Mr Bullet
Mr Bullet
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Version: 5.46
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Download and install Mr Bullet APK and get a feel of being a hero by bringing down bad guys and saving hostages by solving puzzles.

Name Mr Bullet
Version 5.46
Updated Jul 18, 2024
Category Puzzle
Developer Lion Studios
Google Play Link com.lionstudios.mrbullet

About Mr Bullet

Mr. Bullet is a unique game of puzzles that allows you to fight enemies, criminals, and ninjas in an exciting combative way. You will get to show off your precise accuracy in setting the right target for your enemy. However, there are different weapons available in this game, including a grenade launcher. Therefore, you will have to a lot of the time critically think when aiming at foes you will encounter worldwide.

Mr. Bullet comes in stages; you must complete a level to unlock new ones. In addition, stars are given to players for killing enemies in this gameplay. Mr Bullet is also upgradeable; you can update the game regularly to unlock New features. Furthermore, Mr. Bullet was created by Lion Studios and released on July 12, 2019.

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Also, it contains in-app purchases that allow you to enjoy your game better, like an ad-free version of the game and currency to purchase additional player character skins. As a result, these in-app purchases range from $0.99 to $49.99. Mr. Bullet shows ads for other games after every three levels.

It is available for Android devices to download with certain upgrades, and its content is rated for teenagers because of its violent nature. However, with over 10 million downloads, there is no doubt about the credibility of this game.

Game Features

Mr. Bullet provides an exciting game experience with the help of the following features.

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Epic Missions

There are a good number of interesting levels and targets to meet. It is your duty to adopt a tactic that suits you most. For example, do you want to bounce or go in straight? Having it in mind that the protection of some of the characters in this game relies on your decision makes the game more intriguing. Mr. Bullet involves being on your IQ game; there are so many enemies for you to take down in unique, complicated levels, so you can't afford to waste your moves.  

Spy vs. Spy

It is not only enemies you get to fight in this game. You can find if you are the best and most accurate player by going against other spies in insane multiplayer scenarios.

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New Features Weekly

Mr. Bullet updates every week, so there are new weapons and levels. You won't miss out on this so you must keep your game updated.

Destroy them all and save the world

You get to be a passionate fighter with no other desire than to tear the bad guys down. However, Mr. Bullet is on a secret mission, so you must use all your tactics, deadly accuracy, and precision to become a hero. Your enemy could be another spy, a ninja, zombie, lumberjack, alien, or agent. Your enemies are here to take over the world, and you must show them who the boss is.

Engaging Physics Buzzler

Being smart and accurate is not enough; you also need speed. Mr. Bullet favors the fastest fingers. Speed, timing, and patience are things to look out for when playing to become a successful spy. If you are going to get three stars on every level, you need to practice your speed.

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In-game Graphics

Mr Bullet comes with a fun 2D puzzle graphics that includes a large number of one-player levels. Also, there is an entertaining PVP mode where you can compete against online players.

Mr Bullet Game Play

The gameplay is not limited to a single player alone. You can play against other friends online. In addition, the multiplayer mode allows one to choose new and different weapons.

Mr. Bullet is very easy and satisfying to play. The general aim is to target your enemy and shoot. There is a limiter number of bullets, and you must kill your targets to move to a new level. To shoot a bullet, you have to tap and drag the screen, which will stretch a guideline from the gun so that you easily make a precise aim. You can kill numerous enemies with a single bullet. You can bounce the bullet off the wall until it hits your targets. When you wipe out your target, you will be rewarded stars and move on to the next level.

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Mr. Bullet allows players to improvise different styles to knock out enemies. For example, you can wipe out your targets by knocking over the blue blocks in the game. In this situation, it is better if your target stands on top of the blue blocks so that when you bring the blocks tearing down, your targets will be knocked over, and the blocks will tumble over them. To unlock a new level, you need three stars.

This gameplay includes hundreds of levels divided over more than a dozen different chapters. However, in every chapter, you have to fight against a different enemy and win a different challenge all the time. Also, in the beginning, there are a few variables that you would need to keep in mind, but things get more and more  complicated as you advance in the game. Therefore, you will need to leverage the game's physics in your favor.


If you are a lover of shooting games or puzzles, Mr. Bullet has all you need for enjoyable gameplay. However, be rest assured that it will be one of the most intriguing games you will ever play. There are no dull moments in this gameplay with new unique levels and enemies to fight. For example, becoming a legendary spy is not far-fetched in Mr. Bullet as long as you don't stop shooting.

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Download and install Mr Bullet APK and get a feel of being a hero by bringing down bad guys and saving hostages by solving puzzles.


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