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Version: 1.9
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Download Wilderless APK latest version to immerse yourself in a brand new world of joy and relaxation. No enemies, no quests, no stress, there’s only joy waiting for you.

Name Wilderless
Version 1.9
Updated Mar 23, 2024
Category Role Playing
Developer Protopop Games
Google Play Link com.Protopop.Wilderless

About Wilderless APK

If you have been a fan of Nimian Legends at any point, you will be pleased to know that the make of those has a new title. There is no doubt that it definitely looks and feels like the best one to date. Wilderless is similar to Nimian Legends in the sense that it is created to be an open world where you can not only virtually explore but also get lost in it with a larger scope than other games.


Even though it is similar to Nimian Legends, you should not confuse the two. After all, they are different from each other and Wilderless has been redeveloped from scratch. It has been created in several phases where different functionalities have been added and polished to offer a seamless gaming experience to players. Moreover, in only a little time, several updates have been published with each focusing on improving certain features and content.

Even in the future, Wilderless is expected to evolve. It means you can definitely stay hitched to it because it will only get better with time.


There are no quests or enemies and that is what truly makes it different from other games. You can explore miles of untamed, natural, and beautiful wilderness to take a deep breath and relax. Enjoy a unique and calming world of stunning views and quiet moments with magnificent sunsets behind large mountains, deep dungeons, flower-filled hills, frozen lakes, and even frost-covered tundra.

wilderless apk

As you are playing, you can undoubtedly feel free to put the footage of the game to your platform. For instance, you can upload the video to any website or even YouTube. The developers allow you to publish the videos without worrying about it.


Actually, on your desktop, you will require at least 4 GB Ram and a 4-core 2 GHz CPU. These are the minimum requirements your device needs to meet in order to support the game. Otherwise, it would not be possible for you to run and play the game. You will only experience glitches because the game can take a toll on your lower-spec device.


Some of the most important features of Wilderless include:

wilderless apk download
  • Vast Open World

What makes Wilderless truly an exceptional game is its vast environment. For instance, based on an open world framework, it enables you to wander anywhere you want. There are no limitations and you can definitely go to any place or location at any time you prefer.

Typically, in most open-world games, there are limitations on how much you can wander or the number of places you can visit. However, it is not really the case with Wilderless. It is truly an open-world game with a wide scope. You are not limited in terms of your movements and you can go anywhere you want without experiencing any problems and difficulties.

Just imagine the sheer possibilities that arrive with it. You can go just about anywhere.

  • Great Customization

Another amazing feature of Wilderless is that it allows you to customize your characters just as you prefer. In most games, there are only some specific characters from which you have to choose and select your own character.

wilderless download

However, in the case of Wilderless, you can customize your character as you prefer. There are no specific characters and you have the ability to customize and make your own character to make it feel more personal.

There are no limitations on what you can customize and what you cannot. For instance, from outfits and hats to hair, you can customize just about everything about the character. It means that you can construct your character just as you want without being held back. You can make a true avatar of your own in the game.

  • Completely Ad-Free

One of the best features of Wilderless is that it is completely ad-free. Just how many games are there that do not come with ads? Even some of the best games have ads in them. However, the same does not really apply to Wilderless.

Wilderless does not come with ads and you are enabled to have a seamless gaming experience without worrying about being interrupted.

wilderless free download

Your gaming experience is often interrupted by ads. Wilderless ensures that you can truly immerse in the game and explore all you want without being interrupted at all. You will not have to skip anything because there are no ads at all. Wilderless is designed to offer the ultimate gaming experience to players and that is why there are no ads in the game.

  • Photo Mode

Wilderless comes with some of the best graphics you will ever get to see in a game. Every scene is described with great detail and everything is designed beautifully. In the meadows, you will feel as if you are really there by yourself.

In such moments, you can take some incredible and beautiful pictures. In the game, there is a photo mode that allows you to take quick pictures without having to wait a lot. In only a second, you can snap a picture for later.

There is no need to open an additional application just to take a picture. After all, you have a built-in feature that allows you to take quick pictures of the scenes you have in mind. It is just as simple as that. Just click and you will have your pictures.

wilderless game
  • Multi-Functional

You will be pleased to know that your character can not only walk and run but also fly and swim in the water. It is definitely up to you and you can move your character just as you prefer. Your movements are not limited at all.

It only adds to the true open-world experience of Wilderless.


All in all, Wilderless is the game you cannot miss out on. It is a true open-world game that is designed to make players immerse themselves in a beautiful world where they can relax and relieve their stress. You can not only explore but also enjoy different scenes and moments. Every scene is created by developers to be etched in your memory.

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Download Wilderless APK latest version to immerse yourself in a brand new world of joy and relaxation. No enemies, no quests, no stress, there’s only joy waiting for you.


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