Football Manager 2022 Mobile
Football Manager 2022 Mobile
Size: 1.3 GB
Version: 13.3.2
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Download and install Football Manager 2022 Mobile APK to manage football teams, sell and buy players during transfer windows, and then build a formidable team.

Name Football Manager 2022 Mobile
Version 13.3.2
Updated Sep 22, 2022
Category Sports
Developer SEGA
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Description of Football Manager 2022 Mobile

As every football enthusiast knows, there is a force behind the global players and famous teams we know today. Without an experienced football manager, football might not have been as popular as we have it nowadays. If you want to become a football manager one day, this app is recommended.

Football Manager 2022 Mobile is an Android simulation game created to test your managerial skills, so this game differs slightly from other regular soccer games.

football manager 2022 mobile

Many sports are being played worldwide, but football has become the king of them all and is the most popular sport in the world. When the word 'sport' is mentioned, the first sport that comes to mind is football. Football is in a broad spectrum, an extended journey, a path through several ups and downs, determination, solidarity, overcoming all challenges of nationality, time, and space to eventually arrive at the same goal – the glory for your team.

When the team is victorious, the manager is also automatically victorious. And further, it takes a series of achievements like such victories to convince yourself and people that you are a talented football manager. The talent is usually manifested in all three aspects:

  • A series of quality situations such as creating a sense of camaraderie for the entire team, solving problems, analysing problems, seizing opportunities, patience, and always taking the right steps at each moment.
  • Far-reaching visions for the team's future direction, including a clever strategic mind.
  • Search, locate talented players and train young stars with great potential.
football manager 2022 mobile download

Only a talented football manager can perform all these roles.

As a team manager, you will act as both the manager and the coach, and you will create your path and style, then draw the path to discover all the potentials of each player. Football Manager 2022 Mobile (also known as FM 22) is one of today's greatest football manager games.

FM 22 is published by Sega but developed by Sports Interactive. This game is available on various platforms like PlayStation Portable, Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows, but this post is mainly concerned with the game's Android version.

So, if you are searching for a game that will allow you to manage a club like a professional manager, then you should consider Football Manager 2022. This is an alternative game to Dream League Soccer 2022.

football manager 2022 mobile download free

In this game, scouts and agents help search for talents you could sign for your team. You can also sell some players in your team to other teams to generate more money that can be used to sign new players, including other activities.


The gameplay of FM 22 is very similar to the 2021 version. This game has over 120 different tournaments for you to display your managerial skills. However, most of the greatest parts of FM 22 revolve around the long journey. Initially, you will only purchase enough resources to create a new football club.

Then you begin coaching each player. From there, you will be able to ascertain the strength of each player. After that, you will plan your first strategy for a national match. These few moments will immediately provide you with decent bonuses. It is crucial that the managerial skills and knowledge you observed for the first time would be the blueprint for how you will begin making your choices.

football manager 2022 mobile apk

Several more tasks take place, on some occasions simultaneously, making you put your mind to the test with tactical calculations. You will also have to consider the best decision in giving your club the best: making personal tactics, transferring stars, recruiting new players, scouring, and so on. Then after every match, you make a review of the match to gain new experiences. Afterwards, you can continue playing several tournaments on a large scale at a more professional level.

Key Features of Football Manager 2022 Mobile

  • More improved game control
  • Moroccan league now included
  • Canadian league also included
  • The backroom staff offers you feedback as the manager so that you can access the player's ability
  • Celebration styles
football manager 2022 mobile android
  • New skills revealed
  • Improvement of player rating
  • Introduction of younger players with great potential points
  • Scouting improvements
  • Improvement in players' facial design makes them look a lot more real

More Extensive Details about Football Manager 2022 Mobile

  • Football manager at its best
  • Choose from various formation templates in the game or just create and customise the tactics you believe will be best for your team
football manager 2022 mobile apk unlimited money
  • There are transfer windows that allow you to sign any top player you want, as long as your budget is adequate for that
  • Load about 5 nations in career mode to be presented with a variety of stats to choose from
  • More than 60 leagues from 25 different nations are featured in this present edition of the game. Just select your favourite team and groom it to win trophies

Name Issues and Fixes

Sports Interactive, the developers of Football Manager 2022 Mobile, do not possess the license to use the names of professional players from FIFA in the game. However, you can fix this if you know your way around it. You can begin using real players' names with the right knowledge and application.

football manager 2022 mobile update

If you are interested in using the names of real players in FM 22, you should download FM 22 Real Player Names Save Data Files and change the data file of your old game (which you will find in your Android file manager) with the new save data file. There are saved data files for the most important clubs on the file. In addition, these real players' playing styles, position and jersey numbers are also available in the save data files.


There are several games about football managers that incorporate all the work and features of a manager and possess sufficient depth, but still, none of them is a match for Football Manager 2022 Mobile. Therefore, if you want to enjoy a football manager game in its full glory, then Football Manager 2022 Mobile should be the most reasonable.

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Download and install Football Manager 2022 Mobile APK to manage football teams, sell and buy players during transfer windows, and then build a formidable team.


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