Club Soccer Director 2021
Club Soccer Director 2021
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Version: 1.5.4
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Download Club Soccer Director 2021 APK to play director dress-up for a while. Do you love football? Have you ever considered a career in it? This is your chance!

Name Club Soccer Director 2021
Version 1.5.4
Updated Oct 7, 2022
Category Sports
Developer Go Play Games Ltd

Introducing Club Soccer Director 2021

Club Soccer Director 2021 is a realistic management game. Here, you manage a football club. This involves developing the club and shaping its future. You get to supervise every aspect of a soccer club and the players you recruit. Success here is keeping the players, managers, owners, and board members happy with your results.

Club Soccer Director 2021 was released in August 2020. Go Play Games Ltd published it. It has gameplay similar to other football management games, such as Football Manager Mobile. Players get to step into the role of the operating director of a soccer club. This entails doing everything in your power to help this club achieve greatness.

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It also involves attracting investors since every soccer club needs money to ensure smooth operations. Club Soccer Director 2021 is available for download on the Google Play Store and the App Store. This football-themed management simulator game will give you lots of fun and new experiences. You’re not just a coach, and you’re a director!


Your tasks include training the players, controlling them during matches, and devising play tactics. All of this is done in a bid to help them win games. Your duties may seem coach-like, but there’s more to them, and this is what makes you a director. You’re doing more than just coaching the players; the.

You’ll be in charge of hiring skilled managers, firing them, developing the stadium, and other administrative duties. You are one of the factors that will determine the quality of this soccer club, so you’re pretty important. Tips and suggestions pop up during your game to help you get through the complex parts. Ensure you pay attention to them.

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At the start of the game, you get to choose a soccer club to manage. You can choose any of your favourite clubs. The big guns like Liverpool, Manchester United, and FC Barcelona are included in the options here. They are super popular among players, so it’s advisable to go for a club that is not so popular.

This way, you have the club to yourself and get to control everything related to it. There’s a diverse number of small clubs to choose from. Being the doctor gives you access to interfering with every aspect of the football club. Remember, each player is important. As you give special care to the club, don’t forget to take care of the players too.

Club Soccer Director 2021’s Features

This game already does a lot for you automatically. The features that aid you in carrying out your tasks include:

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  • Easy Controls: You don’t need to do too much because some gameplay is automated. The screen displays icons for you to control the players and perform your director's tasks. The interface is detailed and complete, but it’s still free of clutter, so you can easily see and control what’s happening in the game.
  • Game Mechanism: Club Soccer Director 2021’s game mechanism is one of the features that set it apart from other football management games. The game has a player borrowing feature that lets you have famous players on your team even when you can’t afford them. You can borrow them from other clubs by paying smaller than what you would have paid to buy them.
  • Match Engine: The new match engine in Club Soccer Director 2021 helps you find good matches fast. The online game system pairs your team with players of the same experience and skill levels. This results in a more balanced game and increases your chances of winning.
  • Improved Graphics: The visuals here are better than what was seen in the previous versions of Club Soccer Director. The dressing rooms, players, pitches, and icons have improved looks. The game has an overall upgraded look, but it still maintains the gameplay originality.
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The player borrowing mechanism helps you diversify your game tactics. You’re getting better players at low prices, and this increases the strength of your team. You no longer have to suffer match losses because you don’t have enough money to get good players. You can keep borrowing until you have enough money to purchase.

When you borrow the players, you win more matches. Naturally, this attracts wealthy investors!

Your Director Duties

Here’s a summary of the duties you’re assigned in this game:

  • Manage The Media: Managing talents and skills is not enough. The media plays a big role in the success of your team too. You have to build a good image of your soccer club. You also need to develop trust in the hearts of your fans. You’re in charge of brand building and management. Have your players participate in good matches and let them appear in the faces of their fans regularly. This also helps you attract more match viewers and make a profit.
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  • Build The Team Of Dreams: Building your dream team out of nothing is way better than just directing a team that is already popular. Take on the project of turning one of the average clubs into the talk of the town. You can recruit better players, train the ones you have, and sell some of them; whatever brings the team success.
  • Make Your Team Rich: The only way to do this is by making your club a top football team. You have to lead with a clear vision and solid strategy. This process may involve expanding the stadium, building more training centers, and setting up recruitment events to hire young talents.

You also need to watch your employees, players inclusive. You manage the coaches. They affect your club's performance.


Being a leader is new for some, but being a football club director is a novel experience for many people. Club Soccer Director 2021 offers you a chance to get this without paying money.

Although in-app purchases range from $2.49 to $36.99, downloading the game is free. The role of the director is no small task, but you can do this!

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Download Club Soccer Director 2021 APK to play director dress-up for a while. Do you love football? Have you ever considered a career in it? This is your chance!


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