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Download Nexomon APK and feel the sensation of a monster hunting game with an interesting narrative and animated weird beasts to battle and tame. Lots of fun awaiting!

Name Nexomon
Version 4.3.3
Updated Oct 3, 2023
Category Role Playing
Google Play Link com.limeturtle.nexomon


A Nexomon player's duty is to capture, gather, and develop more than 350 different Nexomon and create the best united Nexomon squad that will protect you and your friends and save the world from mighty monsters! In this epic voyage, battle classic giants and emerge victorious.


As powerful giant Nexomon battles for control over both humans and beasts, the Earth is experiencing the threat of collapse. Before all hope is gone, set out on a valiant quest to maintain equilibrium by joining the Tamer's mission.

Nexomon Description

The player's struggle in Nexomon is to stop the wicked beasts from destroying the planet. I am well aware that those of you who have played the popular Pokemon enough are all familiar with tasks like this. Nexomon naturally takes the same route, complete with thrills and entertainment. In Nexomon gameplay, you assemble a team of about six monsters, then fight, capture more and train them in order to raise their level and skill set. Every Nexomon possesses a variety of physical and natural powers, and some of these powers can make Nexomon's hit deal more damage.

nexomon gameplay

Nexomon has emerged as a fresh rival in the monster collector series, and it is here to stay for a long time. Download for free the full version and play Nexomon, where wild Nexomon can be captured and added to your team by taming and training them, then you turn them from foes to allies.

You will discover new Nexomon that are appropriate for each new place as you tour around many wild places. This guarantees that the player explores every wild region. Shaking grass is a feature added by Nexomon developers, just like other familiar battle games. This feature notifies players to know when a Nexomon is in ambush and ready to fight, and it also lets them avoid particular regions if they don't want to battle the monster.

Nexomon gives instant amusement and addictive gameplay, it is primarily a mobile game that is truly appreciated by millions of gamers around the world. It may not be the most expensive game, but it is an excellent choice for players who really want to move on from the classic Pokemon games and still satisfy their monster-catching urges. Even though this is nothing new among game developers, the developers of this game have shown that developing a distinctive plot for a mobile game is more important than keeping the gameplay simple.

nexomon full version apk

Money is awarded for every Nexomon combat, whether it is against a different trainer or just a random fight in the desert.

Nexomon features

Nexomon gameplay comes with many nice features to justify it as a true distraction from the classic Pokemon.

Setting preferences

There are many ways to set your team to your preferences, with over 300 Nexomon to find.

nexomon apk

There are also several useful settings, such as the ability for a Nexomon to always select a skill from a list of all those they have mastered to utilize in battle.


Nexomon is a truly fun experience and adventurous game. In this game, locations transition from one to the next beautifully. Therefore, you still get to frequently discover shifts in the scenery from dungeons to villages, to snowy settings, and so on. There are about ten dreadful regions to stop at and probably fight.


Start your adventure when you depart your comfort zone where you were raised and capture your first Nexomon, then you begin living the life of a warrior and tamer. Choose from about seven different nexomon to start. Conquer each of the about eight powerful and distinctive classic Nexomon.

nexomon download

With constant difficulties at each level, the environment will become tougher as you go because even conquered players will come back battle ready to fight once more.


If your desire to train monsters has not yet been quenched, there is a vast world to explore and over 300 Nexomon to capture in this game. Many different characters, all with a distinct narrative to tell. They live in every city, village, and habitation of your sojourn. There will be dependable ones that you can turn to as friends and allies, and others will try to battle and stop you from progressing.

It is also pretty remarkable that Nexomon is capable of holding a significant portion of your time and attention when you download Nexomon full games. It is an addictive game for all times and seasons, as you can play it anywhere on your android and iOS mobile devices.

Enough of whetting your appetite, download Nexomon free unlocked full version to cure your curiosity. You will surely have a great time playing it!

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Download Nexomon APK and feel the sensation of a monster hunting game with an interesting narrative and animated weird beasts to battle and tame. Lots of fun awaiting!


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