Fast & Furious Takedown
Fast & Furious Takedown
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Version: 1.8.01
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Download Fast and Furious Takedown APK, an exciting racing game where players get to become stars in drag races and take down cops and racers on night streets.

Name Fast & Furious Takedown
Version 1.8.01
Updated Sep 8, 2022
Category Racing
Google Play Link com.nbcuni.usie.fftakedown

An In-Depth Description of Fast and Furious Takedown

Fast and Furious Takedown is a new action game with exciting mobile device features. If you have ever watched or heard about Fast and Furious (a famous racing action series), you should check out Fast and Furious Takedown. This game was inspired but is not an official game of the Fast and Furious action series. Fast and Furious Takedown follows Paul's story after being forced into exile. It is up to Shawn to rebuild and bring back together the crew from the Fast and Furious team, win impossible races and take down cops and criminals.

Fast and Furious Takedown Android is a 3D racing game where players are taken on an adventure with Leti, Hobbs, and the rest of the gang featuring the Fast and Furious Saga. The game is somewhat similar to the movies in that your goal is to make it to the finish line first and eliminate your opponents along the way. It is easier said than done, though, as you will find yourself in the middle of some of the craziest, action-filled events in Fast and Furious history; no speed limits and no limit of underground racing.

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The Fast and Furious Takedown Android controls are pretty simple – players will surely get used to it after a couple of tries. While driving, you can tap the sides of your screen on your mobile device to move your car from side to side, and when you swipe upwards, you will activate the turbo mode. The turbo mode comes in handy whenever you want to increase your speed higher than your accelerator can handle. To finish off other players during races, all you need to do is hit them as hard as you can with your car, and if you are lucky, you will swerve them off the road and out of the game.

Fast and Furious Takedown has a wide variety of beautiful and unique cars for you to choose from. When you first start playing the game, you will have access to only one car in your garage, but as you progress in the game and level up (win enough races), you will earn enough money to buy new cars to compete in more demanding races. In other words, for you to be able to purchase new vehicles, you will need to win several races and complete different missions. To do so, you must be the most furious (finish off your opponents during the race) or the fastest (be the first to reach the finish line).

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Fast and Furious Takedown is the perfect option for players who have a need for speed – this wild game has brought all the action from the Fast and Furious action series to the world of video games. Now, you can imagine you are in a Fast and Furious movie through your mobile device – how exciting is that? This game guarantees to have you glued to your phone’s screen; our site offers a straightforward Fast and Furious Takedown download process so you can get right into it.

Features of Fast and Furious Takedown

Now that you know about Fast and Furious Takedown let us look at some of this game's exciting features.


The Fast and Furious gameplay is all about racing with different opponents to try and be the first to make it to the finish line and defeating them with dangerous action on several racing tracks. There are always four players for every match – you and your three other opponents controlled by AI. You will be playing against these three players, and you must try your best to knock them off the racing tracks and be the first to reach the finish line.

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Another great way to get rid of your opponents, apart from trying to swerve them off the road and out of the game is by making collisions using enemy vehicles. These collisions will serve as a barrier for your opponents and cause them to fall behind on the race tracks. This will make them extra slow, and you can use this opportunity to activate the turbo mode, so there will be a significant distance between you and your opponents.

Your opponents are not the only obstacles you have to deal with in order to be the first to make it to the finish line. The roads are not exactly the best for driving, but you still need to be the fastest player – sometimes, you will have to drive through impossible barriers, and other times, you will have to move in the air. As stated above, the controls in this game are very simple – Fast and Furious Takedown does not feature on-screen buttons like a hand brake, steering wheel, etc.

Your car will automatically move at a certain speed, and you can tap the sides of your screen to drive the vehicle in different directions. If you want to go right, you need to tap to the right; if you want to go left, tap to the left. Swipe upwards whenever you want to activate the turbo mode.

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Fast and Furious Takedown Android features a vast collection of more than sixty vehicles. You can find cars like the Muscle American and the JDM. You will also come across different vehicles from the Fast and Furious such as Hobbs Gurkha and Shaw's Flip Car. These cars are beautiful, unique, and never seen before on the roads you see in computer and reality games.

Start your racing career and use the money you earn from completing missions and winning races to buy new cars that can handle more demanding races. Whenever you win a race, you will earn a particular amount; the money you earn depends on your rank for each level you play – the higher your rank, the more your rewards will be.

Upgrade Cars

You can upgrade your old ones if you do not want to spend your money on new cars. Upgrading your vehicle will make it stronger and capable enough to win races. You can buy different car parts such as acceleration and top speed, and you can customize your cars to suit your style – you can spray your vehicle's body, enhance acceleration, and put in a new engine. With all these upgrades, you can become the fastest racer and earn respect from other players.

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Stunning 3D Graphics and Sound Effects

Fast and Furious Takedown features spectacular 3D graphics and a soundtrack. The graphics are designed in detail, so you cannot miss anything except you do not pay attention. The cars in the game, especially those from Fast and Furious, are incredibly detailed simulations that players will surely fall in love with. The soundtrack in Fast and Furious Takedown is very realistic – from the soundtrack of the sound of an engine to the epic melodies. Who would not fall in love with a game that has beautiful sound effects?


Fast and Furious Takedown is an exciting game that mixes speed and fury in races – dive into the world of exciting races and try to knock your opponents off the race track while you are at it. Our Fast and Furious Takedown free download process is straightforward – so what are you waiting for? Hit that download button now!


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