Ski Safari 2
Ski Safari 2
Size: 112.80 MB
Version: 1.5.1279
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Download Ski Safari 2 APK, a fun arcade game for mobile devices. Escape the forces of nature with endless downhill skiing adventures in a fun and snowy land.

Name Ski Safari 2
Version 1.5.1279
Updated Sep 30, 2023
Category Arcade
Developer Sleepy Z Studios

Ski Safari 2

Ski Safari 2 is a game where the player ski’s down a hill as fast as possible. This is an arcade game made by sleepy Z studio. To be successful in this game, you need to go down the mountain as quickly as possible without hitting a rock. A hip of snow would instantly end your journey once you bump against a rock or after a bad fall.

This game features unique gameplay. In this game, you automatically descend a hill of ice; you only have to focus on jumping over rocks and obstacles. The game is straightforward; although the rush from the hill might be a little too high, the adrenaline from the rush would help you enjoy the game better.

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A tap on the screen sends you up in a jump, and if you hold on to the screen, you get to spin in the air. While moving down the hill and trying to avoid rocks, many outstanding elements would greatly help you.  You get to ride on penguin shoulders, and eagles allow you to fly sometimes.

Get as much money as you can during a race by picking up coins. You can use ski safari 2 unlimited funds to buy many things and customize your character. You can purchase new suits for both characters, either a guy or a girl, new snowboards, and skis.

Description of Ski Safari 2

This app is a skiing game in which you ski down a hill at a fast pace until a rock stops you. Ski safari 2 download is a fun game compatible with Android and IOS operating systems.

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This game features unique and excellent graphics. It has an overall aesthetic feeling and user interface that keeps you playing this game for hours. Aside from playing the single-player mode, you challenge multiple people over Bluetooth or wifi connection. You can easily find who plays this game best among you and your friends.

With this game, you are in line with the natural uncontrollable forces as you go downhill in an endless skiing adventure. You get to play two genders, either a boy or a girl. You can choose if you would play  Sven or his sister Evana.

Select the device you would use to move down the mountain. Is it a ski, a snowboard, or would you prefer a motorbike, a snowmobile, or something much crazier and remotely thrilling?

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Download ski safari 2 and play a skiing game in style, pull spins, do incredible jumps,  snowboard nose grab, strike a daring pose, do handstands, and many more. Select various friendly animals that would allow you to explore so many moves and poses as you enjoy this thrilling game.

Features of Ski Safari 2

This game has several mind-blowing features that would keep you enjoying the game for a long while.


This app features incredible gameplay that sends you traveling down a hill at a very high speed. You get to be a male or female player. You can play with Sven or his amazing sister Evana. Choose to use skis, snowboards, snowmobiles, or motorbikes during this game.

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The goal of this game is to keep running downhill non-stop. It would help if you always avoided rocks. You can pick up various animals that would give amazing effects and help you prevent stones for a few seconds. Keep playing this game, picking up coins and avoiding rocks in order not to get an avalanche of snow ending your play.

To enjoy this game with friends, you need to connect with them via wifi or Bluetooth and have a fantastic playoff. Find out who is king or queen of the snow land with the multiplayer feature. Pick up power-ups, or pull a penguin out of your pocket to quickly escape and outrun your friend.

User interface

This game has a fantastic user interface. It has so many beautiful graphics incorporated into it. The snow world, the players, the animals, etc., are thrilling. You get to experience a user-friendly interface while you fly down the hill.

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The user interface is easy to understand and work your way through. To play the game, you must tap the screen to jump and press on the screen a little to spin. With a few clicks, you would find the store to get new items and customize your players, their skis, snowboards, and every other available item. The whole graphics give you a good vibe altogether.

To get the most out of this experience, you can take pictures of epic moments and share them with the world. Spin the camera for that shot and enjoy the 3D experience ski safari two offers.


Perform so many tricks while you slide down the mountain. You can pull off 360 spins, handstands, snowboard nose grab, and many other stylish moves. Pick up any animal and feature their styles, pose, and activities.

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Also, customize your players and skiing equipment to hit the mountain in style. Collect as many coins as possible to purchase new gears,  crazy costumes, and powerful vehicles in the shop.

Buying new suits and equipment for your players can be fun. Watch the players check out the clothes until you pick the best fit if you can afford it.  That's a great way to spend your ski safari cash. Pick up that gold sled you have always wanted to.


Ski safari 2 is a fun game app that allows you to experience the uniqueness of skiing at a very high speed down a hill. This game features excellent aesthetics that gives an additional realness to it. You would feel like you are in the game. All you need to do is jump, spin, and avoid rocks. Also, pick up animals and coins too.

Download the game ski safari 2 to get a top-notch snow skiing experience that would blow your mind.

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Download Ski Safari 2 APK, a fun arcade game for mobile devices. Escape the forces of nature with endless downhill skiing adventures in a fun and snowy land.


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