Happy Glass
Happy Glass
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Version: 1.2.8
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Download the Happy Glass APK game for unlimited fun and creativity. Use all the available options and put on your thinking cap; it's time for some healthy brain games.

Name Happy Glass
Version 1.2.8
Updated Apr 3, 2024
Category Puzzle
Developer Lion Studios
Google Play Link com.game5mobile.lineandwater

About Happy Glass

Happy Glass is a fun-filled game that greatly depends on your thinking and creative abilities to win. The game is one of its kind, with a unique concept and awesome features to keep you hooked. It was offered by Lion Studios, developed by Royale Gamers, and was officially released on the 28th of August, 2018. The game works on mobile devices, Android and iOS alike, with a minimum required operating system of Android 4.4.

Since the initial release of Happy Glass, it has gained positive fame and remarkable reviews and is suitable for play by gamers of all ages. The game is appreciated for its amazing concept, nice and addictive gameplay, and the exciting brainwork involved.

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For most gamers seeking for a fun game to pass away time and to keep themselves activated, Happy Glass is an ideal game of choice. The logistics of the game are simple and quite easy to master, but as you proceed, you will encounter unique and puzzling levels that require you to stop and think.

How To Play The Game

The main character in the game is a glass cup. At the beginning of this game, the glass cup is noticeably sad, and that is because it is empty. So the basic task of the player is to fill the glass with water and make it happy again. Now, this may sound basic, but there are fun technicalities that spice up the whole gaming experience!

The player is provided with some tools to achieve this: a pen and an inkpad. Using the pen, the player must draw lines, or shapes as the case may be, to direct the water flow into the cup. The water often comes from a gray bucket and will flow haphazardly if not controlled. It is only with the direction of the drawing of your line or shape that the water can be correctly directed into the cup. The mood of the cup becomes brighter and brighter as it fills up until it becomes the happiest it can be.

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The ink in the inkpad is limited, so the player must apply it wisely. It is also advisable to not only think of ways to direct water into the cup but also think of ways to do that using the shortest route and most minimal supply of ink to achieve this. There might be many ways to fill the cup, but creativity is awarded much more greatly when using the shortest route, with three stars. There is no rigid path to follow while playing, so feel free to use your imagination to the fullest. You can decide to use any mechanism you want, as long as you achieve the goal.

The tasks come in different forms and change from level to level. The obstacles become tougher, the routes become harder and harder to visualize, and this is where the fun brainwork comes into play. Aside from filling the cup, you may have other tasks to perform to win, like positioning the cup right, moving or shifting it without spilling any water, or even flipping it over. All of these diverse tasks combine to create unique and exciting gameplay.

You lose when you do not fill the water and run out of routes when you overfill the cup and cause the water to spill or run out of ink before the glass is filled. Although some levels may seem frustrating or impossible to overcome, keep in mind that there is always a solution, so keep playing. Also, try to get three stars for your levels as much as possible.

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There's a hint system available if you feel you've completely run out of ideas and need help. Remember that the hints are not always available, and you need to purchase them with gold coins you get from the game to use them. These gold coins are obtained when the player is presented with a colour wheel after winning levels. The player spins the wheel and receives the amount of gold the wheel arrow stops on. The number of gold coins increases significantly with the difficulty of the level. Since these hints are not completely free, try your best to progress in the game while using them as minimally as possible.

Amazing Features of the Happy Glass Game

The game may be similarly ranked to other brain-teasing games. However, Happy Glass contains many amazing and unique characteristics that set it apart from the rest. All of these amazing features combine to provide an awesome gaming experience for the player:

- Simple and Easily Understandable Gameplay: The game's mechanics are not at all hard to master. Players can easily get the hang of the game's workings within a few minutes of accessing the game.

-  Highly Interactive and Friendly: The game provides full options for the user to employ, and the outcome of the levels solely depends on the player. It offers full flexibility, and players can use their imagination to conjure any type of shape they desire; however they want.

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- Customizable Options: There are customizable options available, so you can design the game to look the way you want. You can freely tweak your in-game visuals to increase your gameplay. The atmosphere is also very friendly and will put you in a relaxed mood as you play.

- Completely Free: Happy Glass is a free game, so you do not have to worry about making purchases. You are not required to make payments to access the game or to play the game to the fullest.

- Availability Online and Offline: The game is fully available online and offline, so you can decide what mode to play. The offline mode offers the full thrill and engagement as the online mode, so you do not have to worry too much about missing out on any cool features.


Happy Glass is a must-have game for you, especially if you're looking for quality time to exercise your mind and sharpen your logical and creative thinking. The game is very attractive and flexible, and the concept and gameplay are unlike many others, so you can be sure you're experiencing quality time. So download Happy Glass and come aboard on the fun!

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Download the Happy Glass APK game for unlimited fun and creativity. Use all the available options and put on your thinking cap; it's time for some healthy brain games.


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