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Drive Ahead
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Version: 3.22
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Download Drive Ahead APK and enter a world of unique cars, crazy stunts, thrilling races, and endless fun. Race with friends and battle to be the best and finish first.

Name Drive Ahead
Version 3.22
Updated Mar 27, 2023
Category Racing
Developer Dodreams Ltd.
Google Play Link com.dodreams.driveahead

Introduction to Drive Ahead

Drive Ahead is a unique game that blends performing stunts with car racing. Filled with up to 300 amazing cars, players are allowed to choose the vehicle of their choice and battle for the top spot against other racers. The game also has a multiplayer capacity that allows you to come up against friends and players from all parts of the globe.

If you are a fan of racing games and stunt car driving, then look no further because Drive Ahead is the perfect article. Filled with speed and chaos on every turn, Drive Ahead is the ultimate action racing game.

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Drive Ahead features several exciting modes that keep you engaged and entertained. One of these modes is the Head-to-Head mode, in which players come up against each other and fight in a gladiator style till one car is knocked out and damaged.

The types of vehicles on offer also differ in specifications and ability. Drive Ahead features cars like off-road vehicles, tanks, stunt cars, garbage trucks, etc. Players are also allowed to build or customize the car of their choice to fit different battle scenarios and to gain the upper hand over opponents.

To win battles and defeat bosses, the gamers must ensure the character is boosted and upgraded to a suitable level for each stage. You don’t want to move up too quickly in the racing world and come up against opponents that are way stronger than you.

While playing the game, you can train your character in the battle arena. At the battle arena, you will receive all the skills you need to defeat your enemies and progress in the game. Players are also allowed to fight one another in 1 v 1 matches at the battle arena.

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In multiplayer mode, you can team up with other players and push for the top position on the leaderboard. Be ready to come up against other teams that are also gunning for the top. Build your character and lead your team to victory as you smash through all opposition

Drive Ahead also allows you to share your progress with an ever-vibrant online video community. Earn all bragging rights as you defeat your enemies and capture such moments. You can also share your high scores while playing the game.

To keep you entertained, the brains behind this awesome game make daily updates that include stunts and quests that can be quite rewarding when completed under the right conditions. The game Drive Ahead is loaded with enough twists and turns that keep you hooked on its wonderful universe of fun and excitement.

Features of Drive Ahead

The uniqueness of Drive Ahead is evident by several features that set it apart from other racing games. Some of these features include:

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  • Stylish Vehicles

One of the core features that set a racing game apart is the cars. Drive Ahead is packed with cars of different designs, with each type being suitable for a specific type of race. Players are allowed to select the car of their choice from a collection of 300 cars.

Players can choose from these collections of vehicles from cars like off-road carts, trucks, and many other types. Asides from this amazing collection of vehicles, players are also allowed to create and design their vehicles. Players can also acquire protective gear like helmets to help protect them as they play the hazardous race courses in the drive ahead universe.

  • Race Courses

Another unique feature of the game Drive Ahead is the different race courses. Coming up against the same type of roads makes a game boring. Drive Ahead features several roads that pose different threats. Players must adapt to the different conditions of these roads.

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While driving, players will come across mean robots, pesky aliens, and penguins. Now, penguins may sound harmless, but they can be the worst type of obstacle to overcome. Do all you can to avoid these obstacles, and you increase your chances of coming out on top

  • Amazing Game Modes

The game Drive Ahead can be enjoyed in different modes, with each mode serving a different proposition altogether. Some of the modes you will come across include head-to-head mode, which involves two players battling it out in a gladiator-styled theme.

The multiplayer modes allow you to play against opponents and friends. Players can also form teams with several other players to go on an amazing quest and dominate leaderboards.

  • Dangerous Opposition

The game Drive Ahead features dangerous oppositions that are not easy defeats. Build up your car with enough arsenal and protective gears as you will come across several oppositions in your course of playing the game.

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Asides from fighting friends and opponents, be ready to face a band of aliens, robots, and penguins.

  • Fun-filled Multiplayer mode

Drive Ahead is best enjoyed in multiplayer mode because there is no predicting what you will come up against in this amazing game. Players are constantly upgrading their character and improving their skills, so you will have to be at your best to come out on top.

Whether you are playing against an individual opponent or as part of a team against another team, be prepared to be blown away by explosions, head-to-head collisions, and all manner of mayhem. 

  • Crew Communication

Team Up multiplayer modes can be quite confusing when there is no means of communication for members of a team. Drive Ahead comes with a built-in communications platform for members to strategize on moves and game plans to defeat opponents.

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Being able to communicate also adds a bit of fun and banter to the gameplay.


Drive Ahead is an awesome game packed with lots of exciting features and amazing graphics. The mayhem and chaos at every turn are bound to thrill and excite. Enjoy a perfect blend of mayhem and speed in this awesome racing game. Download today, race, fight, and win.


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