FR Legends
FR Legends
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Version: 0.3.4
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Download FR Legends APK for exciting car racing. It's a popular game with customizable controls, unlimited coins, car upgrades, and excellent drift capabilities.

Name FR Legends
Version 0.3.4
Updated Nov 15, 2023
Category Racing
Google Play Link com.fengiiley.frlegends

About FR Legends

FR Legends is a game born out of the passion and dedication of Feng and Liley, both Indie game developers and car lovers. The game was initially released for iOS users, and it got a lot of hype in the drifting game world. So the team worked on the android version, and after three months of its release, it gained over three million downloads.

The sudden popularity gained by the game is due to the excellent drifting experience it gives the players. Of course, there have been drifting games before FR Legends, but it took the world by storm with the excellent graphics, animations, and gameplay. Since its release, the game has continuously been developed to meet the ever-growing fan demands.

fr legends cars

The company has recently added more race tracks, challenges, vehicles, and upgrades to immerse players in the thrilling experience. However, there's no question that FR Legend is a must-play for any race lover because it now has multiplayer modes and server saves which are some of the numerous features players constantly demand.

Ready, Set, Drift!

FR Legends is a massive success in the car racing world. It owes this to its incomparable drifting capabilities and the ability of players to personalize their car and driving style. If you've played racing games before, you'd agree the most important features are the personalized space.

The game also necessitates ardent practice to improve your gaming skills and become perfect in your craft. FR Legend uses a real-life approach to evaluating game scores. So two players might arrive at equal scores with different driving styles. You can adjust your personalized space to place the throttle, hand brake, steering, and brakes anywhere convenient on the screen.

fr legends livery codes

So you have to get ready and set before you go off playing complex challenges and playing against colleagues. The game also has an authentic touch with its styling range which has many options, including changes to the car shapes and fixing zip ties for damaged cars.

Why Play FR Legends?

  • Get the most realistic and exciting drifting controls in a racing game.
  • Personalize your driving style, on-screen controller positions, and other features that give you a satisfactory level of control.
  • FR Legends has many in-game customizations.
  • There are exceptional graphics and incredible visual elements that boost the gameplay experience.
  • Play with your friends or against random people in multiplayer mode.
  • There is no limit to the game cars since players can customize their race vehicles.
  • Never get tired of playing as you unlock new tracks, vehicles, maps, and game modes.

Game Features

Customizable Touch Controls

The intuitive touch control is arguably why the game appeals to players. Everyone likes to have their space, which the developers added with the customizable control.

fr legends apk

So, players can set the screen to suit their unique style. Depending on the player's preferences, you can customize various buttons such as direction, throttle, brake, and others on different parts of the screen.

Graphics and Visuals

The game has a stylish and unique look, unlike anything you're probably used to in the gaming world. A lot of attention is paid to tiny details, too, so basic features such as car scratches, zip ties, etc., don't go unnoticed in the graphics. Considering how clean the cars and tracks appear during gameplay, anyone would agree that the developers did a great job with the game's appearance.

Amazing Tracks

This is an exciting feature for players who love to conquer tracks and become professionals before moving to the next. Once you install the game, you can enjoy some of the best routes, maps, and gameplay methods. The more track you win, the more you unlock, and you can continue this for a long time without getting bored.

Game Challenges

There are always challenges frequently shared on FR Legends to test players and reward those who pass the test. For example, you might have to compete against other players or race against the AI.

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You win the challenge when you come in the first position or with the highest point award.

Smart Collision Modes

The game has an intelligent approach to collisions, making the game more exciting and conducive for players. In regular games, collision is a big deal, and it's a strategy to knock opponents off the tracks and take the lead. However, this feature doesn't work during multiplayer; you can't collide with other players in the multiplayer mode.

Customizable Automobiles

FR Legends takes players' freedom seriously, contributing to the game's popularity. Aside from personalizing your gaming space, you can also choose what your vehicle looks like. Most conventional car race games allow you to select predesigned vehicles, but you can create your design on FR Legends and upgrade the car to improve the features.

Game Upgrades

There are several upgrades on FR Legends. It's also one of the game's most prominent features since it determines how fast and responsive your vehicle will be during a race.

fr legends new update

Playing without upgrades lowers your chances of winning regardless of how good you are because your opponents probably have better vehicles. There are unlimited coins on the game too, which can be used to buy items, and you don't have to purchase any of them.

Multiplayer Gameplay

The multiplayer feature is one of the latest features on FR Legends. The developers added it based on popular demands and mobile game advancements. So, you can race with friends or random players and win rewards at the end of the race. However, you can't collide against your opponent in multiplayer mode.


FR Legends is a free, fast, and exciting car race game emphasizing realistic drifts. You can play on Android and iOS devices, compete with friends for diamonds, earn coins and unlock new features. The mobile game promises great fun for anyone interested in premium-quality car races.

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Download FR Legends APK for exciting car racing. It's a popular game with customizable controls, unlimited coins, car upgrades, and excellent drift capabilities.


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