Boxing Gym Story
Boxing Gym Story
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Version: 1.3.5
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Download and install Box Gym Story APK latest version to feel the energetic vibe of competitive sports and become a skilled boxing coach.

Name Boxing Gym Story
Version 1.3.5
Updated Aug 22, 2023
Category Sports
Developer Kairosoft
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About Box Gym Story

Boxing Gym Story is an exciting sports game. It involves the player becoming one of the world's best boxing coaches and gym instructors. This game allows you to attract people to sign up and train them to become determined and highly skilled boxers. These recruits will participate in tournaments and win championships. However, Boxing Gym Story contains a lot of competitive and interesting events. Therefore, the more events you win, the more you move up in level.

Boxing Gym Story tests the skills and resilience of players as one builds one's gym from scratch on one of the city's streets. You are going to build your boxing ring and market it to people. The fun begins when recruits start flocking in. Also, by racking up more wins, you can upgrade your gym facilities with high-class cafeterias and spas.

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Box Gym Story was released on Feb 9th, 2011, by Kairosoft. This game is available for $5.99 and can be accessed immediately after payment. It is suitable for Android phones with upgrades. So you must keep your game updated to access its many new improvements and features. Its content is rated for people over ten because of its mildly violent nature.

Game Features

Box Gym Story offers a unique boxing experience because of these features.

Build your gym

You can experience the uproar of the sporting world in Boxing Gym Story. Players can wander the streets to find a suitable spot to build their gyms. Also, you can expand your gym to attract more recruits. Boxing Gym Story offers a great game of construction and simulation as players can even take on marketing strategies to attract people.

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Become a professional coach

Not only will you coach, but you will also become one of the best coaches in the world. If you have always been a lover of boxing, your dream can come true. You can achieve your dream by winning tournaments and championships and enlisting your secretary's help.

Easy control options

What is a game if it isn't enjoyed? Boxing Gym Story has beautiful gameplay and is so easy to control. In addition, its menu options are a blessing.

Create Champions

This game allows players to impact recruits' lives with their skills. One can train people on speed, reflexes, and safety. You can even stand outside the boxing ring and cheer for your man.

Various modes

You can customize this game to your will. Boxing Gym Story has two different modes of play. Therefore, you can choose the outside mode or indoor mode to give a unique feel to the training lessons for your recruits.

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There are so many matches to participate in this game. However, getting your boxers ready would help because the goal is to win that championship belt.


The graphics of this game is not striking, but it is amazing. The 2D effects have a wonderful impact on the game. Also, the user interface is effective.

Game Events

Boxing Gym Story has a lot of intriguing events for players to engage in. These are events to expect in this game.


This is the basic and one of the most important parts of the Boxing Gym Story. Training is divided into five sessions.

Skill: This determines the accuracy of your Boxer'sBoxer's attacks.

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Punch: This is how you know if your BoxerBoxer can destroy his opponent.

Defense: This determines how well your BoxerBoxer can take a beating.

Footwork: The speed of your Boxer'sBoxer's movement and how well he can dodge attacks.


The fighting stage is critical when choosing a boxer. He must compete in three amateur matches when picking the first class for a boxer. If your BoxerBoxer wins a class championship match, you should change his class as there is no longer a need for him to compete in amateur matches. Also, if the Boxer has not retired, he can switch to any class his maximum weight corresponds with. However, he does not have to join in a fixed order.


The most exciting part of this game is the tournaments. In every season, there is a tournament your boxers can participate in. At the end of the match, if your boxers emerge as winners, you will receive the winning prizes. Boxers, items, and facilities are examples of winning packages. Also, you will receive 5 Smile points as a participation price even if your boxers lose.

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Their base stats determine the performance of your boxers. Therefore, equipment's positive or negative statistics do not impact their score in the tournament.

Boxing Gym Story Gameplay

Boxing Gym Story is a single-player game. At the start of the game, you will get to explore the city to find a perfect spot to build your gym to attract recruits. Afterward, you will meet Anne Queensberry, the former city boxing champion. She will help with information and tips to help you build your gym.

After you have created your gym and boxing ring, you will start recruiting boxers. But, first, you have to train your boxers to fight. Therefore, you can use outdoor training such as running, jumping, and reflex. Also, you can choose the indoor method like giving lectures, strengthening reflexes, and training in wit.

Tournaments and fights are the real actions. In this stage, all the training your fighters have received will be put to the test. This is where you get to enjoy your game.

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Boxing Gym Story is a dream come true for the sports lover. You can get to feel like a part of the competitive sports world just by playing this life. Become a sports legend by building your gyms and creating champions. This is the perfect gameplay for you if you want a personal boxing championship belt.

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Download and install Box Gym Story APK latest version to feel the energetic vibe of competitive sports and become a skilled boxing coach.


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