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Flip Master
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Version: 2.5.00
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Download Flip Master APK and Master the trampoline with Front flips, Backflips, Gainers, Layouts, Jumps and Bounces while you become the master of the trampoline.

Name Flip Master
Version 2.5.00
Updated Sep 20, 2022
Category Sports
Google Play Link com.motionvolt.flipbounce

Flip Master

Flip master game is more like a mobile sports game where you train hard by doing different types of stunts to become the master of the game, and Flip Master is an animated ragdoll physics where you have to perform various kinds of tactics; Flip Master Is a challenging but fun and charming exercises and stunts sports game. It is like a sports game you would have been familiar with either by watching or playing, and Flip master makes you and your team unlock dangerous skills and stunts to win the game and become the master of the trampoline.

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With Flip Master, you can be immensely sure that you get to enjoy the fun and thrills of this game while teaming up with your friends and online players to be the best; doing your backflips, front flips, jumps, and different stunts don't just make you win the game, but you are crowned as master of the trampoline.

Detailed description on Flip Master

Flip master is a mobile game where you use your tactics, stunts and tricks to jump on a trampoline or surface to perform non-stop somersaults. You sometimes don't have to use the skills you have been given but can use your skills, and the more somersaults you do in a flip will add to your score. It also goes for the tricks you perform, and you can collect the coins that sometimes appear in the air.

Different Flip master skills are being used on the flip boards to get as many coins as possible, and you can decide which Flip master skills you want to use to win and get more coins. For example, when using some skills that are not perfected yet, things might feel flimsy. Still, the game makes you realize that once you begin your flip session, you are not allowed to stop, only if you want to lose, and that means you have control over when your flip starts and when it should stop.

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As higher the level you go, you are required to go over for more somersault until you become exhausted that you have to stop and when you drop to rest, your life is being restored, and you have enough strength and energy to prepare for the next battle and own the trampolines.

Playing this game, you see players giving up so easily a lot of time and still waiting for them to get back up. At the same time, they patiently wait for their lives to get filled up again while building up their strength and energy to do more flips, stunts, tricks and somersaults than in the previous somersault session, which makes the game much more interesting than you ever thought. This makes you understand that you have to have different types of skills and stunts, or you learn new tricks.

 Although all the tricks can be breathtaking, there is always a better one, which is the game's main point. This game brings every feature you need in the fun, excitement, chills, challenges, and much more.

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The skills might be a little weird or awkward because they have good range, but you might not exactly understand them if you don't take the time to study the skills. On the other hand, if you use a knack for too long, you might not get the win you deserve or the number of coins you think you might win. As time goes on and your levels increase, you are expected to change your tactics and do the best somersaults.

Flip master is an original, light-hearted game and simple gameplay, which also can be challenging; the graphics are eye-catching and beautiful. It has a realistic physics system game, and you can change your characters from time to time and win the best sports flip Master.

Flip Master features


Flip Master gameplay is very straightforward, simple and easy to understand: if you tap on your device screen, your athlete shows up and starts to do a different types of tricks related to somersaults in the air, and must be focused and calculating to land on the trampoline on two feet or face up or you are disqualified especially if you land with your face down, on your head, or outside the trampoline, it's game over.

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When you can do your somersault correctly you are given coins throughout the game to unlock all kinds of content you wish, and you can also open new settings, athletes, and new tricks for you to use during the games. And one of the most interesting things is that you can try your athletes to improve their qualities and tricks.

Tips and Tricks

Flip Master is a sports game, so it has the tips and tricks that can make you win once you follow it as you should. One of the tricks is that as much as it is ideal for you to land on your leg, once you see that it is almost impossible because of the amount of space you need to cover, you can land on your back to save you from hitting your head against the trampoline. Other times you can end up landing on your tummy.

Once you spot that, you can change the flip quickly and immediately by moving your mouse in the opposite direction and landing on your back, which is much better. Also, when you see a red balloon, you should go for it and win plenty of coins.

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Unlimited Coins

Unlimited coins are important in Flip master games Because you can use them for multiple things such as upgrading, getting new athletes, and learning new skills, tactics and stunts to become the flip master.


Flip master is the best sports physics action game; It is challenging, skilful and tactical, which ticks all the features a sports game should have.


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