Evoland 2
Evoland 2
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Version: 2.2.0
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Download Evoland 2 APK fantastic action/adventure game to experience the joy of role-playing. Enjoy a variety of incredible genres into a single wonderful experience.

Name Evoland 2
Version 2.2.0
Updated Feb 13, 2023
Category Role Playing
Developer Playdigious
Google Play Link com.playdigious.evoland2

About Evoland 2

Evoland 2 is an excellent action role-playing game. This game is a collection of narrative-driven video games that will transport players across time while allowing them to explore various visual styles and different game mechanics.

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The developers of this game started working on a follow-up to Evoland after it became popular, hoping to broaden the game's appeal and fix its flaws. This reality involved making the game longer, concentrating more on the plot and characters, and incorporating new play styles and genres into the gameplay. Similar to the first game, Evoland 2's visuals will evolve throughout the game's development, from the Game Boy's green screen and lower resolution to the PlayStation's vibrant visuals.

This game offers players a variety of puzzles, battles, compelling stories, and terrific missions. You will take part in a brief adventure during which you will encounter various characters, each of whom has a unique tale. Players in this game have a variety of ways to participate in the plot campaigns and complete tasks.

Evoland 2 game versions range from 2D role-playing to 3D game modes, which include shooting, fighting, card games, and prize redemption. You may express your excitement for playing from game to game because it consists of so many excellent game styles, and you won't ever get bored playing it.

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Interested Evoland 2 players should prepare for payment as this game is not free on Android and iOS platforms. This game also has in-app purchases that allow players to access incredible features. Playdigious developed this game. Evoland 2 is available in multiple languages since there are more than 11 languages to choose from.

Apart from Android and iOS devices, Evoland 2 is available on platforms such as Platform: PlayStation 4 (PS4), Android, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC: Windows. The content of Evoland 2 is rated for 12-year-olds and above. This game has 100 thousand online downloads with an impressive rating of 4.0 from over twelve thousand users that reviewed it.

Game features

Like all Action/Adventure role-playing games, Evoland 2 has some exciting things about it, which reflects in the features. Read about some of the most incredible features you can expect in this game:

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3D Graphics and Animation

Through various interesting mini-games, Evoland 2 provides players with various graphic designs, including 2D and 3D ones. The game's colorful and appealing graphics further lure players to play. Additionally, this functionality makes it simple for players to navigate the game. Players are ready to spend more time exploring the game because many screens and areas are made to be highly diverse. The maps feature a variety of design elements, including classic and contemporary elements, bright and dark colors, open and enclosed spaces, and numerous design motifs.

Evoland 2 Time Travel

To save as much time as possible, players immediately embarked on their adventure in Evoland 2. They make use of relics known as Magiliths. Kuro's gang traveled through time and space to various points in history. It covers the present, the past, full of misery and loss due to conflict, the future in reverse, and eventually, the era of an ancient civilization. Each time relates to a particular historical environment, and its distinctness will be represented through each visual style.

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Amazing Characters

Evoland 2 begins with deep, rich characters who each have their purposes and quests to follow. Those 2D graphics sequences are superficial for some. However, the game's characters are all engaging to interact with, perhaps even more than some titles they are modeled after.

Fascinating Gameplay

Following the success of the precedent Evoland game, Evoland 2 offers several gameplay options that can be unlocked as the story unfolds. This game also has an aesthetic shift corresponding to the player's movement through time. The time travel plot incorporates various gaming elements with a focus on gameplay that is tied to plot developments and player decisions. These gameplay tricks are a tribute to prior games that inspired the creators. The emphasis on narrative in this game is more than it was in the original.

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In this game, the player commands Kuro, a boy with amnesia who Fina meets. The two embark on a journey with the ultimate goal of preventing the world's end. Along the way, they run into several characters, including the scientist Velvet and Menos, the demon prince.

With the help of objects dubbed Magiliths, Kuro and his company can move between the present, an ancient civilization's era, a struggle in the past, and a grim future. Every historical era is portrayed utilizing a distinctive graphic art style, like Game Boy, 8-bit and 16-bit graphics, or 3D graphics. Players can modify historical events and the way the world will be at a later point by traveling across time.

Most of the combat mechanism relies on real-time battling from an overhead perspective. At specified moments in the tale, there are frequent switches in the game to various play genres, like a side-scrolling platform, match-3, role-playing, turn-based, vertical-scrolling, and 2D fighting games.

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Aside from these options, gamers can additionally search for hidden treasures across the game world. These treasures include Maana or Orikon Ore to help Kuro and his party level up and stars that act as additional collectibles. A card mini-game may be played as a side mission that allows players to earn additional cards by locating them in chests and capturing them from adversaries.


The appeal of Evoland 2 stems not only from a love of game culture but also from reversing stereotypical elements. And this feature is mirrored in the amusing dialogue and the dramatic shifts in the game genre, making the journey diverse and continually surprise you.

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Download Evoland 2 APK fantastic action/adventure game to experience the joy of role-playing. Enjoy a variety of incredible genres into a single wonderful experience.


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