Royal Match
Royal Match
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Version: 22168
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Download Royal Match APK, a free, fun puzzle game. Swipe colors, solve puzzles, and become the king of puzzle games. Decorate king Roberts's castle in this game.

Name Royal Match
Version 22168
Updated Jun 10, 2024
Category Puzzle
Developer Dream Games Ltd.
Google Play Link com.dreamgames.royalmatch

Royal Match

The royal match is a fun puzzle game created by Dream Games Ltd. This game is a free-to-play game with numerous levels.  King Robert would need your help in restoring his castle to its former glory; help king Robert decorate his palace.

For the numerous levels, you'd get remarkable rewards. This game has so many unique events and bonus levels. Also, by choice, you get to join a team and get help from your team members.

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You would find some Local and global championships in a royal match game download, and you can compete in these championships alone or with your teammates. This game has Match 3 puzzles, which means all you need to do is match elements in three or more rows and columns.

Download the royal match game and view King Robert's unique town in beautiful graphics. This game has a mind-blowing, user-friendly interface you'd love. Download this game and enjoy the royal match-free puzzle game.

Description Of Royal Match.

Royal match game app is a unique game app that features a great match 3 puzzles with unique obstacles and fun levels. This game is compatible with both Android and IOS operating systems.

Download royal match to play its unique puzzles. Connect all colored pieces in a level to advance to the next. This game is structured around helping king Robert restore his Royal castle into the unique and magical place it once was.

With a royal match download, you can explore new rooms in the castle, royal chambers, fabulous gardens, and many other unique locations. The King is there to guide and watch you, as the coins you make from each level are used to decorate his castle.

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This game has what seems like an unending amount of levels, don't worry about the game's end; keep enjoying it. Obtain power-ups, unlock fun areas, and win challenging levels, gems, and coins.

This game also features the bonus level in which you are allowed to collect loads of coins. You can unlock powerful boosters that would help you with the puzzles as you level up and unlock them. You also get to open unique chests and gain rewards from them. 

Features Of Royal Match.

This game features a lot of excellent features that make it fun.


The Royal match has fantastic gameplay. It has two sides: the puzzle side and the decoration side. The puzzles come with levels, and each level has an objective. The objective is shown at the beginning of every game. You would also notice it at the top left of each puzzle. To play the puzzle, you must match elements in the same color. These elements must be in three or more. As you complete each game, you'd earn stars. You can use leads for tasks and decorate the castle.

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Coins are also made after some levels and completing some in-game events. Coins are primarily for power-ups and boosters and to purchase more moves at a puzzle level when needed.

For decoration, you need to have purchased or unlocked some decorations. The room to be furnished would be displayed on the main screen, and the side would show the decorations you can access.

Game Structure. 

As a player, you must finish levels, gain stars, and get more elements in the game. Use your earnings to decorate and also improve your game in the puzzles.

You can Improve your puzzle game with boosters like rockets,  propellers, light balls, and TNT.  Also, purchase some extra moves when you need them. You can have more than one booster in a level, and when there is a chance, you can combine two. If you run out of moves during a game and have enough coins, you can purchase five extra moves or choose to start over.

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If you fail a level, you lose one "live." You have five lives, and each life takes 30 minutes to restore. There are teams in the game you might like to join. You can ask your teammates for extra lives and join team games and events. To win a team challenge, your team must outscore opponent teams by collating as many points as possible from each team member.

There are bonus levels that come up every time you win. The bonus level corresponds to the just concluded level, and you need to collect enough points before your move finishes in the bonus level.


A feature that makes this game even more lovable is the number of events you can access on it. This event comes with rewards for completing an objective within a specific period. There are four events: the King's rush, Lighting rush, sky race, and Team battle.

In the king's rush, you must complete the puzzle's goal in a specific period. You don't get moves in this event. On the other hand, the Lightning rush is an event that lasts an hour and requires five players to complete.  All five players compete to gather lightning bolts. You get unlimited life during the lightning rush hour, and your reward is in boosters when you win.

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With sky race, the players are in a bracket including several levels. The three players who complete 15 of these levels first get the reward. The last event is a team battle. Just as the name implies, you play this game as a team. In this battle, 20 teams compete for coin prizes. If you are partaking in a team battle, the icon would be at the top of your home screen. You have to acquire a lot of shields that will accumulate with your teammates to win this battle.  When you beat levels, you get shields. When you win a Normal or bonus level, you get one shield. Winning a hard group gives you three shields, and a super hard level gives you five shields.

User Interface.

This game features a fantastic user interface. Royal match's single home screen is easy to navigate and serves as the game's starting point.  This game has excellent graphics and design.

Select events you want to participate in and enjoy the Royal match game.


The royal match game is a unique casual game that keeps you enjoying puzzles. This game is simple, straightforward, and easy to operate. In the royal match's latest version, you get to explore so many new areas and, more enjoyably, Take a ride in the Gem mine full of precious stones. You get to feed your eyes and awe at the fantastic view.

royal match latest version

Play and win puzzles and make enough money and gems to help King Roberts decorate his castle.  Bring the castle back to life by restoring light and buzz to this once luxurious home.

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Download Royal Match APK, a free, fun puzzle game. Swipe colors, solve puzzles, and become the king of puzzle games. Decorate king Roberts's castle in this game.


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