Sky Children of the Light
Sky Children of the Light
Size: 1.82 GB
Version: 0.25.2 (260837)
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Download and install Sky Children of the Light APK to enjoy an awesome adventure. This game takes the player through different realms, including the mission of saving stars.

Name Sky Children of the Light
Version 0.25.2 (260837)
Updated Sep 20, 2022
Category Role Playing
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Description of Sky Children of the Light

Sky: Children of the Light combines both puzzle and role-playing features. This game was developed by thatgamecompany – a company whose headquarters is in California, United States of America. Thatgamecompany is also responsible for developing two PC games, such as Flower and Journey. Both Flower and Journey are now available on various operating systems besides mobile.

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We are certain that, like Sky: Children of the Light, more games from thatgamecompany will be available on mobile. However, since Sky: Children of the Light is the only game from thatgamecompany that is available on iOS and Android, it is free for users.

The Story

One spectacular thing about this game is its colourful presentation. That is what mostly attracts new players to it. As a first-time player, you will marvel at the incredible beauty of the game. First, you will be brought before a beautiful palace, and then you will be invited to journey deeper into this world and explore. You will be role-playing as one of the children in a beautiful world of the sky, and your mission, therefore, is to find out and provide hope to the kingdom by deciding to locate the lost constellation.

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The kingdom of the sky is where children of light are birthed and closely associated with the starry sky. Your mission is to look for the ancestral soul and return them to the constellation in the right position. By scrolling through the meadow, darker places, or dunes in the kingdom like the ancient bell tower or the charcoal kilns, you will discover wandering souls and finish the mission you started.

This game has a smooth control mechanism, and there is no complication or pattern. However, even though this game is not very complicated, it is not easy. However, do not fret because the more you play this game, the more you will learn about its gameplay mechanics.

Explore and Soar

This game is very exciting and focuses on adventure and puzzles, attracting players in every aspect. Following the predecessors' success (Flower and journey), the developers decided to release Sky: Children of the Light to the public. And just almost immediately after its release, it attracted the attention of several gamers.

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Engage yourself in adventures in the deserted kingdom and begin your mission. While that is ongoing, you will also be able to deal with the puzzles the game offers. So you will need to solve the problems to unravel the hidden mysteries. It is important to note every detail in the game because even the smallest, seemingly insignificant information may be the key to solving the puzzles you are battling.

Team Up to Explore Darker Realms

The most outstanding feature of this game is that it allows you to interact with other players worldwide. It would be awesome to embark on an adventure with friends and discover new things. It would even be more awesome when you collectively solve puzzles– two heads, they say, are better than one. Besides enjoying this adventure with your friends, you also have the chance to share your winnings, achievements, rewards and levels with others as passionate about the game as you. Besides, you can customise the character and change it according to your preference before beginning the game.

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The open fantasy world makes you feel like a wonderland of incredible things – a paradise of incredibleness. You will discover several beautiful locations in this game, such as winter effects. Accompanied by both sound and light effects, this game will put more intrigue into your adventure than you have ever been.

The Graphics

One of the major reasons this game is a delight to several gamers worldwide is its high-definition graphics. So when it was released, it was gobbled up by veteran gamers like a bowl of hot, delicious, spaghetti. The developers took their time to focus on every pictorial detail of the game. The characters are designed in the most realistic way possible and gifted with different abilities. The game's scenes are also beautiful – all evidence that this game is a work of complete dedication and the desire to thrill players and give them maximum enjoyment and experience while playing it. This is not a surprising thing since all the games developed by thatgamecompany have particularly impressive graphics.

Apart from the satisfying graphics, the sound is another aspect of the game that thrills gamers. The background music is clear, sharp and harmonious; they promise to thrill and stimulate your gaming IQ. Games are better enjoyed when both the graphics and sound are well-defined.

Features of Sky Children of the Light

This game tells the mysterious story about the seven realms full of constellations and stars. As a player, you are tasked with the mission of searching for the fallen stars and returning them to their rightful place in the sky. Consider the following impressive features of the game:

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  • Go alone or team up with friends for this mission; you will get a chance to experience brilliant worlds of wonder
  • Friendship is one of the elements of the game; therefore, it is important to grow your friends and share gifts
  • You will encounter different emotional experiences from the happy field of daylight prairie to the unsafe grounds of the golden west land.
  • Explore the world, solve mysteries, and accomplish missions to become more powerful
  • Create bonds and interact with other friendly players available online
  • Team up with other players to go on an adventure into darker places and then unravel the mystery of ancient treasures
  • Level up and use your character t express yourself through the art of customisation

Final Words

This game is sure to be one of the most exciting puzzle-adventure games you will ever play. Almost everything about this game is perfect – from the amazing graphics and sounds to the plot and the features it offers. So brace yourself for an incredible journey through various worlds of colour and beauty.

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Download and install Sky Children of the Light APK to enjoy an awesome adventure. This game takes the player through different realms, including the mission of saving stars.


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