Car Eats Car 3
Car Eats Car 3
Size: 135.27 MB
Version: 3.3.805
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Download Car Eats Car 3 APK, a stunt driving game with incredible features. Race with other players in beautiful locations, fight cops, and explore cool cars and drones.

Name Car Eats Car 3
Version 3.3.805
Updated Apr 22, 2024
Category Racing
Google Play Link com.smokoko.careatscar3

Car Eats Car 3

Car Eats Car 3 is a free-to-install mobile game developed by SMOKOKO LTD and was released in December 2017. The game takes players on a hill climb chase where they must drive a turbo-boosted car. Car Eats Car 3 is an action-packed game where players are allowed to drive various cars. Android and Apple users have access to the game and have gotten amazing ratings since its release.

Game Description

There are numerous contemporary automobiles and challenging challenges to complete in the game. Players participate in the mini-games, activities, and difficult missions that Car Eats Car 3 Hill Climb Race provides. The game offers a fantastic entertainment environment and aids players in reducing life's pressures and stresses.

car eats car 3 apk

This is perhaps the greatest option for individuals who enjoy adventure and action. In a rolling, steep environment, you may experience the rush of racing and avoid adversaries.

Features of Car Eats Car 3

Here are the incredible features of Car Eats Car 3:

Car Eats Car 3 Gameplay

Car Eats Car 3, all cars unlocked, and upgraded gameplay tells you how the game would unfold. You will be changed into insane autos that seriously hurt if you enter Car Eats Car 3 unblocked version. You are an automobile, not a driver. These cars are unlike the typical vehicles you would encounter daily. They are implanted using components from the salvage yard. These cars are enormous, hilarious, and bizarre. Don't jump to hate them, though; they have extraordinary fighting skills and are prepared to destroy everything in their path.

car eats car 3 hill climb race

Through its intriguing stages, Car Eats Car 3 is the mechanism's owner. Utilize the virtual key mechanism in the game, drive around in your car, and participate in crucial combat encounters. To go to the next game, finish the tasks the game assigns you and head to the conclusion of the road. Yes, the public and the police will greatly dislike your presence. They'll want to wreck your car forever. This time, you have to take the bad guy's role and use your car to destroy any nearby armor, including big trucks or tanks.

Drive and Fight Cops

How to drive your automobile will be explained when you first begin the Car Eats Car 3 game. Your car can run up many slopes during a race. And if you run too quickly or descend a slope, your car may occasionally flip over. To balance your car, you must use the TILT buttons. On the left side of the screen, there will be TILT buttons. In addition, many police officers will pursue and arrest you. To outrun the police, if they catch up to your automobile, use the turbo button on the right side.

On your journey, numerous opponents will also arise. You can employ bombs to eliminate the adversaries. The bombs can be gathered along the way. Let's review how to steer your car so it moves faster. Don't allow the police to arrest you.

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Your path will be littered with rubies. Let's gather them so we can improve your car. Four signs will be on each car to help you upgrade. Armor, Turbo, Speed, and Damage are those. Various rubies will be needed for each indicator. To improve all indicators at once, you will thus need to amass a large number of rubies. You can also get rubies via spins and daily awards.

Free Your Friends from the Cops

Drive fearlessly and assist pals who are being arrested. Master your off-road driving techniques to become the king of the road. Remember that you frequently engage in hill climb activities and are trying to save your racing companions. Beat up police vehicles and free your imprisoned companions. Get behind the wheel and go!

Explore Beautiful Locations

You will race in the game in numerous gorgeous locations, on a metropolis with many skyscrapers or a region with big rocks. There are numerous locations available for exploration. Additionally, the images are pretty good quality and vibrant. Players will benefit from having a better experience with Car Eats Car 3. Another game with animation visuals is Car Eats Car 3. The players will feel at ease thanks to them.

car eats car 3 all cars unlocked

Additionally, the game's audio is dynamic. You can hear the sound of the engines in the Car Eats Car 3 hill climb race. Throughout the game, a thrilling soundtrack will always be playing. You'll be glad you did this. However, let's get to the game's settings if you wish to silence the sound.

Enjoy Cool Cars, Drones, and Other Gadgets

Car Eats Car 3 all unlocked cars contain a ton of cool automobiles, so you won't get bored. You have a choice of 27 different automobiles. A few examples include Harvester, Lokomachine, Francopstein, Tankominator, Hovercraft, and Icebreaker. Each automobile will have its unique set of abilities. The strength of the autos increases with price. Therefore, you should consider purchasing each car gradually or saving money to get the best car. But sometimes, all you have to do to get the various cars is finish the assignment the game gives you.

car eats car 3 unlimited money

In addition, Cars Eats Car 3 free shopping offers several drones to aid players in taking out numerous foes. The tiny bombs will be dropped on your adversaries by Mr. Bombastic. But the foes can be destroyed by the Beeranha's poison sting. The tools will also aid in the pursuit and destruction of opponents. The magnetic field produced by the magnet draws the rubies. The electromagnetic pulse from an EMP emitter paralyzes all foes in your vicinity. You can employ a variety of helpful devices.

Final Thoughts

The Car Eats Car 3 is a walkthrough if you get the hang of it. Drive cartoon cars, overtake your rivals, and experience no fine at all when you play this 2D racing game. Do not be deceived, as you can go to jail regardless of the no fine policy. Upgrade the car's nitro and install special weapons to help you win faster. With Car Eats Car 3, unlimited money, become the king of the road, and get awesome awards.

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Download Car Eats Car 3 APK, a stunt driving game with incredible features. Race with other players in beautiful locations, fight cops, and explore cool cars and drones.


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