Dream League Soccer 2023
Dream League Soccer 2023
Size: 490 MB
Version: 10.010
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Download Dream League Soccer 2023 APK latest version to enjoy the latest features of DLS for free. Play with friends on and offline with unlimited money and items.

Name Dream League Soccer 2023
Version 10.010
Updated Dec 6, 2022
Category Sports
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About Dream League Soccer 2023 APK

Dream League Soccer 2023 Apk is a virtual soccer game that's available on mobile devices. This game is highly developed, employing the latest game technologies to create a realistic football experience. The game allows players to use high-level customizations when playing, so you can choose from a list of regular players and manage to build yourself a formidable team no one wants to play against.

The game uses a visually pleasing graphics masterpiece with similar qualities to a PS console. It also runs impressive in-game commentary that makes the game even more interesting and a good replica of soccer games. You'll be able to experience fluid gameplay as all the players respond to your controls easily and seamlessly. You can start as a regular player or continue your adventure as a pro.

dream league soccer 2023 apk

Asides from featuring the best players in the world, you'll also be able to see some regular players who can help you build the right team. Some of the in-game characters include the likes of Messi, Lewandoski, Richarlison, and several others. Players can also do some off-pitch activities such as training their team and creating the right strategy for their upcoming matches in any competition.

The game was developed by First Touch Games Ltd, which is the brain behind its predecessors.  It's compatible with any Android 5.0 and above devices. It's also free to play and you get some extra privileges with the Apk version. The latest update was made in December 2022, which will allow players to use the latest features and access the latest teams when they start playing in 2023.


The game is quite easy to play once you get a good hang of it. The goal is to win every match and eventually win in a competition. So, depending on the game mode, you might create your career as a player and advance your skills on the pitch. You can also play as a team and starting with the basic players, you'll be able to build a team that hosts and pays the best players in the world.

dream league soccer 2023 apk latest version

Thanks to the stunning graphics and animations, the game allows players to experience its environment in different modes. You can easily compete with players online and offline depending on your choice. You can also choose which team you want to play with or select from the list of competitions you'd like to enter. There are various upgrades and items you can buy in the game store too.

Game Features

The game has some interesting features like all soccer games out there. You're in for an exciting game experience with the stunning game features below:

Stunning Graphics

Dream League Soccer 2023 Apk has some interestingly stunning visuals that make it one of the most downloaded football apps in the world. It uses 3D motion graphics to allow players to use all the movements of soccer players in the game. So you can achieve different types of kicks, tackles, and various other features that immerse you in the game and make it even more realistic when you play.

dream league soccer 2023 apk for android

Commercial Center

There is a commercial centre in the game that allows you to manage off-pitch activities. This feature makes the game rather interesting because you will also be able to handle the official deals of the team. This place is where the team sponsors can donate funds for the development of the team. So players who is this feature well enough will be able to create an influx of resources and funds for the team.

Events And Competitions

Football is known to be the most followed sport in the world. So various competitions run from the beginning of the year till the end. Luckily, Dream League Soccer 2023 allows you to register your name in the Hall of Fame. You can compete with thousands of players around the world for the legendary title. There are about 8 Division competitions to play here, with up to 10 additional cup competitions. So whether you want to manage a club or team, you'll be able to do this and find a suitable competition to enter.

dream league soccer 2023 apk free download

Innovative Tactics And Strategies

The game also allows players to get creative with the gameplay. You can select from a list of strategies to apply on the pitch as the manager. Your opponents are different and each of them will be using a different game style. So these tactics can help you create a perfect plan to invade their gameplay, dominate the game, and win the match. Some of these include formations, substitutions, etc.

Commentaries And Tracks

Commentary is a thrilling part of football every player wants to listen to when watching a match. You'll be able to enjoy immersive gameplay with a soothing voice running the commentary. You'll also get some interesting sound effects such as the roars from fans, ball kicks, goal jubilations and several others. There are some cool soundtracks here as well, which you can groove to while you aren't playing.

Dream League Soccer 2023 Apk Download

The Apk is an important version of the game you should download thanks to some of the features below.

dream league soccer 2023 apk new update
  • Unlimited Money: Rather than play hundreds of games before raising enough money to buy players and do anything you want. You can access unlimited money with the Apk, so you can buy anything you want, any time you want.
  • Unlock Items: Rather than wait for the game to unlock upgrades and items in the store. You can get them all available as soon as your install the Dream League Soccer 2023 Apk.
  • Zero Ads: Players won't get to face ads when playing, so you can have non-intrusive gameplay.


Dream League Soccer 2023 is is an engaging soccer game that offers a stunning level of realism. The game also has some exciting features that keep you glued to your screen and yearning for more. Download the Apk to enjoy all of the game's premium features for free.

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Download Dream League Soccer 2023 APK latest version to enjoy the latest features of DLS for free. Play with friends on and offline with unlimited money and items.


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