Crash Metal
Crash Metal
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Version: 1.0.9
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Download Crash Metal APK, explore this racing game to master your driving skills, and participate in the best street racing club while racing with sporty cars!

Name Crash Metal
Version 1.0.9
Updated Oct 11, 2023
Category Racing
Developer CRAZY.DEVS
Google Play Link com.stanislaw.CrashMetalGP

Crash metal

It involves racing with the latest 3D cars for an extreme game in a fantastic setting. Play Crash Metal to discover new authentic mechanics and brand-new, remarkable racing cars. Have fun while playing this game with our 3D automobiles. With Crash metal's latest version, you can improve your driving skills to a new level.

Car racing is captivating. Show off your abilities by playing against the clock or with other players. In this brand-new car game, understand how to park, drift and race with your favorite sports car. Crash Metal Offers you simple controls, high-definition graphics, and excellent graphics to ensure you enjoy every second of the game.

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You can get all the cash you need to enhance your car's abilities and unlock new features. You can also earn coins by setting a new record standard, winning against a competitor, or maintaining your lane on the track.

As a result, the action will stay exciting and go through the stages of seeking more rewards. Rewards could also come through when players separate races, when a metal ring splits on the circuit or when there are high levels of persistence and focus on the goal.

Crash metal Description

Crash Metal was released when racing games were prominent. It still has a classy view without being outdated because of its realistic graphics, engaging, fast-paced action, and frequent updating. Participate in the race, go up the leaderboard, and finish first.

Crash Metal was created by Kunjungi Situs Online and released by Crazy Devs. With stunning graphics and an open-world city setting, Crash Metal is amazing and exciting. In crash metal, you will have to contend with other drivers throwing you off the track or going on your lane.

Move back and forth between five buttons on display to steer the vehicle. The left-hand corner contains a button that may be used to swiftly change the direction to the left or right rather than tilting the device.

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Just like in reality, the gas pedal speeds or stops the vehicle. A brake lever is on the right side, and a gear lever is at the top of the screen. It is used to control the car back and forth. Crash Metal has fantastic lightning that affects the choice of your vehicles; you will start to appreciate the splendor of these lights.

LED lights are flashed on and off to give the cars an authentic look. The bumpers also come with built-in led lamps. You'll be able to access more features once you have enough rewards. Crash Metal has high-quality visuals to give the metropolis a detailed image. It is enticing because of the neat buildings and carefully made asphalt highways.

You can customize the vehicles to suit your taste by changing logos, color, bumpers, height, and many other features. The network of the road is even more fascinating. If you miss your route, you must return as soon as possible. Always watch the arrow at the top of your screen to keep on track.

Crash Metal has a variety of vehicles with various factions. Most cars have a front light and other unique features that make them beautiful. As a result, you can choose an automobile that meets your specifications. The options are constrained initially, though. As you accumulate more points, more advanced cars will become available.

Features of Crash Metal

 Single player mode

 Play the single-player mode if you want your car to be the only one on the racetrack. You'll be competing against the clock in this game. Setting new records will be your primary objective because doing so comes with numerous rewards.

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Multiplayer mode

Crash metal allows you to connect with friends online. You can click and compete with various people from all over the world. It makes the game exciting and thrilling. Points are earned as you overcome multiple hurdles, and you can add to your stash of the top vehicles of 2022.


With this choice, you can change your preferred vehicle. Getting characteristics that increase your likelihood of winning will be your primary focus. Change tires, bumpers, or even your fender which will keep your car from being damaged even after a collision. Additionally, you can alter the color of your vehicle to fit your desires and inclinations.


You can select your vehicle's mechanics using the settings. Your performance will be significantly affected by the decisions you make here. You currently have the authority to choose your vehicle's ground clearance. You can modify the tires, exhaust, wings, fenders, rear bumper, brake light, and headlights.


Crash Metal creates a genuine gameplay experience. The sports area is distinguished by well-maintained asphalt roads, stunning structures, and spectacular surroundings. If you prefer to take in all of this comfortably at home,

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If you've ever played a racing game, you probably believe that the controls affect your gaming. Crash metal has excellent controls that allow you to navigate easily. Choose an automobile that suits your needs, and you can customize it as we. However, there are several accessible vehicles you can use to get started while you figure things out and start making money.


The game has a vast, varied, and plentiful car garage. The idea for creating the vehicles in this game was based on the actual cars in reality and not only from the designer's imagination, from the previous century's old automobiles to the most slashing vehicles whose technology surpasses any other.

According to many players, this Crash Metal game is fun auto racing. In addition, the graphics are highly HD and realistic, so feel comfortable as you play. The puddle effect even makes the game appear more natural and exciting.

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Like other racing games, buy a car and modify it to make it more extraordinary and quicker in Crash Metal. Of course, you must first accumulate cash from the races you win, which takes a while. Crash Metal is the perfect game for you to develop your driving skills.

You can play Crash Metal online with participants from different nations worldwide. You only have a few free cars at first. You will receive a wide variety of vehicles with increased speed and control after winning your battle.

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Download Crash Metal APK, explore this racing game to master your driving skills, and participate in the best street racing club while racing with sporty cars!


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