Penny & Flo Finding Home
Penny & Flo Finding Home
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Version: 1.102.0
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Download Penny & Flo Finding Home APK to play a puzzle where you assist the protagonists in remodeling an estate and bringing it back to its former splendor.

Name Penny & Flo Finding Home
Version 1.102.0
Updated Mar 19, 2023
Category Puzzle
Developer Tactile Games
Google Play Link dk.tactile.mansionstory

Description of Penny & Flo Finding Home

The primary setting of this adventure is characterized as a rich, magnificent, and big house. A previously gifted actor who was once the greatest well-known on Broadway is the landlord of this remarkable property. She consequently constructed a big house to reflect her status. However, there are numerous issues that she can fix due to how big it is.

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The two protagonists of the videogame, Penny, and Flo are the ones the owner turns to in this period to address the issues that arise in the house. To address them that are occurring across the big mansion, particularly inside each individual chamber, the two protagonists will make use of their talents and competencies. The two protagonists need to overcome most of the problems the game presents to restore order to the house.


Penny & Flo Finding Home concept is classified as a puzzle game. Several gamers will assume that upon seeing the game's category, they are playing a routine puzzle game with nothing particularly captivating. However, even though this game is based on a crossword framework, the gamers will be presented with modern-styled riddles to solve.

Here, the creator has structured the tasks in stages suitable for both new and experienced participants, ranging from simple to hard. Additionally, the words are designed to fit various categories so that gamers won't have a sense of deja vu. Another crucial point is that the puzzles will be intriguing and have clear answers. Gamers who participate in the inquiries will always want to discover the solution to learn the mysteries concealed therein.

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Story sequence

The player's primary objective at the start of the game should be to fix the big villa. This game is developed on a distinct plot. As a result, to finish the tasks and the plot, gamers will initially manage the game's 2 protagonists. And there will be other mysteries tied to every unique storyline that must be solved. The chambers will be fixed and furnished to fit their plot.

Features of Penny & Flo Finding Home

Quests and locations

The vast house's numerous chambers are reflected in the landscape, which is continually changing. Every minute you do a match-3 quest, you can obtain the required object and observe how the area ahead of you changes. A dull, everyday space transforms overnight into a charming study nook. A little majestic garden emerges from the edge of the faded yard. This game is a perfect place for you if you enjoy designing, artwork, or installations, or if you have a small amount of artistic ancestry.

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Images and audio

One of Penny & Flo Finding Home's greatest assets is the incredibly realistic 3-dimensional visuals. Every persona in this story has been rendered in a remarkable amount of sharpness, depth, and precision. Every attitude, expression, posture, pace, and way they interact with everything all demonstrate eloquence.

Particularly in the puzzle game achievements or the manner the objects come one after the other for you to choose, the associated special effects are amazing. Though tiny, they are sensitive.

It is necessary to state the function of sound. Although there isn't a voice actor for each persona throughout the chat, the entire sound and graphics of the tasks coupled with everybody's moves are seamlessly blended. The storyline and intricate aesthetics may have received all of the creative group's attention. Simple music is acceptable. Moreover, you will enjoy yourself and still stay energized when playing.

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Stimulating match-3 puzzles

The match-3 mystery subgenre has grown in recognition due to its straightforward and approachable gameplay. By lining up bricks of identical color in a single direction or using special symbols, gamers can earn credits or accomplish an objective. The match-3 technique also includes several intriguing components, such as unique additional bricks, which have an impact on how many points gamers can earn.

The game will contain a range of objectives to inspire the person's imagination, and they'll have to use all of their skills to overcome the obstacles. The problems in the video game differ in color, position, and other factors at random.

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Remodel your house in style

The centerpiece of Penny & Flo Finding Home is the residence decorating aspect, which gives gamers complete creative freedom to construct their dream homes. Additionally, gamers are given three concepts in various colors to love and transform the property which will need credits to adorn an item.

The player must employ the stars to clear up all the trash to advance the plot and adorn the décor. The player's residence will include a variety of spaces, and all will serve a purpose in the long term, provided in the study with more twists and enjoyment as they travel.

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A dramatic tale

Penny & Flo Finding Home's story will take users on adventures as they move from place to place, interacting with things, discovering their uses, and meeting new people. The protagonists' interactions are especially outstanding because each l has a unique backstory that gamers can quickly remember to elicit a wide range of feelings. With the addition of duration and game mechanics variations, gamers can experience the plots of numerous distinct individuals.


The match-3 puzzles in Penny & Flo Finding Home offer gamers countless opportunities to learn and have fun. Explore the enjoyable task of renovating the home as you explore various spaces and acquire a vast array of fresh furnishings and accents.

Utilize the special chances this game offers, such as the boosters that make it simple for you to complete any task or level-related issues. Find the many mysteries of every big house you rebuild, giving a fresh start for a successful life, as you plunge yourself into its rich heritage and the game's most unforeseen sceneries. You'll also make new acquaintances and learn about many of its hidden features.


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