Race Rocket Arena
Race Rocket Arena
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Version: 1.1.66
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Download Race Rocket Arena APK and engage in a high-speed race for survival where no rules apply in a post-apocalyptic terrain against other racers.

Name Race Rocket Arena
Version 1.1.66
Updated Jun 6, 2024
Category Racing
Google Play Link com.smokoko.race

Race Rocket Arena

Racing, a popular game for entertainment and fun, has now become a way of settling disputes and coming to agreements in the Race Rocket arena game. Ever since the apocalypse and the world became a harsh terrain, in the quest for survival when there are very scarce materials and resources to support life.

Man has taken to the deadly roads with specially modified wheels to outrace his competition and be entitled to higher quality resources necessary for the survival of his household.

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Drive through deadly traps at break-neck speed, while bullets and flaming arrows zip through the air around you as you make your way to the finish line shooting missiles and laying traps for your opponents to trigger. There can be only one winner here, as losers get nothing.

Modify your ride to new levels, be sturdy and strong enough for the harsh roads, bumpy rides, and attacks, all while being fast and flexible enough to maneuver around enemies' traps and narrow paths.


Race Arena Car Extreme game (also known as R.A.C.E) is a survival racing game published by SMOKOKO LTD on the 30th of November 2021. As a common case with racing games and survival games in a post-apocalyptic world, Race Arena Car Extreme is very famous in the gaming world. It has an unsurprising 10M+ download between its initial release date and the Race Rocket Arena latest version (version 1.0.74) was just released on the 7th of July 2022.

Not only is Race Arena Car extremely popular, but it is also loved by thousands of players who displayed their love for the game with a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars with an accumulated review of 40,000+ posts.

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SMOKOKO LTD, as a publishing house, after seeing the huge potential present in race arena car extreme game, spared no cost in making 'Race Rocket Arena Download IOS' a reality for ios users to enjoy with their android counterparts without missing out on an exciting and immersive game session.

Being available for Android and iOS devices, this action racing survival game is also rated unsuitable for players below seven years of age due to the mildly violent scenes it portrays.


Race like the devil is on your tail, ram other racers off the cliff, shoot bullets and missiles while dodging the ones being shot at you, and most importantly, lay carefully placed traps on the tracks for those coming behind you, all to seal your position as first in this no rules, no cops and disqualification by death race of survival.

The game controls are simplistic and intuitively designed to aid the player to make swift turns and changes in speed and acceleration at a moment's notice. Set in 3D graphics and specially modified soundtracks for the game's audio, post-apocalyptic racing has never been more mind-boggling and immersive than experienced in Race: Rocket Arena Car Extreme game.

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As expected, the game tutorial immediately takes the player through the basics of the game. Starting from the controls, graphics selection for optimal game performance, and other technicalities present in the game like laying and dodging traps. Soon after winning their first two matches, the game's tutorial is promptly deactivated, and the players can now proceed on their way.


The game has multiple features in place that makes it more interactive and interesting to play; some of its most notable features are;

  • Shop: The game uses its in-game currency which players earn to spend on upgrades, purchases, or any of the many other features in the shop. A lot can be achieved and gotten when the player has enough money to make a purchase. Race Rocket Arena Unlimited Money would be a dream come true version of the game to many fans as a lot of things come to mind on what to do with such an opportunity.
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  • Fast and Furious action 3D racing: Speed is all that matters in this game. Gather your nitro boost and wait for the right moment when the road is clear and straight, hit the gas, and zoom past opponents, leaving them in the dust.
  • Survival of the fittest gameplay with no rules: In a lawless world, everything goes, and everyone is a master to themselves. Especially when it is a post-apocalyptic world where people race monster trucks for survival.
  • Multiple race locations that are harsh and difficult to maneuver through: From simple windy roads to impossibly dangerous terrains, racers are made to brave the impossible with speed and deception.
  • A wide arsenal of weapons: Select ballistic weapons to shoot at opponents or close range weapons to hack at enemies when they get too close. Also, send homing attacks that target specific opponents and hit them at terrifying speeds.
  • Vehicle Upgrade and level up:  If you wish to have a shot at the title of #1, the only available option is to master the game's control, level up your character, and upgrade your vehicle to new levels.
  • Fast pace racing music to set players in the right mood for a high-intensity gameplay.
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  • The realistic 3D environment reacts to the players' effects and violent racing.


Racing has always been a game of wits and understanding the track, vehicle, and opponent's state of mind. The stakes are taken higher where there are no rules, no referees, and no disqualifications, and racers are forced into harsh and uninhabitable arenas in deadly race combat.

Upgrade your vehicle constantly and plan your resources well if you want to keep your position as #1 till the end of the lap. Revel in the carnage and mayhem happening around you as you expertly dodge them with skill amassed from lots of gaming sessions, wreak some havoc of your own and send racers flying sky high into puddles of lava in Race Rocket Arena Game.

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Download Race Rocket Arena APK and engage in a high-speed race for survival where no rules apply in a post-apocalyptic terrain against other racers.


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