Hashiriya Drifter
Hashiriya Drifter
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Version: 2.2.01
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Download Hashiraya Drifter APK for a challenging run through the streets of Japan. Drive classic cars and race against AI and other players for the first position.

Name Hashiriya Drifter
Version 2.2.01
Updated Aug 26, 2022
Category Racing
Developer Midnight Games SRL
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Introducing Hashiraya Drifter

This popular driving game developed by Crazy Dev has become one of the most exciting driving games on the internet. It was released in 2021 and had millions of downloads on Google Playstore. In addition, the game is available on mobile devices and supports over 44 languages for players across various parts of the world.

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The racing game gives emphasis and attention to the game's drifting abilities. Hashiraya Drifter challenges players to a race across the streets of Japan. Since it is an entire race game, players need to know how to handle the vehicle well and understand the use of controls for drifting through the packed streets.

The game has a tone of professionalism with pretty and realistic visuals. You will enjoy hitting the gas and seeing the car jolt to life. It offers more than 100 cars you can explore the race with, and the better you become at driving. However, you'll have to earn while playing to get access to the expensive cars and spare parts to upgrade your existing cars.

Hashiraya Drifter also offers impressive 3D visuals for its game environment. In addition, it includes all sorts of details in the game designs, which also adds to the realistic appearance of the game.

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The control system is also interesting since there is nothing complex about the on-screen controls. However, players must pay attention to their environment while playing to avoid bashing or damaging their cars. This leaves realistic damages, and you'd have to pay extra fees to repair any damaged piece.

How to Play Hashiraya Drifter?

The game is relatively easy to play. Although there are no minigames or side missions, the game has immersive gameplay that makes you lose track of time. Players have a sole mission: to race against the AI or other players to take the first position and suffer the minor damage possible. Like every racing game, drifting is a crucial feature that makes the driving experience more thrilling.

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So players must use the drift button in this game, or they'll have to collide with objects. Players must unlock new locations and win in each location to unlock the others. You'll get a reward every time you win a game too. You can use this in-game currency to purchase new vehicles and repair or upgrade the existing ones.

Features of Hashiraya Drifter

Interestingly, Hashiraya Drifter isn't just a game for the Japanese, even though it features routes from the country. Hence, here are some of the features that make it quite popular in the racing game world:

Exceptional Graphics

The game isn't the brightest or most incredible but has excellent graphics. There are many colours, and the buildings are as beautiful as the cities in Japan. The game also has a spectacular animation level, making driving and drifting more epic to watch. In addition, the transitions are smooth, so you don't have to worry about lags while playing.

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Ease of Gameplay

Hashiraya Drifter is an easy-to-play game emphasising the fun and not the control. Your sole objective is to win races ahead of other drivers and seal your position as the best driver in the race. The controls are easy enough for a beginner to use, with the acceleration and brake on the right-hand side while the steering is on the left-hand side.

Car Collections

There are many cars on Hashiraya Drifter, which you can collect and upgrade as you continue playing. When you start playing as a beginner, you'll be given a car to race with, and you can upgrade the car or purchase others with classic designs and speed. These car collections are Japanese options and range from the 1980s to the 2000s, and they include the RX-7 VEILSIDE, AE86 LEVIN and several others.

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Realistic Designed

The game has a realistic touch with many details added to make it as natural as possible. So the car models, buildings, roads, and others are perfectly crafted to make the experience surreal. The game also combines this with sound effects similar to real life.

The sensitivity is also intriguing, with the car folding wheels at a 90° angle when you press and hold the right or left turn button. If you also go at high speed, the car becomes more difficult to control because you won't be able to use the brake and acceleration anymore. The game has different perspectives, so you can choose between a first and third-person view while racing.

Game Modes

There are majorly two game modes, and they include Single and Online. You'll play against the AI in the single game mode, and all your achievements will be stored offline. This also means you'll progress across levels and different events when you play. However, the Online mode features the Multiplayer mode, so you need a network connection to play with others in the same system.

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The competition is even more fun when you play online because you'll play against humans with various skill sets. You can play matches against friends online or compete against over 10 million players on Hashiraya Drifter.

Customisable Cars

Depending on your preference, you can choose between a series of custom designs and features for your cars. The beauty of racing games is the ability to personalise your space and create a unique car that fits your preference. Hundreds of parts are available in the game, ranging from the exterior body to the engine. Any custom settings you make with be saved, so you can use the custom design every time you play.


If you're looking for one of the most realistic racing games, Hashiraya is a good option. The game keeps you entertained while you enjoy the feel of your vehicle and compete against various other players. You'll also get to shoe your mechanic abilities to fine-tune your car to drive the best way possible.

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Download Hashiraya Drifter APK for a challenging run through the streets of Japan. Drive classic cars and race against AI and other players for the first position.


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