8 Ball Pool
8 Ball Pool
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Version: 5.12.0
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Download 8 Ball Pool APK if you want to experience the hit Miniclip 8 ball pool game on your device and become the best player. Challenge your friends and family and see who scores the highest points!

Name 8 Ball Pool
Version 5.12.0
Updated Mar 10, 2023
Category Sports
Developer Miniclip.com
Google Play Link com.miniclip.eightballpool

A Deep Analysis Of 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is the most downloaded pool game in the world, which lets you refine your skills in the practice arena to prepare you for becoming the best 8 Ball Pool player. You can play one-on-one matches with your friends or family members to see who scores the highest points.

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8 Ball Pool is an exciting and challenging game that lets you play like a pro as you can enter tournaments and win trophies and exclusive cues. Make sure you collect as many coins as possible by winning matches.

Most people must be well aware of 8 Ball Pool and its rules, and whether it be an online or an in-person game, the excitement of playing it is unmatched! On top of being the number one billiards game, this challenging game is totally free.

Colorful 2D Graphics

8 Ball Pool has amazing and colorful 2D graphics that allow the players to feel like they are inside the game, and the visual effects of this game are designed in a way that there's no dull moment while playing game.

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8 Ball Pool is an exciting game that, apart from being full of challenges and tournaments, also has amazing graphics, smooth functionality, and features that automatically make it one of the best games.

Exciting Gameplay

8 Ball Pool emerges as one of the most challenging and exciting games. It lets you play one-on-one challenges with your friends and family members and enter big tournaments to show off your skills. The more you win, the more your ranking will increase. Increasing your ranking allows you access to more exclusive match locations where you can play against the best pool players!

You can challenge your friends anytime and from anywhere with an 8 Ball Pool match. Say goodbye to boredom and introduce yourself to the amazing world of 8 Ball Pool! This game can be played anywhere if you are connected to the network, and just like that, you can brighten up your day. If not matches or tournaments, you can even play this game in the practice arena, where you can refine your skills.

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How To Play?

Playing 8 Ball Pool is no rocket science, but winning matches can be quite challenging. This game uses a cue ball and 15 object balls that are numbered from 1 to 15. The 8th ball is the most significant ball of all, while the 1st to the 7th ball, having solid colors, are pocketed by one player, and the 9th to the 15th ball, having colored stripes, are to be pocketed by the other player. The player who pockets the 8th ball wins the game.

One of the most unfortunate moments while playing an 8 Ball Pool match is pocketing the other player's ball. Though your aim is good, and you might think you scored a shot, it won't be counted as yours! So, beware of what numbered ball you pitch for.

Did you know that hitting the cue ball off the table is counted as a foul? You heard that right! The players should have their concentration on the game and not hit the cue ball off the table. Basically, the 8 Ball Pool is all about how you apply your aim and what angles you shoot your ball at.

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Go Multiplayer & Challenge The World

8 Ball Pool offers a number of tournaments and high-level matches that you can play with friends and family and challenge them to see who scores the highest points. Now that's the kind of game one likes, right?

It doesn't matter how distant you're from your friend, you can still challenge him or her to play you in an 8 Ball Pool match, and by winning each match, you rank up. You can play a multiplayer 8 Ball Pool game by signing in with your Miniclip or Facebook account and then inviting your friends straight from the game.

Realistic Pool Game Rules Applicable!

The online 8 Ball Pool game applies the same rules that are applied to the realistic tabletop game of 8 Ball Pool. One of the basic rules of the 8 Ball Pool is that before the game begins, the object balls will be in a triangular rack and positioned at the lower end of the table. The balls' order may be random, but the black 8th ball, the cue ball, should be placed in the middle.

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There are two categories of balls - stripes and solids. Whichever ones are pocketed by the player who breaks first, the other player has to accept the other category of balls. Both the players must pocket all seven of their balls, and the one who pockets the 8th ball first wins the game.

Set The Table Colors As You Want

8 Ball Pool being as exciting and challenging as it is, it is also greatly customizable as you can set the pool table colors just the way you like. You can choose from several colors to apply to the pool table! The controls of the games are smooth, and its customization options are great. Just like choosing a color for your pool table, you can also customize the sticks that assist you in potting the ball in the pockets.

Take Parts In Tournaments

Any game can be exciting by adding a little more challenge. In 8 Ball Pool, you can participate in various tournaments and challenges. The more you win, the more you level up and get access to more exclusive match locations. As your ranking increases, so does the challenge, as by winning more tournaments, you can get to play against the best pool players in the world.

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Select From Several Pool Stick Designs

8 Ball Pool provides its players with many customization options for their pool sticks. You can change the color of your stick or even choose from several pool stick designs available in the game. By winning matches and collecting more and more coins, you can shop for different pool sticks to play with from a collection of stylish sticks.

Aim For The Best Shot!

As mentioned earlier, the 8 Ball Pool requires concentration from the players and an aim that can pot as many balls as possible into the pockets. By measuring the distance between the stick and the balls and hitting the ball by measuring at what angle it will get inside the pocket, one can score good points. You can play in the practice arena to practice for matches and tournaments.


Giving players several customization options gives them the freedom to customize or shop for the pool table and sticks. One can win coins, trophies, and exclusive cues by playing one-on-one matches with friends and entering tournaments. So, what are you waiting for? Download 8 ball pool today!


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