Wreckfest Mobile
Wreckfest Mobile
Size: 2.3 GB
Version: 1.0.82
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Download Wreckfest Mobile APK to show your driving skills against ruthless drivers. Equip your vehicle with armor and weapons and see who survives on the track.

Name Wreckfest Mobile
Version 1.0.82
Updated May 15, 2023
Category Racing
Developer HandyGames
Google Play Link com.hg.wreckfest

About Wreckfest Mobile

Wreckfest Mobile is an android racing game. The game allows you to experience what it's like racing in underground and illegal competitions. So, there are no rules in this game. Instead, you'll have to conform to the rules you create yourself and be ruthless against your opponents on the road to avoid being left behind in a race. Many players can enter a single game, and the winner is declared based on who reaches the finish line first.

The graphics and animations here are top-notch. This game has been available on PS consoles before its availability on mobile devices. So, you can expect a console-level animation here. There are also many other customization and appearance that makes the game colorful and allow players to easily edit their game characters or change the color of their vehicle into something unique.

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Players can also add power-ups and other vehicle modifications to get stronger and better beasts. You can participate in several events when you join this game, ranging from short-distance races to long-distance ones. You can go on races across destruction zones, multiplayer and online modes. Therefore, the Wreckfest android ios are a must-have for any race lover.

Handygames designed the game. It currently has favorable ratings online from several rating platforms. It also consumes little storage, so it's an ideal game for most low-range and midranges devices. The game can be played by anyone above the age of 12 too. Depending on your choice, you can decide to play online or offline based on how competitive you want the game to be.


There isn't much to comprehend here. The gameplay is like every other race game you've probably played before. Players start with the most basic vehicles and compete against AI to develop their skills. Then once you've played enough games and are confident in your skills, you can enter events and competitions. You can also play with friends online to see who has more finesse regarding race.

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The more games you play offline, the more levels you unlock. You can then play all the game levels you unlock and get bonuses and rewards. These rewards can be an in-game currency, which you can use to purchase vehicle items and upgrade your ride. You'll also get to change how your vehicle performs in races when you upgrade to better spare parts.

Game Features

Wreckfest Mobile is a racing game you think isn't cool enough until you play it. The game comes packed with loads of features along with its unique concept. Check out the features below:


As a newbie, there are many races you'll go on before you start playing competitions. The game begins with the most basic race locations. So, when you've mastered the art of driving, you can proceed to the next level unlocking more game locations. There are many racing actions to enjoy too. Remember that the game has no rules, so that you can enjoy a splendid gaming moment. You can also play orgies in your races and become the master of destroying other players.

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The visuals are an essential feature when playing a car race game. Luckily, you will experience one of the most realistic and pleasing visuals in this game. Most of the game environments and locations happen in dark paths. But you'll be able to see your environment and enjoy the beautiful scenery when you play. As long as the game installs on your device, you should have no problem viewing all the attractive graphics features, such as its realistic physics, beautiful vehicles, and exciting tracks.

Great Carts

There are various vehicles you can drive here. So, you can use the battered and old cars to race against other players. Each of these carts has style and character, and all of them have their superpowers. For example, you can use American tanks to destroy enemies on the road. A European speedster is also perfect for windy roads and avoiding attacks from opponents. All these add variety to the game and improve its thrilling side.

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As there are many vehicles here, you so get to personalize yours. Although you won't be able to build your vehicle from scratch, you can always change its appearance and performance. Some in-game editors allow you to change the look of your cars, equip the body armor, and strengthen some of its parts. These additional parts help boost your car's overall strength and protect it from opponent attacks. In addition, you can modify a real tank or add real rockets to make your vehicle even more fearsome.


New players must start the game from scratch and use primary weapons and vehicles. But when you continue to play, you'll be able to unlock the game items. For example, you'll get better cars as a reward when you win against opponents. These vehicles will allow you to compete fairly with players who have similar rides. These upgrades also provide extra weapons and spare parts as you play the game.

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Game Modes

You can play offline and face off against the game AIs. Or you can go online and play with their players on the internet. A Multiplayer mode allows you to play with your friends and cooperate to take it to the opponent teams. The Challenge Mode allows you to use vehicles like school buses, harvesters, lawnmowers, etc., to survive. There is also a Career Mode where you compete in championships, upgrade your skills, and unlock new vehicles and weapons.


Wreckfest is an impressive game for anyone who loves a challenge. The game manages to combine racing and fighting. It also adds realistic and pleasing graphics to make the gaming experience as excellent as possible. Wreckfest is a must-have game if you have enough storage space and a flair for action-packed games.

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Download Wreckfest Mobile APK to show your driving skills against ruthless drivers. Equip your vehicle with armor and weapons and see who survives on the track.


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