Rolly Legs
Rolly Legs
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Version: 2.48
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Download Rolly Legs APK latest version and understand your robot while you walk, run, climb and jump to win without hurting your legs while walking on sloppy areas.

Name Rolly Legs
Version 2.48
Updated May 3, 2024
Category Arcade
Developer VOODOO
Google Play Link com.vincentb.RollyLegs

Rolly legs

Rolly legs is an arcade game that uses your mind and your brain to calculate how your robot will win safely without losing any part of the body. Rolly's legs had to deal with rolling in on sloppy floors or grounds to be able to speed than ever while also using your legs to walk and jump on difficult floors; all you have to do so to understand your character and control it perfectly to avoid losing your legs.

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Rolly legs deal more with imagination and ideas. For example, would your character breaks its legs or roll safely? You have to be able to think ahead of the ground your robot is climbing and imagine if it would be affected or not; with this game, you get to use your mind and brain completely while you are also being very conscious.

A detailed description of Rolly's legs

Rolly legs game is mastered and released by the "Voodoo" entertainment that has created so much more fun, and it is available for download on both Android and IOS devices; Rolly legs are the most casual and simple game that you will ever find or played, it is an arcade game that involves robot, where you will have to engage yourself in races that features your robots. You try your best to win by crossing the finish line with your balls and passing all challenges with your legs.

The gameplay of the Rolly legs game is quite easy to understand, all you have to learn can be learned and understood in a minute, and you can become a pro as early as you want to; all you have to do is put your finger on your mobile devices and choose when you want the legs to show and this is most important if you want to win the game by crossing over challenges and obstacles which is very necessary.

rolly legs

Rolly legs game call for ultimate attention because you have to know when to let the leg out and when to curl it all up, or you might keep losing the game, which is not the real reason why you decide to play the game, and this can be done by realizing that when you want to cross over obstacles and challenges, you must release your leg to be able to jump over the obstacles.

And when you have to jump with your legs when you see obstacles and challenges, it is necessary that at some times, you have to stay curled up in your robot skin while you gain speed and pass your opponents and be the Rolly legs master apart from his much the gameplay is simple there is a space that is created for all the robots. So you have to be in your space throughout the game to avoid disqualification.

Rolly game is a fun, interesting game that allows you to use a parachute after the end to get ahead of others; with the gameplay Rolly leg game brings, you will be willing to play it for days straight up be the head gives much upper hand.

Features of Rolly's leg


As said earlier that the gameplay of Rolly legs is quite simple yet fascinating; what you do is quite simple but has a goal, and it is necessary that you pass the plan to move to another level, and the main goal is to win your race while avoiding obstacles and challenges that might cause you to fail. First, however, you have to be before your opponents while still running hard so that you are not caught up.

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As you pass a level and move on to the other levels, you will notice that it gets harder and much more obstacles to run or jump over, and you can predict the gameplay at all, and that is where the enjoyment of the game comes in because it brings challenges that need to be solved.


The controls are so easy to learn and use; when you play the game once, you automatically understand the usefulness of the controls and how simple it is to use. When using the control, everything that you have to do is to put your finger on your device screen and jump over obstacles that might break your legs. As you jump, your legs will jump further, supporting you to reach far higher heights, and as far as you run, the floor becomes sloppy, and you have to be able to control yourself and win without a doubt.


Rolly legs game graphics are so beautiful and eye-catching; it is a 3D graphics set in this arcade game race; it features incredible graphics, the pictures look real and fun, and the sounds added to it give you the utmost go-ahead to win this racing game.

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Rolly legs is an arcade simulation game race that is fun and exciting. In this game, you will have to run against obstacles and challenges that might want to keep you from winning.

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Download Rolly Legs APK latest version and understand your robot while you walk, run, climb and jump to win without hurting your legs while walking on sloppy areas.


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