True Skate
True Skate
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Version: 1.5.80
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Download True Skate APK, a skateboarding game that takes you to conquer different skateboarding areas; stand on your skates and do the most dangerous stunts.

Name True Skate
Version 1.5.80
Updated May 21, 2024
Category Sports
Developer True Axis
Google Play Link com.trueaxis.trueskate

An In-Depth Description of True Skate

True Skate Android is the official and best street league skateboarding mobile game that will have you playing on your phone for hours. This game was published and developed by True Axis, allowing players to overcome different areas specially prepped for skateboarding.

This game is the perfect choice for skateboarders and is the closest a person will ever get to a real skateboard if they do not want to try it out in real life.

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Skateboarding is a popular sport that is loved by many. It is a skateboard simulation game where players will start their skateboard career as a newbie. As the game progresses, they will become professionals – stand on their skates to do dangerous stunts, become the best skateboarder and win the top leagues. It is also immensely entertaining, so anyone can sit and watch or decide to play. Or, you can skateboard using your mobile device when you download the True Skate latest version.

True Skate 2022 has sharp 3D graphics, which is probably the first thing players will fall in love with as it is stunning. It focuses a lot of detail on the skateboard and the people, making it seem like one is skateboarding in real life, which is something to look forward to. There is something similar to a VCR button that allows users to change their perspectives – there are five different perspectives you can try out.

You can train yourself virtually in the True Skate game if you want to become a skateboarder. It is a relaxing game that provides different tasks apart from skateboarding, like tracking a skateboard in your front or learning an action. The game starts with lessons (a novice guide) to help first-time players and skateboarders to understand what they are doing.

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To fully understand this game, players need to take some time to study and replace their feet with their fingers. Through the different missions players have to complete, they will learn a couple of skateboarding tips. Our site offers a straightforward True Skate free download process so you can get right to it.

Features of True Skate

Through True Skate, one can easily learn the art and techniques of skateboarding because of the game's interactive gameplay. Now that you know a little about the game let us look at some of its exciting features.

Experience Skating

Of course, the major feature of True Skate Android is that users experience an exceptional skate environment and explore many types of terrains. Players can experience whatever they want, and they have the power to express themselves in the different terrains in the game. They can choose to skate in a specific climate, and the various environmental factors are designed realistically, so it seems like a real-life setting.

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Players can also explore a wide variety of terrains, which will help them increase their skills to become professional skateboarders. The game is set in a beautiful skate park with many positions for players to conquer, like ledges, stairs, railings, half pipes, and literally everything you could possibly want. It is advisable that as a novice, you conquer little and flat obstacles before you move on to the big ones.

Unfortunately, this game comes with only one free skatepark; players will have to purchase new ones once they get bored of skateboarding in the same park.

Playback Feature

One of the cool features of True Skate is the playback option. It does not just replay a player's actions but is somewhat like a time reversal. This means that when a player clicks on the playback button (you can find this on the top right corner of your screen), the picture turns gray, and the game will replay their actions and go back in time.

true skate apk full unlocked 2022

Once you release the playback button, your player will go back in time to the action that was replayed. So, a player can use this feature to go back and change an action they are not satisfied with rather than only watch and not be able to do anything about it.


Players can participate in challenges to test their skills and see how far they have come and how much further they need to get. As a beginner, it is necessary to challenge yourself once in a while so that you can accomplish certain things. That feeling of accomplishment will encourage you to do better. Before every challenge, there will be a tutorial level showing all the skills and necessary information.

After that, you will be required to complete the challenge – you will be notified of your completion progress during the game, and the requirements are shown on the left side of the screen.

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The controls in True Skate 2022 are easy, and players will get the hang of it after a few tries. Like every other skateboarding game, players control the skateboard, not the character. Use your two fingers to control your moving skateboard and ensure it does not flip – swipe backward to move the skateboard forward and swipe the screen to do some movements. Professionals can execute some techniques like a backflip.

In-App Purchases

Players can access additional skateparks, locations, and street league skateboarding courses through in-app purchases. The game also features optional in-app purchases available for free when players spend the True Credits they earn from completing missions and doing techniques and tricks. Some of these optional in-app purchases include:

  • Players have access to unlimited slow motion.
  • Players have access to unlimited wheel color changes.
true skate apk free
  • Players have access to unlimited board image changes.
  • Players can unlock all missions.

Other Features Include:

  • Players can make it to the top of the Global leaderboards.
  • You can tush up your deck with access to different deck wear.
  • Drag your finger on the screen to push the skateboard.


Become a professional skateboarder, learn many fantastic techniques and tips, and skateboard in different environments when you download True Skate.

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Download True Skate APK, a skateboarding game that takes you to conquer different skateboarding areas; stand on your skates and do the most dangerous stunts.


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