Drift Max World
Drift Max World
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Version: 3.1.23
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Download Drift Max World APK to enjoy a 3D driving game where speed and drifts matter. Test your drifting skills on various tracks around the world.

Name Drift Max World
Version 3.1.23
Updated Apr 15, 2024
Category Racing
Developer Tiramisu
Google Play Link com.tiramisu.driftmaxworld

About Drift Max World

Drift Max World is a 3D driving game that makes players go through different tracks to become the fastest drifter before reaching the finish line. The game is a drifting game that tests your driving and drifting skills by placing you on a track that requires you to drift across various angles, complete as many drifts as possible, and reach the finish line in the minimum amount of time. So, you'll only be able to win on his game if you gather the most points and not necessarily be the first person to reach the finish line.

So the game has unique gameplay that allows you to flex, drive, and drift skills. It also challenges players to enjoy the process rather than envision themselves as the first players to reach the finish line. You can use different controls to play, depending on your experience with mobile car races or drifting games. For example, you can use the device accelerometer or opt for the buttons on the screen.

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Regardless of your control option, the game promises much fun for players, allowing you to experience beautiful scenery and exciting gameplay. Different types of cars are available in the game, although you'll be limited to the most basic one when you start. After that, you'll have to work your way to the top and unlock the wide range of different cars to select from. You will also be able to customize your vehicle to suit your preference in the car garage.

The game is a stylistic car racing game developed by Tiramisu. It's one of the most impressive games combining car racing with drifting. The game is free to play and can be played on most Android versions. In addition, you'll be able to use the app in over 20 languages worldwide. The content also allows anyone to play, so even kids can enjoy Drift Max World: Racing Game. With over 10 million downloads and a 4.5 rating on Playstore, Drift Max World is one of your best options for exceptional gameplay.


As earlier mentioned, the game has a unique concept. You'll not be rewarded based on your position in the game but on how well the game goes. As a beginner, you will begin your game with a simple car allowing you to play and compete fairly with other players in your first few games. Then after gaining enough points and more experience, you'll be able to unlock better vehicles that will allow you to compete with more skilled players.

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You'll also be able to customize all the cars you purchase and equip. In addition, you can make changes to most parts of the car. The main game challenge is the ability to predict the movements of vehicles when you drift. There is a chance the car will lose balance, or the road will not aid your drifting, so you must constantly evaluate the situation and decide how well you'll drift.

Game Features

The game has an impressive rating online, which means many players are satisfied with the gameplay experience. Check out some of these features below:


The graphics quality on Drift Max World is exceptional, so you'll have a great time on the game taking in the beautiful scenery. Since this is a drifting game, you'll also be able to see many subtle features while playing. For example, the tracks display the marks of tires when players drift across the surface. You'll also be able to see a 3D view of the game environment which makes the game even more interesting to play. The soundtrack is also lovely, ensuring you don't miss essential sounds such as the screeching of car tires when you drive and the booming of the cars when accelerating.

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Special Cars

There are many cars in the game, so you'll be able to access specially designed drift cars. These vehicles are not your regular car race cars, too, because they have features that aid you when you drift in them. The game has more than 20 cars to choose from, though you don't have any option but to use the basic vehicle when you begin. You'll unlock all the cars and their parts when you continue playing and win across various locations and tracks. Each car has its qualities and features, so the better your car, the other faster it is and the easier it is to drift.


You'll be able to play across various tracks on Drift Max World. Thanks to the incredible visuals, you won't be limited to simple tracks but will go on tours across multiple channels and beautiful locations worldwide. Your races will take you across places like Brooklyn, Dubai, and Moscow. You'll therefore have to master the control of your car across various terrains. The better you become, the easier it becomes to come in the first position based on the points earned.

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Control System

The game has a basic controller system you'd get ok most car racing games. The primary control options you'll get here are the direction, brake and acceleration. You have two options for the car direction control: the accelerometer and buttons. The accelerometer allows you to use your device gyroscope to control the car by tilting your phone to change directions. Meanwhile, the buttons are the typical left and right buttons.

Car Garage

The ability to customize your cars is probably the most exciting part of the off-game features. You'll be able to personalize any vehicle you drive, so you can also replace some elements and accessories however you like. There are many things to change, but you must know that some changes can affect how the car performs. The changes include the body decal, glass colour, calliper colour, height, headlight colour, etc.

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Drift Max World is an impressive game with unique gameplay and exciting features. The game allows you to enjoy a highly realistic, smooth, solid car race for your smartphone.

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Download Drift Max World APK to enjoy a 3D driving game where speed and drifts matter. Test your drifting skills on various tracks around the world.


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