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Download and install Oceanhorn APK to play as an adventurous boy searching for his father and encountering different monsters. The game offers several awesome features.

Name Oceanhorn
Version 1.1.9
Updated Oct 2, 2023
Category Role Playing

Details about Oceanhorn

Oceanhorn is another awesome game in the action-adventure genre. This game was inspired by another game known as The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Many people who have played the two games have commented that the former was an upgraded version of the graphics and content of the latter.

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However, regardless of the gameplay that seems to be similar, it would not be right to conclude that Oceanhorn is a replica of Zelda. Oceanhorn will transport you to the wide ocean, ancient villages, or majestic caves. The major aim of this adventure is to finally overcome the legendary sea monster known as Oceanhorn.

The Missing Father

The main character of this game is a boy. He wakes up one fateful day and discovers that his father is nowhere to be found and has left behind for him a necklace and instructions to search for a master that can teach him and tell him about mystery. But in fact, his father does not disappear.

Some years ago, the man's wife had been consumed by Oceanhorn, so he swore to find out about the monster. When the boy was grown enough, he embarked on a mission to kill Oceanhorn. Can he fulfil his destiny? In this mission, he may be lucky to locate his father, but he is unsure if his dad is alive or dead.

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An Adventurous Adventure

From the perspective of the boy engaged in the mission to battle the monster, the player will begin the mission the following morning when the boy wakes up from sleep. You will have to carry out specific actions, such as the map view, carrying a pitcher with an Action button, and so on. On the island, the boy finds himself – known as Uncharted Seas – there are several unanswered and dangerous secrets. You have to apply your wits to be able to reveal the mysterious story of the island.

This game is a blend of some puzzle elements and RPG. You will have to solve puzzles to move on in the game. However, these puzzles are simple, so they are not too hard for players because Oceanhorn is aimed at light entertainment. For instance, if you discover a key to open the chest, open the gate with a lever. You won't be disappointed because the game has loads of fun. There are several cemeteries, forests, underworld, caves, islands, etc., for you to explore. You can even explore the incredibly large ocean in some stages in a pirate boat.

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A lot of Dangerous Monsters

Apart from the puzzles you need to solve, your main task is to fight monsters with your sword as you proceed on the journey. The game automatically controls the targeting, so all you need to do is t control the protagonist's moves and continuously attack enemies. The game's control system is pretty intuitive and smooth. It is rare to battle several monsters simultaneously, so you can freely make impressive combos without worrying about being ambushed by the enemies.

Great Graphics

The graphics of this game are created based on a 3D platform, and the resolution is 1080 HD. You will be buried in the game's animated world with majestic, beautiful, colourful scenery. In addition, some of the world's leading composers are responsible for its soundtrack. The famous cast also voices the characters and stories.

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Unlock New Mechanisms or Weapons

One beautiful feature of this game is that it unlocks new control and function for the player through special powers or items. You will now have to constantly explore the destruction, get enough power-ups, and use them for a noble cause that the world is protected from darkness. Besides that, you can use these power-ups to fight against some powerful enemies.

Entertaining Minigames with Great Rewards

Oceanhorn's minigames are adorable and fun because they explore concepts people are familiar with. They are also generous with their rewards when players successfully collect rare items and explore many new possibilities when navigating between islands. The most incredible thing is that you can use funny weapons to attack or defend your surroundings from the monsters as you unlock new types of vehicles.

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The Islands of Uncharted Seas

The touch area to control the character's movement is the low-left corner of your device's screen. The lower right corner will feature the interaction button. Besides these, some essential features in the general gameplay, such as the upgrade system. You will receive several items according to the number of monsters you kill. All of these are part of the essentials to help improve the equipment and physical strength of the character. And through some levels of play, you will be promoted and expanded to several individual skills. You can freely use these skills with vast damage and range, assisting in reducing MP consumption in primary spell usage. However, these will also take longer to cool down, so you must consider all your options before using them.

Advantages of Oceanhorn

  • Free to play and downloadable on any Android device
  • Advanced features
  • Easy and smooth gameplay
  • 10+ hours of story-directed gameplay
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  • Control sword fights
  • Get antique and rare items to assist you on your journey
  • The device must possess at least 1GB of RAM
  • Custom-made graphics and settings
  • Perfect touch control

Oceanhorn Content

Even though you can play the game freely, there is some content that you will have to pay an additional fee before you can explore. This might make the game seem a little bit incomplete. However, there is an alternative way to enjoy the game's fullness without needing to pay any real money.


Is Oceanhorn a game worth playing? The answer to this question is a resounding yes. This game is one of the most addictive games out there. Oceanhorn supports both Android and iOS platforms, and the download is free. As already mentioned, some items might demand that you pay some money. All you need to do is to understand your way around it if you are unwilling to part with your money.

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Download and install Oceanhorn APK to play as an adventurous boy searching for his father and encountering different monsters. The game offers several awesome features.


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