Trucks Off Road
Trucks Off Road
Size: 710.36 MB
Version: 1.70.1035
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Download Truck Off Road APK for an exciting adventure into a muddy road track. Pick your truck, hone your survival skills, and get to the finish line.

Name Trucks Off Road
Version 1.70.1035
Updated Mar 10, 2024
Category Racing
Developer ODD Games

About Truck Off Road

Truck Off Road is a truck driving game that puts players in the position of a fantastic truck driver that has to finish up missions in the Truck Off Road. The game is a simulation of real-life muddy trackways and involves some of the most subtle and professional details anyone can add to a game. The game will challenge you to sharpen your driving skills and be alert for anything the gameplay brings. Depending on your preference or those you can find, you can win against your competitors on the track or lose to them.

The game is not complex and has easy gameplay; pick up your truck, apply your strategy, and win against the competitor or complete missions. It's similar to other popular truck racing games like Monster Truck Destruction, Offroad League, and OTR- Offroad Car Driving Game. Truck Off Road is also identical in terms of its exceptional graphics and the fantastic soundtrack that keeps players going and never bored when they play.

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Unlike other games, however, the game is not available for offline playing modes. So, rather than compete against humans offline, you can play online and complete missions, compete against other players worldwide, and ensure that all your data is well secured in the cloud. This is in the form of a career mode, where you assume the role of a brilliant truck driver who becomes more skilled with every game and understands the art of racing.

Another fantastic feature the developers added to Truck Off Road is the controls. The game is relatively easy to control and modify. You have to use the on-screen joystick to move your character, while the other activities, such as driving, racing with other players, switching trucks, or modifying your old one to suit your taste.

Truck Off Road is free for anyone and was developed by ODD Games. The game is available for multiple android devices. It's available on Android with updates of 6.0, and the content is available for everyone and every age group. Over 5 million downloads on Playstore and a 4.3 rating by over Forty-four thousand reviewers add to the game's credibility.

Become A Great Truck Driver

Truck Off Road is an exciting game because it doesn't give just players trucks to race with; it also adds purpose to the game. The game occurs in a muddy environment on the Road and off the road tracks. Hence, the game is very rough, competitive, and exciting.

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Hence, it falls on you and other players to make the gameplay exciting and thrilling. So, players are recruited as truck race drivers to hit the leader board and outrace one another in this competitive gameplay.

Game Features

Like all truck racing games, Truck Off Road has some tension and action, which reflects in the features. Read about some of the most incredible features you can expect on Truck Off Road:


There is a simple approach to the gameplay definition; retake racing tracks and take out the competitors. While doing this, you'll encounter many game elements, but the core gameplay pattern is to modify your truck and race with this truck. The truck will help you race effectively and smoothly through the muddy tracks. You'll win the mission if you outrace all the competitors on the track.

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3D Graphics and Animations

Truck Off Road has impressive graphics design, whose sole aim was to make the game as realistic as possible. The graphics are brightly colored and well detailed, with subtle features such as engines, axles, and turbos, which are all part of a truck, are detailed as possible. A smooth animation also allows players to skid through the game without lags. You can land between tracks, race, and modify without experiencing a slow response, except if the player uses an incompatible device.

Game Soundtrack

Truck Off Road also has a great soundtrack that mimics the effects of real-life track racing. The various sounds such as airdrop motion, tires screeching, exhaust pipes letting out gas, gunshots for the race to begin, and other sounds are a well-detailed and near-perfect mimic of what to expect from a real-life encounter on the racing tracks.

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There are many missions and tasks to accomplish on Truck Off Road. The more you play, the more rousing it becomes to survive. The Story Mode takes you through a surreal adventure where you must show your skills as a truck race driver and complete all the missions diligently. Since there are many missions, most players only play the Story Mode once in a while since it's the best place to learn more about the game.


There are many modifications on Truck Off Road, and you need a better truck if you want to outrace your competitors more easily. The Truck Off Road arsenal contains some of the most deadly racing tracks. You'll have to modify your truck's spare parts to easily carry you through the race.


The roads in the Truck Off Road game are not boring; each player gets a feel of various truck racing tracks. These include ta adynamic mud rut road and interactive water to help sharpen players' skills. All of which can be played online. With regular road updates, the game is developing and allowing its users to experience various challenging roads for racing.

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Realistic Environment

Truck Off Road has a realistic touch, thanks to the graphics and smooth animations. The game has many practical elements, such as trucks, spare parts, racing tracks, etc. The explosive effects also give you the feeling of being in a realistic environment. This factor is what keeps the players engaged and makes the game even more interesting to play.


The game is a very interactive and strategy-based racing adventure. It has impressive features that keep you entertained and begging for more action.

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Download Truck Off Road APK for an exciting adventure into a muddy road track. Pick your truck, hone your survival skills, and get to the finish line.


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