Fall Dudes
Fall Dudes
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Version: 1.4.5
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Download Fall Dudes APK and compete against 39 other players in this crazy game to be declared the champion. Take part in ridiculous tasks and emerge a winner.

Name Fall Dudes
Version 1.4.5
Updated Sep 7, 2022
Category Arcade
Developer PepUp Studios
Google Play Link com.PepUpStudios.FallGuys3D

Fall Dudes

Fall Dudes 3D is based on the PS3 game Fall Guys. Except that this time it's totally designed for mobile play. In truth, it's a sort of prequel developed exclusively for Android in which you square off against your opponents in an exciting mini-game filled with snare traps and many rainbow foes.

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After giving your avatar a name, you can begin exploring each level. In Fall Dudes 3D, you compete against dozens of opponents, each attempting to complete each battle as the single owner of The Cat Tail. This is simpler said than done, especially given that your rivals will be on your heels at every round, seeking to catch up to you in an exciting race against time.

Description of Fall Dudes

The graphics in the Fall Guys 3D game are not different from those in the original Pcs and Ps4 games. Each level has full characters and is placed in a vibrant 3D setting that keeps track of each individual through a well-crafted strategic vantage point. Similarly, its smartphone controls are well-designed. Basically, navigate around with an on-screen gamepad and leap by clicking the projected arrow key.

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Dodging the chainsaws about to fall on you is an important aspect of this mini-game. However, the main goal is to go from stage to stage as quickly as possible while stealing your rivals' tails and keeping them off yours. In this wild, off-the-wall 3D thriller, you can only survive if you beat the time to the finale while keeping your tail intact.


Fall Dudes 3D's gameplay can be summarized in one word: enjoyable. Instead of utilizing guns and battling with other gamers on an island, as in other battle survival games, you do not have to kill anybody in this game. You will conquer other opponents in a lighthearted and amusing manner.

Fall Dudes 3D is based on two popular TV shows, Wipeout! and Takeshi's Castle, and features some of the freakiest races you've ever seen. All you have to do is control your avatar as he runs from the zero mark to the end of the race. But don't let that fool you; there's plenty of pleasure along the way.

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Each game features 40 participants. To win this game, you must have agility, quick instincts, and a little luck. Controls are also straightforward. The controller on the left part of the game is to control the subject's movement, while the leap key on the right is used to jump.

Features of Fall Dudes


The minigames typically include hurdle races, flashcards, or league matches, all of which are played in surroundings that look like multicolored candies. A race is broken down into five arcade games. To win, you must ensure that you are not disqualified at each level. Some competitors will have a grenade on their rear during the opening round. You must sprint to other competitors to transfer the grenade to them. After a minute, you must ensure that you are not one of the guys who own explosives. Isn't that interesting? When facing experienced players, frequently stop in the first round. That way, you will perform and do better.

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In the following stage, you must recall the signs on the doorway. Doors with icons on the violet display will unlock, and the other doors will become walls. Things will become more challenging and difficult as you move up the ladder.

In truth, Fall Dudes 3D is made up of different minigames that differ with each match. Never play two tournaments with similar mini-games in the exact sequence. In essence, to win, you must play as many times as possible, understand the rules, and use some strategies to defeat other gamers in each set of three.

Don't be too offended if you fail or are outplayed by your rival. Because the main objective of this game is to have fun.


Fall Dudes 3D is not as visually stunning as the initial PC game edition, but it boasts vibrant 3d images and incredibly realistic physics. PepUp has been successful in creating a joyful environment for its players. Even if you fail a ranked match, you'll stop getting angry after seeing the lead character's amusing facial gestures as they collapse.

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Activate skins

You have the opportunity to gain entertaining clothes for your avatar every time you move up. You may earn a variety of intriguing outfits, including those for Superman, Wolverine, European cowboys, and ninjas. Fall Dudes 3D, however, is not a ``pay to win the game. The costumes don't provide you an edge over other competitors; they just give you a silly appearance.

Game mode

Fall Dudes 3D only offers an online mode right now. No AI, practice area, or area for you to collaborate with others is present. Only by playing in games and frequently losing to the opposition can you learn. To enable users to create a separate room and play with their pals, the publisher PepUp Studios should soon provide some other modes.

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The game is only available as a pre-registered version right now. As a result, it is unavoidable that the game may have some faults.

The latest version of Fall Dudes

One of the more bizarre elements in this iteration is the capability to enter the enemy's helmet and observe how they are responding and strategizing. You can shatter their positions by flipping each other in a few stages. The main aim is to complete the level and emerge as the overall victor by being the first person to do so without bumping into other players or obstacles along the way.


Those who want to hone their video gamer skills will find a task with the fall dudes app. This game is excellent for you to enjoy with your buddies every weekend because it's designed to make players have fun.

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Download Fall Dudes APK and compete against 39 other players in this crazy game to be declared the champion. Take part in ridiculous tasks and emerge a winner.


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