Evil Nun Maze
Evil Nun Maze
Size: 93.87 MB
Version: 1.0.3
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Download Evil Nun Maze APK for a dark fantasy trip through a haunted house. Experience the thrill of the horrific game as you get chased by the Nun in gloomy mazes.

Name Evil Nun Maze
Version 1.0.3
Updated Aug 29, 2023
Category Arcade
Google Play Link com.keplerians.evilnunmaze

Evil Nun Maze

Download Evil Nun Maze, a mobile game that takes players through horror. The game was released by Keplerians Horror Games in August 2021. Evil Nun Maze is a survival game in dark horror settings inspired by similar games of the genre.

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Evil Nun Maze challenge is a free game that features a storyline where players get chased by an Evil Nun through gloomy mazes. It is a mobile game available for Android and Apple users and has received good ratings across all platforms.

Game Description

Evil Nun Maze download follows a loose storyline that allows players to be immersed in the story without being distracted or overwhelmed by the game's action. Evil Nun Maze is set in a haunted school's maze where an evil nun begins to chase you. Throughout the scary gameplay featuring the mythical character Evil Nun, there is a game called Evil Nun Maze Endless Escape.

The theme of the story is the anxiety of needing to discover the final secret place and escape the Devil's School's labyrinth. Assume the role of William Bismarch, armed with the task of discovering every nook and cranny of Eagle High School, which the Devil's Sister is watching over. Along with that, you're attempting to learn everything regarding Sister Madeline, a demon that everybody is aware of.

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Madeline started off as a regular individual. She pleaded to the demon daily to have her child back, but she became unwilling when her own child was gone in an incident. After all, the devil agreed to comply, but only after she had established her value as a parent and kept her kids joyful.

Madeline made the decision to follow her passion by becoming a monk. But subsequent circumstances led Madeline to break her oath to the demon. She consequently became a monster. Madeline was among the deadliest devils in history and the basis for numerous films and video games since she had a great deal of hatred within her soul and a fantasy for her child. You would gradually comprehend the tale of the Demon Sister and locate the solution you seek by working your way through the school's mazes on your own.

Evil Nun Maze Gameplay

Your work comprises two steps that happen simultaneously. The first is to navigate the institution's labyrinth of floors. The other is to flee from the convent of the Devil.

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This institution has a huge number of floors. Every floor has a maze-like layout. Things are different, including the layout, color, and texture. You'll encounter puzzles within every maze to assist you in locating the key to a hidden area and exiting the room. But what makes every play unique is that the riddles and mazes are produced by chance. You will thus notice how much has changed even though you replay the game.

To hasten the method of locating the escape, you must also constantly advance your abilities. You would particularly gather a large number of coins following every getaway. Utilize cash to enhance yourself by learning shortcut abilities like quick running.

Features of Evil Nun Maze

Evil Nun Maze is a suspense-filled game with amazing features at every stage of the game:

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Upgrade Your Character

You can access the upgrading screen after each death, which allows you to utilize the cash you've earned to purchase things that will aid in level completion. These can include a coin-attracting magnet, speed-improving shoes, noise-canceling gloves, and coin-attracting magnets.

Your Objective

Your objective within every stage is to resolve a problem, which typically entails navigating the hallways till you come across a key that activates the elevator, allowing you to ascend to the following floor. The nun would be skulking about each of the structure's progressively complicated stories as she searches for you. She will use a sledgehammer to murder you if you're found. You must attempt to reach the next floor even while the nun slams you using her sledgehammer, with nothing more than your brains and willpower to survive. Simple gameplay: Unlike previous games in the genre, you're still alive if the nun catches you. If your reactions are quick enough, you will get to the elevator before you're captured.

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Feel The Horror

The setting was gloomy and dim. A blanket of fog appeared to be covering anything. Although the classroom appeared conventional in the picture, it was unstable. You would become anxious at this time because of the nagging feeling of uncertainty and the challenges of not being sure when to avoid being grasped by the nun. Ensure to use external speakers when enjoying the horror game so that you won't constantly be shocked by the Devil's stomping feet or harsh soundtrack.

Final Thoughts

Evil Nun Maze is a suspense-filled game that takes players through horror as they are chased by a nun. Find a way to get away from the Evil Nun while in the Eagle's School classes. Things will get different as you go because the puzzles and maze are generated randomly for every floor to be unique. Get your skills running as the Evil Nun Maze challenge directions are unpredictable. Try out the game to know where your limits lie; overcome the greatest Evil Nun Maze challenges as you advance in the game.

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Download Evil Nun Maze APK for a dark fantasy trip through a haunted house. Experience the thrill of the horrific game as you get chased by the Nun in gloomy mazes.


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