Soccer Super Star
Soccer Super Star
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Version: 0.1.96
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Download Soccer Super Star game APK and enjoy an insanely authentic & unforgettable soccer experience. It features high-definition graphics and realistic stadiums.

Name Soccer Super Star
Version 0.1.96
Updated Jun 3, 2023
Category Sports
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In-Depth Details about Soccer Super Star App

Soccer Super Star APK is a simulation game offered by Real Freestyle Soccer. It is the go-to choice for those who want to experience what it is like to be a professional soccer player.

The game boasts incredible graphics and realistic stadiums, making the experience more authentic. You can create your teams, compete in tournaments and leagues, win trophies, and showcase your skills to the world.

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If you're a real soccer fan, this game is for you. Download Soccer Super Star APK now and enjoy an unforgettable football experience.

How to play Soccer Super Star?

If you love soccer, you'll want a game that's exciting. Soccer Super Star gameplay is perfect for those who want an authentic and unforgettable experience.

It features tournaments, leagues, and challenges that will keep you engaged for hours. You can also create your teams, compete against others, and win trophies.

When you begin, you will only have a few team members. As you progress, you will add new players and create a formidable squad. You can also customize your team's kit and badge according to your preference.

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During the gameplay, you will earn coins that you can use to purchase new players and upgrade your team's stadium. You can also use them to buy power-ups that will give you an edge over your opponents.

Easy-to-Learn Controls 

This game is easy to learn and control. Even if you're a beginner, you'll be able to grasp the mechanics quickly. The controls are straightforward, and you won't need to memorize complex button combinations.

To move your players, simply swipe in the direction you want them to go. To pass the ball, tap on the player you want to receive it.

You can also shoot by tapping on the player with the ball and swiping in the direction you want to send it.

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However, the progression will become more complicated as you move up the levels. Taking shots becomes more challenging, and you will need to put more thought into your passes.

Bend and Split Opponent's Defenses

One of the most satisfying things about this game is executing a perfect shot. When you finally manage to score a goal, it feels like all your effort has paid off.

If you want to make your shots count, you will need to put some thought into them. You can't just blindly shoot in the direction of the goal.

To make it more complicated, the defense will get more aggressive as you move up the levels. You will need to use all your skills to avoid their tackles and make your way to the goal.


Once you're in front of the net, you can choose to take a powerful shot or place it in a specific area. The decision is up to you, but remember that the goalkeeper will be trying to stop your every move.

A Truly Immersive Experience

Is there anything that beats the feeling of scoring the winning goal in a close match? We think not.

Soccer Super Star download is the perfect game for those who want to experience the excitement of being a professional footballer. It features immersive gameplay, high-definition graphics, and realistic stadiums.

It even has fans that will cheer you on as you make your way to the goal. The atmosphere is electric, and you will feel like you're in the middle of a real match.

Unique Features of Soccer Super Star

  • Offline Option. While the Soccer Super Star online is the most popular option, you can still play the offline game. This leeway will come in handy when you're on vacation or in areas with poor internet coverage.
  • Unlock Super-Talented Players. This game allows you to unlock some of the best players in world football. As you progress, you will afford to add new members to your team and create a star-studded squad.
  • Endless Gameplay. Soccer Super Star is the perfect game for those who want an uninterrupted football experience. It features tournaments, leagues, and challenges that keep you engaged for hours.
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  • Highly advanced AI. The artificial intelligence in this game is top-notch. It will provide you with a challenging and competitive gameplay experience. Your steps, dribbles, and passes will be carefully curated.
  • Top-Notch Game Physic. The game developers have paid special attention to creating realistic game physics. The ball will behave just like it would in a real match.
  • Many Levels. Wondering Soccer Super Star how many levels it features? Well, it has more than 190 leagues to explore. You will enjoy its uniqueness to the Soccer Super Star last level!

Superior Graphics and Sound Systems

Football is supposed to be an immersive experience, and Soccer Super Star football APK doesn't disappoint in this department.

The graphics are realistic and well-detailed. The players look like their real-life counterparts, and the stadiums are exact replicas of famous arenas.

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The sound system is also top-notch. You will hear the crowd roaring as you make your way to the goal. The sound of the ball hitting the net will also be super authentic.


Soccer Super Star is the perfect game for football lovers. It features immersive gameplay, realistic graphics, and top-notch sound systems. The AI is also highly competitive, which makes the game even more challenging.

If you're looking for an uninterrupted football experience, look no further than Soccer Super Star!


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