Moon Pioneer
Moon Pioneer
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Version: 2.14.17
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Download Moon Pioneer APK, a game where players get to explore the universe. Reach the moon, build factories, collect oil and resources, and become a moon pioneer!

Name Moon Pioneer
Version 2.14.17
Updated Dec 27, 2023
Category Arcade
Developer VOODOO

An In-Depth Description of Moon Pioneer

Moon Pioneer is an idle game developed and published by Voodoo. It explores the universe and collects natural resources from different cosmic lands. Simply put, your character is an astronaut who colonizes different planets and satellites in space. Players have to collect oil and resources, upgrade buildings, build factories, develop new technologies and reach the moon.

The Moon Pioneer game is filled with adventures, and the adventures will begin on the moon, the closest satellite to Earth. As the game progresses, you will move further away from the moon and visit celestial bodies and other planets. To become a Moon Pioneer, you must know the best steps to take when building new structures and managing resources.

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The Moon Pioneer gameplay is quite straightforward but, at the same time, challenging to answer. There are a lot of things that players need to be aware of to become the best Moon Pioneer. The controls in this game are also very easy – all you need to do is tap on the screen to move your character in whatever direction you want.

At first, all players need to worry about is collecting fuel barrels which will help them to create other buildings and gadgets that will generate raw materials and more fuel barrels. As the game progresses, players will have to worry about other things – creating metal blocks and getting food which will help to restore the astronaut's energy.

In the Moon Pioneer game, time is a crucial factor because it determines a lot of things. Since it is an idle game, you have to wait for your buildings to create fuel and other resources. The more time passes, the more fuel barrels and materials you will get. While waiting, you can always control your astronaut to explore your landing zone's surroundings.

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One can only progress to the next planet or satellite they want to colonize when they have enough resources, which is why waiting is important. When you play this game, there will always be that feeling of excitement that you get from conquering every adventure you go through. The Moon Pioneer download process is simple, and the game is available on Android devices.

Moon Pioneer Guide

If you want to make it to the Moon Pioneer max level, you should be aware of some of these tips. 

Buy Treadmills First

When you start playing the Moon Pioneer game, the treadmill is the first tool you should buy. This is because it helps to speed up oil production, and oil is what you need to build almost every other thing.

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Watch Videos

Resources are not easy to get, and it usually takes some time. So, whenever you get the chance to watch a video to earn rewards, take that chance. These resources will boost your production quickly. 


You should always ensure that your food is going to the right place. Your runners will get tired; when you want to give them food, you should only stop right next to the hungry runners. If not, you will end up giving food to the wrong people, which will be a waste.

Features of Moon Pioneer

Now that you know all about Moon Pioneer and some tips to guide you when playing this game let us take a look at some of its features. 

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Colonize Planets

The main aim of Moon Pioneer is to colonize different planets across the universe – build factories, explore the moon, develop new technologies, upgrade buildings, and collect oil and other resources. Players will be exploring and constructing through their astronauts. You have to turn a deserted place into a prosperous place.

A Construction Game

Moon Pioneer is a construction game that is different from most construction games we see. This is because this time around, players will be constructing on the moon. All the lands they need to explore and exploit are not on Earth but other different planets across the universe.

The Earth has ended; you need to restore humanity, and the only place to do so is on the moon. Your team's mission is to collect many fuel barrels (oil) that can be used to build shelters, factories, etc. Also, you need to explore different planets to create life for people. This makes things much more exciting as it is an original approach.

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Mark Every Step You Take

In Moon Pioneer, every step you take will change the moon and the background color of the game. When you first start the game, the color will be grey because you have not built anything yet. As you move forward in the game, it turns to a lighter grey and then switches to pink when you make a significant change in your construction process.

This is a beautiful way to represent your progress in the game, and it will increase your feeling of excitement when you see your changes every time you log in.


The best way to explore the moon virtually is through the Moon Pioneer game. This game is perfect for adventure lovers as there is so much to enjoy and many planets to explore. Download Moon Pioneer for an exciting adventure! What are you waiting for?

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Download Moon Pioneer APK, a game where players get to explore the universe. Reach the moon, build factories, collect oil and resources, and become a moon pioneer!


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