Torque Burnout
Torque Burnout
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Version: 3.2.9
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Download Torque Burnout APK and Push your vehicle to the limit to become the BURNOUT KING. Drive crazily and drift like a pro in this realistic racing game.

Name Torque Burnout
Version 3.2.9
Updated Feb 28, 2024
Category Racing

Torque Burnout - Drive in the most realistic racing game

In Torque Burnout, you'll have the opportunity to join a brave amateur racer who just started his racing career. You'll get play a unique driving game where the emphasis is on performing stunts and tricks with your automobiles instead of driving at high speed. Pick your favorite car, then dazzle the audience by pulling off amazing stunts with it.

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Make the crowd scream with joy and excitement as you increase your fame and money. You may maximize your car's potential by giving it numerous customization and upgrades. Use the straightforward controls to pull off incredible stunts and tricks with your vehicles. Battle it out with the best drivers to rise above other players on the leaderboard. Play games online and with friends on your phone at any time.

Game description

Torque Burnout is a 3D drifting and driving game with superb graphics and incredibly accurate controls. A variety of gaming options, such as hurdle races and other drifting challenges, are also provided by the game.

Despite having only two cars in your garage at first, you can drive more than twenty diverse vehicles in Torque Burnout. In addition, you can upgrade the components of your current vehicle as you play and purchase new ones.

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Drive a sports car specially prepared for you, , and perform jaw-dropping tricks and stunts. Gain the crowd's attention by accumulating many points about their occurrences. You can improve your car, change the exterior and add new car engines. Gain unforgettable experience and several fans. The game's graphics are awesome and realistic, and its physics are of the highest quality and almost lifelike.


Although it is a racing game, your objective is entirely distinct from any racing game you have ever played. Torque Burnout doesn't care about speed because it focuses solely on a racer's driving style. Drifting in this game is just the one you would see in Fast and Furious 3: Part 3; it's one of the trickiest driving maneuvers.

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When you play this game, you take on the role of the driving prodigy– Drift King. You will impress your audience when you are driving with your excellent skills. For talented drivers, there is a competition called Torque Burnout. You have a minute to use every trick you know to rack up as many points as possible. You can practice with the tutorial before beginning the game so you can get to know more about the game's controls. You will immediately sense how challenging even something seemingly simple is. Since the car constantly goes in circles, you must maintain control and use elegant maneuvers.

Game graphics

There is no denying that the game's physics are fantastic. Each time your tires screeches through the pavement, you can sense the smoothness and reality. The tires, smoke effects, and engine noise are all very realistic. You can always tell when you're drifting by the road's wheel prints.

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Game control

The game's control is relatively easy and unique. Torque Burnout has a significantly different control scheme compared to other racing video games. Two arrow keys are located on the left side of the screen and can be used to steer the car in any direction, and the rear brake is located at the base. Two keys, the accelerator key and the back key are located on the screen's left side. Other controls offered by Torque Burnout include device tilting and steering wheel. You can drive with the steering wheel if you prefer the realistic, albeit somewhat difficult to control, experience.

Play in a variety of modes

Torque Burnout players will also have access to fun game modes that they can quickly switch between to get the most out of the experience.

Driving Tutorial: You could take your engines and tires on test drives to see how they perform. How long before you cause an engine to fail or another tire to blow out?

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Freestyle: If you love driving freely, then this game mode is for you; lots of fun awaits you in this fantastic driving mode. Compete with other racers in different ways and perform all kinds of stunts and tricks to score higher points than your opponents.

Challenge: Can you beat the time? You'll indeed have a lot of fun in this epic challenge game. You'll have to beat the clock and win prizes. Complete a specific set of different missions in a given time.

Tournament: Enjoy the epic competition with friends and other gamers on the internet in fantastic tournaments. Win against them and get points to unlock more vehicles or vehicle parts.

More Fantastic Features of Torque Burnout

- Real tire burnout simulation. You would witness flaming engines, bursting tires, and gorgeous smoke as if they were real

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- Various vehicles from which you can choose, each with its customization and special handling

- Deafening engine sounds that will make you want to keep playing

- The Developer has promised to add more cars and challenges to the game

For those who are not new to the game, here are some new features you might want to know about

The developer has upgraded S1CKO for the 2022 season.

A new wrap has been given to TUFFST

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There is a new actual driver vehicle

Improved performance


Torque Burnout is racing and 'driving' game where you race and drift like a professional. Grip your steering, step on your throttle and drive ad crazy as you can. Unlock new rides and push them to their limits, make the crowd go crazy, and drift more so you can be tagged as the BURNOUT KING!

To play Torque Burnout, you'll need an Android 5 mobile device or a newer version. In addition, you'll need to have access to the internet, but you won't need it to play.

Torque Burnout is a freemium game, i.e., it's free to play. However, you can purchase credit in-game by paying with your credit card.

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Download Torque Burnout APK and Push your vehicle to the limit to become the BURNOUT KING. Drive crazily and drift like a pro in this realistic racing game.


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