comprehend and also wins, such as emulator titles. It has a lightweight design for easy performance and convenient character action controls. The game definitely has a different aspect of hardware that could speed up twice the normal speed. Although your GBA is what determines the speed, you can still skip the needless openings and slow down the game to get over the difficult levels.

Enjoy All Kinds Of Legendary Games

Pizza Boy GBA Pro provides a variety of great games for players to enjoy using their mobile phones. Nevertheless, to operate the game's programming, you are required to get the files stored in your android phone and then move to download the game. Maybe the greatest benefit of this emulator is that the game will save all of the playing processes, which will take you back to where you stopped playing.

Choose your best game and a suitable theme, and start having fun. You could use a joystick to move down and up.

Change Interface Layout

You can get assorted themes to suit your touch screen with one tap. Pizza Boy has an awesome interface, providing players with the best at every level. In this section, you can further make each level of the game special for you by using a different color from the color palette located in the customization section.

pizza boy gba pro

To add to it, you can enjoy a layout editor for diverse use. And you can also define sizes and positions. Similarly, users can change the movement keys to a horizontal or vertical position. However, the game has  been upgraded and reworked after some time, so now there is the latest version designed to give your premium fun and fascinating content. Finally, users can also create shortcuts that will easily help them start their favorite games.


So many fun parts of Pizza Boy GBA Pro weren't listed above. To get the whole concept, download the Pizza Boy GBA Pro.

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Download Pizza Boy GBA Pro APK. Get the best console game on your Android phone and enjoy various games. The game is flexible and compatible with all devices.


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