There Is No Game Wrong Dimension
There Is No Game Wrong Dimension
Size: 363,3 MB
Version: 1.0.34
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Download There Is No Game Wrong Dimension APK. Play the humorous point and click puzzle game. I bet your awe at its inventiveness will be unquestionable.

Name There Is No Game Wrong Dimension
Version 1.0.34
Updated Sep 11, 2022
Category Puzzle
Developer Draw Me A Pixel
Google Play Link com.DMAP.Ting_WD

There is no game wrong dimension

The French studio Draw Me A Pixel created the game which was published on Android and iOS in Dec 2020. It is regarded as a follow-up or enlargement to the forerunners in the point & click genre of its kind. This remarkable game pushes you to the edge while adamantly maintaining There is no game. There is no game wrong dimension is a brain teaser.

There is no game wrong dimension is ready to take you on an adventure. It is a point and click alone game that will take you on a crazy and surprising mobile gaming sphere, on a quest you hardly wanted to embark on. Are you going to be able to follow the rules to get to the end? We can only find out when you download and play there is no game wrong dimension for free. It has a hint tool as well as vocal and nonverbal suggestions for problems.

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There is no game wrong dimension description:  A game that makes fun of the gaming industry by admitting there is no game. I bet you will have fun

Download there is no game wrong dimension latest version. The voiceover that plays when the game first starts intentionally works to dissuade the player from playing, without ever stating why. When the user circumvents the game's defenses, the temporal crack "Mr Glitch," a program “glitch” who announces his goal to destroy the planet, shows up. However, as a continuing comedy, his plot is never carried out because of certain outside factors, such as commercials and codes. Mr. Glitch shows up many times during the game and would even need your help when trapped.

The game will take the player on a journey to different games, from the world’s-best adventure games to conventional point-and-click adventures.

How to play there is no game wrong dimension

If you have been following me, I know one of the questions in your mind right now would be how do I even play the game when there is no game? Don’t get it twisted, there is a game!

To be candid, there are no guides or descriptions to this game that will explain explicitly how to play it. With this particular game, you are all by yourself. Imagine it as a single, complex puzzle that you must solve. If you want to win this game, you are going to need to utilize your investigative abilities and be creative.

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But it won't be simple! You learn from your own experience and get more familiar with the game the more you play it. The player’s duty is to get clues as events unfold and also watch out for easter eggs.

There is a voice that hints at the coming move as you progress through the game. Although the narrating voice will tell you a lot, not all of what it says is beneficial. It will initially attempt to deceive you into quitting the game by persuading you that there is no game to play. You should disregard this if you want to continue with the game, anyway. You should pay attention to every piece of information, though before you ignore it. It is your task to figure out the one that is important and the one that is not

Whenever you get stuck, just begin clicking. Click on every word and other visible items. Check to determine whether you can loosen anything by sliding them over. You can occasionally pick things up and dump them to attempt to break a hint open.

There is no game wrong dimension features

This game comes with some exhilarating features that will make you enjoy the gameplay

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There is no game WD that has a mind-blowing visual and gameplay aesthetic similar to Day of the Tentacle with stunning flat 3D visuals that are flat in every way.


The narrator(voice) is important in this game. If you intend to be good at understanding how to unravel the brain teaser, then you have to toggle sound on for hints.


There is no game wrong dimension-free download is available for Android and iOS devices. I believe that the theme would be appealing to even puzzle game skeptics.

there is no game wrong dimension apk

It follows in the footsteps of all classics of its kind and has developed more. It never ceases to surprise you and is just as comical as the name sounds.  It's a lot of fun and technically stunning, so I suggest it.

Download the game to play it for yourself. Keep in the back of your mind that the key to winning here is to think creatively. Take a few moments to regroup, consider it from a new angle, or return to this page for a brief refresher if you are struggling or upset.


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