Galaxy Invader
Galaxy Invader
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Version: 2.9.42
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Download Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooting APK for an epic adventure where you shoot evil aliens in the galaxy. Protect planet earth from being invaded by aliens.

Name Galaxy Invader
Version 2.9.42
Updated Jan 23, 2024
Category Arcade

About Galaxy Invaders

Galaxy Invaders is an arcade spaceship and Alien invasion game that puts you behind the control of spaceships and battling against various enemies with bigger and uglier spaceships. The game allows you to shoot and bring down different invading aliens and save planet earth from being invaded by these despicable creatures. Although, as humanity's last and only hope, you'll be tasked with successfully eliminating all the aliens in the middle of the galaxy, you'll become a worldwide hero if you save all humans.

The game is set in outer space, so the background reflects various projections of the galaxy. Since the universe is always dark and colourful, you'll progress through a series of these changes in darkness and colour throughout the game. Like in Chicken Invaders or other Alien Spaceship games, the player will be positioned at the bottom of the screen and have to avoid the various attacks sent from the enemy while also dealing them significant damage that can eliminate their whole rank.

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There are many levels in the game, and some players have considered it an unlimited game. However, it's limited, and you only have to reach the final level and defeat the last boss before you can complete the games. The game graphics are pretty impressive for an arcade game. There aren't many colours, but thanks to the beautiful background that even features the sun, and the colourful spaceships doting the screen, you'll have a pleasing sight to enjoy your game.

ONESOFT developed the game as an addition to its list of amazing games to play. The game is available in over 47 languages across various regions worldwide. It's a free Android game that you can install on multiple Android devices. Unfortunately, the content rating does not allow anyone below 7 to play through. But the app has as many as 10 million downloads on Playstore with an impressive rating of 4.5 from its reviewers.


The gameplay is similar to that of Chicken Invaders. You'll be assigned to a spaceship at the bottom of the screen and have to eliminate a horde of spaceships from the top. You'll lose the mission if the enemies manage to deplete your health and knock you down. However, the game rewards you based on how well you play, so the more spaceships you bring down, the more points you gain.

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There are many levels on Galaxy Invaders, each with different challenges. You'll first have to eliminate basic spaceships on each level; then, this changes into even more sophisticated ones. Finally, if you survive, you'll progress to the tricky part where you must play against a Boss. You'll only be able to advance to the next level when you defeat the boss on the previous level.

Game Features

Galaxy Invaders is an excellent game for anyone who loves shooting and dodging enemies. The game has some exciting features you might want to check below:


The graphics are basic and have no ambiguous details, as seen in modern and futuristic game models. You'll be able to have enjoyable gameplay with simple graphics and non-distracting background. The sun is featured in the background setting, and the colours mimic the dark serenity of the galaxy. Depending on your playing level, you'll get a pretty Impressive number of spaceships. The graphics are detailed enough to allow you to differentiate from each spaceship and establish greater difficulty when you encounter bigger enemies in the game.

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Touch Control

The control system is quite impressive too. It's not too cumbersome and therefore doesn't need external devices if you want to use it right. You'll be able to use swipes on your screen to direct your spaceships right, while you can also control the shots from your spaceships.

Multiple Modes

Galaxy Invaders has multiple game modes: the campaign, hard mode, endless, and PvP. These game modes add variety to the game, allowing you to play the game with different difficulties and objectives. For example, the Campaign Mode will enable you to go on various game missions killing the enemies, fighting the boss and progressing to the next level. This will continue till you eliminate the last boss.

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The Endless Mode allows you to have infinite gameplay, playing against random spaceships, so it's a matter of how long you survive here and not how many enemies you've eliminated or levels you've passed.

Spaceships and Drones

There are many spaceships and drones in the game aimed at helping you reach your goals faster. You'll be able to collect many of these spaceships and add them to your collections. If you manage to collect better spaceships, you can equip them and use them in your subsequent battles.

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Since your enemies will continue to increase in size and deal more damage, it's only fair that you also get better spaceships to even the odds and make success more realistic for you. Each of the spaceships has unique skills, and you can unlock the LEGENDARY space shooter to her a superpower and the best spaceships in your collection.


Many upgrades and evolution are happening in the game, which is possible thanks to the need for better resources and weapons to fight more aliens as the levels increase. For example, you can change your spaceship to a new form and gain new power and skills. You can also collect power-ups during gameplay, making it easier to face bigger alien ships.

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Various Enemies

There are ranges of enemies to play against in the game, from the ordinary soldiers to the powerful elites and the scary bosses. Your enemies will continue to increase in strength and agility the more threatful you become to their army.


Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooting is an exciting arcade game to play. There are no limits to the fun, and the game elements are simple yet powerful enough to guarantee a fun time while playing the game.

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Download Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooting APK for an epic adventure where you shoot evil aliens in the galaxy. Protect planet earth from being invaded by aliens.


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