Forest Golf Planner
Forest Golf Planner
Size: 39,7 MB
Version: 1.3.0
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Download Forest Gold Planner APK and master the golf course. This classic game is only for the elites. Would you like to be part of the bests? Then join the golf club.

Name Forest Golf Planner
Version 1.3.0
Updated Dec 26, 2023
Category Sports
Developer Kairosoft
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About Forest Golf Planner

When a real-life simulation game is logically and meticulously detailed, it is bound to keep its players hooked. However, every simulation game can not do this. Forest Golf Planner is exceptional; It is not only detailed but provides a learning experience. Players around the world have testified to this a million times.

The game doesn't necessarily expect you to be an experienced golfer, and Forest Golf Planner has a management course to help freshers learn while playing. Forest Golf Planner is a sports game designed by the reputable Kairosoft. The developer's pixelated and detailed graphics style will give you a thrilling feel.

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Golf game is largely known as a sport played by the elites— not everyone is exposed to it. In the game, things are situated to become closer to everyone, while you will be a golf course manager. Practically, you need to engage in many jobs to help you develop your golf course to attract many customers.

How To Play

Develop A Golf Business Model

You will possess a large piece of land for building and creating an international golf course in the game. Nevertheless, it is not casual, but you will start with the less difficult task. For instance, building essential facilities, hiring staff, training students, expanding resorts, etc.

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Every single building has a special function or model. Generally, the restaurant is a place of relaxation for golfers, or the gift shop area will trade all sorts of items for golf sport. Players will enhance the business and develop the golf course to an international standard from the revenue obtained. Hence, you will need to trade more of your time and effort to see that you attain great achievements in the game.

Harness Your Golfing Skills

Beyond being a manager, Forest Golf Planner lets you transform into a professional golfer. First, you will start getting acquainted with the basic steps of golfing. In no time, you will improve and start participating in annual tournaments to get attractive bonuses. How well you perform in the tournaments will reflect on your level. The player must prove his best in the matches against other opponents.

Simply Customize Everything

Like other gaming software designed by Kairosoft, Forest Golf Planner gives players several options to customize a special golf course. After that, you can effortlessly customize other things like location, the weather, etc. Furthermore, give more touch to your course to make it extra attractive. The game's mode of operations is simple for players to relate with. Specifically, all you need is to press the available icons to perform any action of your choice.

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Difficult Ranking System

Another interesting part of Forest Golf planner is the opportunity to compete with different players across the globe. You will find here the ranking system and super challenging competition. To be on the leaderboard, endeavor to play the game daily or regularly to attain your desired achievements. Diligence will largely cover up the limited skill, so keep this in mind.

Standard 2D Graphics

Forest Golf Planner owns standard 2D quality graphics designed in pixel style as a norm. However, the content of this game appears in a different shade. Here, you can see the day-to-day activities of the golf course in a unique style.

Making Money On Forest Golf Planner

You can barely do much with insufficient money except one thing at a time. Then, when needs arise, you will have to fix it. On the positive side, players will have enough time to observe what golfers need. For example, they always need a sun tent—  recognize the need to invest in a tent. Also, they need to get nice sportswear, so you figure out a way to erect a stall, etc.

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Even in this game, getting rich is a bittersweet experience; it is both easy and difficult, but when you persevere for a while, you will be getting patrons, and by word of mouth, they can attract new visitors. You will build a self-contained environment for golfing.

Both beginners and professional golfers will prepare for competition, which requires training and practice. Note that this will be an added advantage to your golf course. In the future, you can provide more services, such as camping areas, resorts, and resting areas. The opportunity to make more money depends on these— enticing and tasteful services.

With only a tiny bit of enthusiasm for golf, you will master the game quickly. For those who have garnered experience in the golfing business, it is even much more fun because, in the golf game, Forest golf planner is separated into different challenges and levels; both advanced players and golf freshers have their place. You can start your first practice from the lowest stage by learning the theory. Then, slow but steady, you will develop your skills and challenge yourself for the annual competition.

Forest Golf Planner Features

  • Limitless money —It increases as you spend/invest.
  • Limitless nature points
  • Endless heart points.
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The game offers simple-to-understand pixel graphics. While the elements are not fussy but are perfect; a typical example of great games. So, if you are a curious bee wishing to know this amazing Golf, maybe the only way for you is to play Forest Golf Planner.


A blend of sport and business simulation is a great deal coming from Forest Golf Planner. The content of this game will provide players with essential management skills as they discover more about golf. Also, the animations in the game will stay the same as in the last products, providing a feeling of familiarity to existing players.

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Download Forest Gold Planner APK and master the golf course. This classic game is only for the elites. Would you like to be part of the bests? Then join the golf club.


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