Motor Tour
Motor Tour
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Version: 2.0.9
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Download and play the Motor Tour APK 2022 Bike racing game to experience the adventurous life of bike racers, as they weave through traffic while gunning to win the race.

Name Motor Tour
Version 2.0.9
Updated Apr 20, 2024
Category Racing
Developer Wolves Interactive

Motor Tour: Bike Racing Game

Meta Description: Motor Tour is an exciting game of the dangerous sport of bike racing on unpredictable roads that wind into twists and turns in a seemingly endless design, and craft to cause imbalance and accident to swift vehicles, most especially bikes and the rest.

Relish the amazing purr of the motorcycle engine as you weave in and out of sharp turns by making very low leans and tilts at subsonic speeds. Bikes are known for their relative speed and power from their streamlined nature, powerful engines, and low area coverage (which consumes significantly less energy than a car) from their two-wheeled structure.

motor tour 2022 apk

More than just racing with other bike riders, there are missions to be completed and several different modes with unique challenges for the player to explore. Simply amazing graphics and an exciting environment attracts the player to browse the garage of the many bikes they could own over time. Realistically speaking, to get to a state where your garage is at a dreamy  Motor tour, all bikes unlocked level, you would need to have played and saved up a lot to purchase all the bikes available.

Have fun and play this highly realistic bike race with multiple opponents and a dangerous track either in the single-player or multiplayer mode.


Wolves Interactive studios created the Motor Tour game on the 27th of August 2020. Built in the category of highly competitive, single-player motorcycle racing games, it has a rating of 4 stars from 21,000 reviews that it has amassed from launch to date.

The Motor Tour's latest version was updated on the 9th of July 2022 and was done to correct certain issues predominant in the older versions.

motor tour apk

Motor Tour is designed to run on multiple operating systems like Android, IOS, Mac, and Windows. Coupled with such an awesome game being free, it should not be surprising that the game has an impressive download volume of 10,000,000+.

Currently, in multiple languages, English, German, Portuguese, Hindi, and five other popular languages, its processor only requires a device rating of Android 5.0 to function as intended without any error.


Motor Tour game download has proven to be a rewarding venture for bike racing enthusiasts who loves the thrill of a race, and not just any race, a high-speed bike race with its extremely low drifts and the queer excitement that comes with danger.

Prepare your vehicle to thunder on the cold tarmac as the lights say GO! You join a pool of bike racers completely lost in reaching the finish line.

motor tour unlimited money

Enjoy the mesmerizing effect of interacting with a realistic real-world environment and other racers as you drift expertly with the game physics on your side and watch racers topple to the floor.

Avoid making direct hits to fellow racers as this would not only slow you down but also open you to attack from other racers who would do anything to win.

How to play Motor Tour

In simple steps;

To play this amazing HD bike racing simulator game, you want to make a "Motor Tour Download" search on any gaming platform accessible to you. If said platform offers games in multiple operating systems, you want to choose "Motor Tour android" or "Motor Tour iOS," depending on your device's operating system.

Install and run the game

The game has six distinct modes for the player's engagement: They are;

  • Endless mode: Gi on an unlimited ride in the town, suitable for mastering the game's fine controls and drifts while gathering points and rewards.
  • Career mode: This is the game's campaign mode where the player must win league after league of progressively difficult gameplay.
motor tour apk download
  • Time trial: Race against time itself in a do or fail scenario to test your driving skills under pressure.
  • Free run: This mode allows the player to set up a race in any location of their choice for lower rewards but the same exciting gameplay.
  • Tutorial: This is the first mode the game starts in as players are quickly taken through the intuitive controls and made to understand the game's mechanics.
  • Multiplayer mode: Challenge your friends to an exciting race to see who has the most bike control and is fit to stand at the top #1.


Anti-Ban: It is not uncommon for players to try to cheat the multiplayer system, thereby placing other places at a disadvantage. To prevent this, Wolves Interactive games studios designed an anti-ban feature in the Motor your latest version update to detect and force close any account with unexplainable access to resources. Usually, these accounts are from clone versions of Motor Tour unlimited money and the likes.

  • Realistic Environment: The environment is not only in its graphics but also in its special daytime to noon and then night cycle, which can be observed by players who take note of the starting conditions.
  • Shop: The game's shop has a wide variety of resources, upgrades, and even more powerful bikes for the rider to purchase. Most of these are set to the game's currency system, but a few very promising ones are priced at real-world money.
motor tour apk all bikes unlocked
  • Customization: Customize your ride, gear, and even your garage with the customization feature available for players to access and use in the shop.
  • Multiple Control Systems: The controls of the bike while racing can also be customized, from buttons (whose size and opacity can be changed) to steering wheel/handles (whose functions and characteristics can be reassigned) and also tilting (whose sensitivity can be set to low, medium or high).
  • Smooth gameplay: With a minimum requirement of your device being Android 5.0 for Android users, you experience seamless gameplay at high speed and no lag.


Motor Tour Bike Race is a highly immersive and addictive game that players new or old to racing on mobile will enjoy. With simplistic controls and levels that gradually get harder, the game player is bound to have a memorable time winding down and accelerating past fallen opponents as they reach for first #1.

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Download and play the Motor Tour APK 2022 Bike racing game to experience the adventurous life of bike racers, as they weave through traffic while gunning to win the race.


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