Real Racing Next
Real Racing Next
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Version: 1.2.174708
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Download Real Racing Next APK for an exciting career as a race car driver. Compete against other drivers for the first position on icon tracks worldwide.

Name Real Racing Next
Version 1.2.174708
Updated Aug 30, 2022
Category Racing
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About Real Racing Next

Real Racing Next is a fantastic game by EA which has brought impressive features to the car racing world. It's a fast-paced race game with many iconic car models available for your races, including exclusive options like Porsche, Chevrolets, McLaren, Ford, and others. You'll be taken on an exciting tour around the world in this game while you ensure you keep up with the pace and show off your skill as a professional driver with mind-blowing mastery of car controls.

Your goal is to finish first in races; then, after you have won a race, you'll be able to move to the next. Of course, you can always come back to games you've played before and replay them to have another experience with any track you like. The game's superpower is its graphics and gameplay. It has a realistic touch and approach to gameplay. All the game scenarios are depicted with 3D graphics having many naturalistic elements.

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The sound effects add to the mix, creating a compelling game everyone wants to experience. Each car not only has its sound; you can also expect different tracks to have different effects on your vehicle.

The drifting view is also excellent, and colliding with objects or other cars leaves a visible dent in the car. There are various game modes to try out on Real Racing Next though players most favor the Racing Mode.

Depending on the mode you play, you'll have different objectives. But all of them require you to finish in the top positions. The game also has amazing control features which are intuitive and responsive. You can either use arrows or steering based on whichever you have mastered and are best at.


Real Racing Next lets you choose from a list of beautiful cars to race against AI. In addition, the game has four tracks that are randomly shuffled when you play so that you don't have any idea what type of track you'll be playing next. This feature makes the game more exciting and adds some variety to the mix because there are no specific track boundaries.

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Each of the tracks also has different races to play, in which multiple races are played simultaneously. These races' modes include cup racing z sprint racing or racing with other players. The game also has exciting terrains you'll play once you start getting better cars. For example, you can play the exciting tracks of Circuit of the Americas in different weather conditions such as rain, sun, wind, ice, snow, etc. So you need to master driving in any weather condition if you're going to make a career out of driving on Real Racing Next.

Game Features

Players are bound to have one of their most exciting game experiences when they play Real Racing Next. It's such an immersive game thanks to some of its features below:

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Graphics and Sound

The game has a realistic approach to racing. Players enjoy the game better when it's as real as they can think of. So playing Real Racing Next provides a natural and physical mechanism that simulates all the experiences and visuals of real-life track racing. In addition, you can switch between first and third-person views to influence your gaming experience.

The cars feel real and sensitive to all your changes and touch controls. The game effects are astounding, too, requiring only the best drivers to survive the race. However, a small streak of ice can drag your car and make you lose control if you're not skilled, and you might find it challenging to regain your balance from a slight stagger when using the steering wheel.

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Race Tracks

There are various tracks to race across in this game. It's a world tour to see the most exciting tracks, such as the Circuit of Americas, Hockenheim, Like Rock, and several others. Unfortunately, these tracks can be mixed too, such that you move to another route when you finish one, without knowing the particular order to expect the changes.

Weather Conditions

To make the game more challenging, there are several obstacles you'll have to avoid and different weather conditions to change the track and control sensitivity. For example, the controls are separate when raining, windy, snowing, icy, or sunny. So, you have to master how to drive in any weather conditions since you won't get a warning of what to expect in your new game.

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Thanks to the game's powerful simulations, the wind can reduce or increase your acceleration depending on its direction. Unfortunately, it can also make you lose control quickly. Likewise, racing across ice streaks, no matter how small, can also cause deflection in your steering wheel and knock you off balance.


Like in real life, the more game you play, the more money you make. So, as you play the game, you'll accumulate more revenue and use them to unlock new vehicles or upgrade the existing ones. In addition, the title system ranks all players based on their title, keeping everyone motivated to upskill and show up at the highest rankings.

The game doesn't have the sophisticated energy system and maintenance you'd see in some car race games. So you can always drive your car without suffering any real damage or needing any repair.

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The car collections are made up of unique brands and vehicles designed as models of real-life cars. Some popular brands you'd see include Chevrolet, Ford, and Porsche. In addition, many bonuses you win during the games will allow you to make more runs and upgrade your cars to have better strength.


Real Racing Next is a realistic and impressive game that takes the players as close to real driving races as possible. The game offers an excellent driving experience with beautiful scenery, various tracks, and exceptional simulations. It's a perfect option if you want to enjoy a car race's team adrenaline and thrills.

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Download Real Racing Next APK for an exciting career as a race car driver. Compete against other drivers for the first position on icon tracks worldwide.


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