Crazy for Speed
Crazy for Speed
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Version: 6.7.1200
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Download Crazy for Speed APK, a popular and appealing racing game for mobile phones. Don't miss out on this game if you don't want to skip an entertaining adventure.

Name Crazy for Speed
Version 6.7.1200
Updated Dec 18, 2023
Category Racing
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Description of Crazy for Speed

In the driving simulator Crazy for Speed, your goal is to accelerate as quickly as possible and pass everyone else on the course to cross the finish line first. You'll dig deeply into action-packed, exhilarating racing with stunning 3D graphics.

Crazy for Speed has basic controls. On the bottom part of your screen are the controls to apply gas and brake. To change your pace, all you need to do is press on them. At the same time, you can maneuver your vehicle left or right by using the navigation icons. Additionally, your car will feature nitro tanks that will give it additional power.

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In Crazy for Speed, you can find out a lot about your position, including how long you've been in the race and a chart indicating how far back your rivals are. These factors all serve to heighten the exhilaration of defeating every rival in the competition and discovering new cars.

You have access to various automobiles and configurations in Crazy for Speed. Your primary goal is to have a good time and attempt to finish each match.


Crazy for Speed is a voyage through international metropolises. You will need to battle against rivals, allowing the others to finish. A new contest can be unlocked with each win. Your racing career takes you to circuits in Paris, England, and Vegas, which you may recognize from Asphalt 8.

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These race cars may recur in the future, but they will be updated with new ways to win. For instance, in Vegas, to advance to the next stage of the competition, you must race a lap initially and win. The second time, though, the regulations were a little more lenient, but you still have to complete two laps and finish first through third place. The final round is not about the position but rather a fight against time.

Crazy for Speed's gameplay is engaging overall and has several enhancements. Laws and savvier adversaries result in a continual increase in complexity. Additionally, moving from the stage of New Hand to Superior is not simple.

Features of Crazy for Speed

Great time behind the wheel

Driving sports vehicles that you can personalize with different parts, coatings, and colors in the stunning racing game Crazy for Speed. There are three primary game modes:

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  • A contest with awards
  • Race
  • Certificate

The most intriguing choice is the license one. Here, your goal is to pass the driving exam, which requires you to complete several tasks to receive your driver's permit and access new stages.

You can pick either using the terminal's accelerometer or the navigation keys, and the controls are simple and clear. You will also be assessed two braking penalties and the nitro needed to turn on the speed booster. However, you can choose either a first or third-person perspective.

Improve your vehicles

The player's talents are the main goal of this game because no matter how strong your skills are, you will quickly fall behind if your car isn't fast enough. Therefore, release the Modification if you don't want to inhale your rival's fumes.

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Each automobile has 2 gauges, one for ACC(capacity) and the other for speed. Although the speed is evident. ACC is the capacity to hold nitric oxide. When the ACC is high, you can lengthen the nitrous duration or raise your motion rate. You'll quickly understand its significance when you take part in Certificate mode or the Battle of the Race Gods. You can progress to a maximum of level five. The Color option allows you to choose the car's preferred color.

The Certificate and Prize Race modes let you customize your experience beyond the standard Carrer mode.

The Certificates mode is intended to serve as a benchmark for player proficiency. To acquire an individual qualifying title, such as Senior, Track King, Race King 2, or Race God, you must fulfill all of the conditions at each exam. The first exam most likely provided information about the test's level of difficulty. There is no space for mistakes because of the intense rivalry here. To prevent drivers from drifting too far apart, the algorithm limits the car classifications that users can employ.

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This is done to evaluate individual abilities. Failing can also result in a subpar Drift phase. In addition, the Prize Race mode has been recently improved. To interact with other users in the system and obtain info from the database, the internet is needed. You will therefore compete in races against actual gamers.


When you think of this game, think of gorgeously created and improved images. They function flawlessly, are suitable for all Android devices, and continue to provide 3D effects after a hit. A top-notch audio system recorded from the actual surroundings is also included. When these two are combined, Crazy for Speed demonstrates its appeal and proves it can compete with games that are many Gigabytes in size.


It will take a very long time to see all the major cities in the world. Download Crazy for Speed and keep playing it to compete against the best racers and claim the title.

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Download Crazy for Speed APK, a popular and appealing racing game for mobile phones. Don't miss out on this game if you don't want to skip an entertaining adventure.


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