Bad Piggies
Bad Piggies
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Version: 2.4.3389
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Download Bad Piggies APK and help the piggies create wonderful contraptions to make pigs fly! Unlock special levels, win prizes and help the pigs get to the eggs.

Name Bad Piggies
Version 2.4.3389
Updated Nov 20, 2023
Category Puzzle
Google Play Link com.rovio.BadPiggies

In-depth Knowledge about Bad Piggies.

Bad Piggies is a puzzle, or a mystery game created by "Rovio entertainment" where the player is required to build a vehicle with an insufficient set of parts that they are given. The player has a "board," which they are provided at the beginning of the Bad Piggies game to be able to put the parts together. This game doesn't fail to give the player the exciting rush needed to see pigs drive a poorly constructed car or an aeroplane off a high top.

bad piggies unlimited items

The objective of the Bad Piggies game is to create a device provided at the beginning of each level that will give the pigs the right to reach different positions on the map; with this equipment, together with your creative mind, you can decide to build cars, aeroplanes and even your dream vehicle. 

Once you can finish building your mode of transportation from the equipment in your free time, Then you have gotten yourself the right time to get into the driving seat and be faced with exciting challenges, and if it ends up not going well or you end up with your vehicle or aeroplane being damaged, you get to see your pigs flying all over the place.


Bad Piggies' gameplay objective is to create a vehicle that would take Ross to the goal of the level; if the player isn't able to get to the destination, they are always an option to return to the starting point of the class; they can also decide to experiment the vehicle or choose to create another one, It takes some challenges to be able to unlock all levels of Bad Piggies, Finishing the story will accord the player a certain number of stars which will be conditional on their process and the vehicles, To get leads the players are not allowed to use some points or services. Only you can play a bad Piggies game, or you can decide to make use of the opportunity you can create your persona that can be played with in the multiplayer mode both online and offline.

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Bad Piggies have a total of 277 levels which includes the sandbox level, and they are divided into episodes such as;

  • Ground Hog Day
  • The Rise and Swine
  • When Pigs fly
  • Flight in the night
  • Tusk 'til dawn
  • The Road to El Porkado
  • Road Hogs
bad piggies gameplay

Levels are arranged into sections, and each conceals some parts to use in the device. Apart from the regular classes, there are other further modes.

Sandbox levels don't have particular goals but have an immense level filled up with about 20 to 40-star boxes that the players will claim, and the sandbox gives more items than usual. In other levels or as the game goes on, Levels and devices increases, such as sending umbrella to slow down their speed, and when a player has problems, they tap on a particular light or even call a mechanic. Still, unlocking all Bad Piggies levels and unlimited items is possible.


Bad Piggies offer a variety of modes to play. The shop mode lets the player buy powerups, loot boxes, and snout coins. The shop mainly helps you to get what you need for your car, vehicle, and aeroplane. These modes ensure that you get what you need for your cars.

Dessert mode is an additional mode where the players need to give the king pig the cakes they find all through the time they were playing the game. After presenting the king with food, the king will grant the player an item.

bad piggies all unlocked

Cake race mode is also an additional mode in which the player competes against another player randomly on a map that is being provided, and then they are told to build a vehicle to be given five cakes to get enough points and win. The number of points the player is offered after collecting a cake depends on which level they will get to and whether or not they ordered it first; the player who receives the most points is the winner.

Unique Features of Bad Piggies

  • No Restrictions: Players can make their cars and aeroplane with every given item; there is no restriction to how many items can be used in your mode of transportation.
  • Solving Puzzles: There is more than a way to love puzzles; you can create one or choose how you want to solve it, but you need concentration and creativity.
  • Special items: By feeding the king pig, you are marked to collect special items from it.
  • Sandbox mode: Once you enter the sandbox mode, It automatically gives you entry to all parts that they can use to create whatever they need.
bad piggies


Bad Piggies is a challenging and exciting puzzle game that allows players to think and execute their creative minds. The game is player friendly and intriguing, which makes you enjoy every bit of your time; with Bad, Piggies, players can decide to repeat their game whenever they are not satisfied with their previous level. Bad Piggies is fun, thrilling, and exciting, and the download of Bad Piggies will sure make your leisure time worthwhile.

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Download Bad Piggies APK and help the piggies create wonderful contraptions to make pigs fly! Unlock special levels, win prizes and help the pigs get to the eggs.


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