Sand Balls
Sand Balls
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Version: 2.3.27
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Download Sand Balls APK if you want to experience one of the best puzzle games of all time. This simple and easy-to-play offline game provides its players with challenging goals and inspiring missions.

Name Sand Balls
Version 2.3.27
Updated Mar 1, 2023
Category Puzzle
Developer SayGames Ltd
Google Play Link com.water.balls

A Crisp Analysis Of Sand Balls

Sand Balls is all about digging the sand to make way for the balls to gradually move into the truck by avoiding several obstacles. This game is a simple and interesting yet challenging offline and single-player.

By clearing levels, you get bonus stars and exciting surprises, and the more stars you collect, the faster you can unlock different kinds of trucks. As simple as this game is, it also requires applying strategies to get most of the balls in the truck to get high scores. Sand Balls is the best game for you if you are looking for a lightweight, easy-to-play, and fun puzzle game.

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But this is not all. There are many exciting and challenging elements that are added when you level up. Read on to the following points to learn more about the game's exciting elements. Playing Sand Balls is a good way to relax after a long hectic day and improve your logical thinking at the same time. So, why not try it out? You might not want to miss your chance to build a beautiful island! By providing exciting elements like challenging obstacles and secret weapons that can destroy all the balls and restart the level, Sand Balls is truly a puzzling game! So, go save those balls from sand captivity and uplift your mood by creating your own beautiful island.

Simple & Interesting Gameplay

Sand Balls provides its players with the fun experience of saving the balls from sand captivity and upgrading the magnificent sandy city! It is a simple and interesting game that can be played anywhere and anytime, even without an internet connection.

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So, next time if you're bored or simply want a nice and fun distraction, just open this exciting game and let the time fly by quickly! The unique gameplay of Sand Balls lets you twist and turn your way through the sand in order to get as many balls as you can into the truck and score star points.

How To Play?

Sand Balls is an easy-to-play game that requires strategic movements through the sand to free the balls. This game is not football or volleyball, yet it requires extreme concentration and strategic movements. To play Sand Balls, you need to drag your finger to make way through the sand, which will set the balls free. The balls will flow through the player's sand tunnels and gradually fall into the truck.

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Though it might seem easy, some challenges are waiting for you in the game! You need to avoid the obstacles that come in the way, like the sticks! While making way for your balls to flow through, many secret weapons will destroy all the balls, and the player will have to restart the level. So, try to avoid such weapons in the game!

2.5D Graphics

Sand Balls is one of the best pastime games. The 2.5D graphics of this game give the visual effect of a 3-dimensional environment with 2-dimensional balls. These visual effects and the smooth functioning of this game are what make it unique and better than other pastime games, not to mention the variety of colors of the balls, which makes the game even better!

Move Left, Right, Then Left Again!

Sand Balls is all about setting the balls free. You need to drag your finger to make way for the balls to flow towards the truck by moving left, right, and straight, and by strategic movements, the players must get as many balls as they can into the truck. But be careful of the secret weapons that can destroy all the balls and restart the level!

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By moving left and right and making way for the balls to flow, the players make long and varied roots in the sand that represent a real puzzle. How creative and fun! One exciting thing here's the bombs that help clear the way for the balls. Just like that, there are an unlimited number of interesting elements you will surely find out in the game!

Several Cars To Collect

As you clear levels, you are awarded star points, and the more star points you collect, your chances of collecting several different trucks increase. Sand Balls is all about leveling up and customizing your trucks and collecting as many of them as possible by creating pathways into the sand for the balls to flow through and into the truck, which clears the level and gets you star points.

Several Islands To Conquer

Sand Balls is an exciting game with hundreds of levels that lets you have a fun and challenging time. With its cool designs and amazing features, it is surely one of the best puzzle games out there. By leveling up and collecting as many star points as possible, you can conquer several islands!

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Sand Balls provides its players with various challenges and tasks to make the game even more interesting. The players must collect as many balls as possible and put them in the truck to transfer them to beautiful islands located in the middle of nowhere. This will advance the overall infrastructure of the island by repairing buildings.

Lightweight Game

Sand Balls is a lightweight game. With just a few megapixels, you can get a fun and exciting game with wonderful islands that can be amended by collecting and transferring balls. Sand balls has many exciting features and customization options. Having fun does not require any fee, and in the case of Sand Balls, the fun does not require much space in your mobile phone as well!

Works On Tablets Too

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You can play Sand Balls on your mobile phone or tablet and have fun anytime and anywhere without an internet connection. Playing this game on tablets is as exciting as watching a movie because of the big screen, which makes the game come to life! If you have a tablet and have not yet played Sand Balls, this is your sign to download this amazing game and discover all the fun elements and features that it provides!


To conclude this article, it is safe to say that Sand Balls is an exciting game with incredible graphics and visual effects and even more exciting features! If you are a fan of fun pastime games and like to make your boredom go away, this is the best game for you.


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